Office romance on the horizon

April 16, 2019 10 By leonizer

It’s about time to announce another project for – OFFICE ROMANCE.

Mike works as a Senior Designer at a web-developing site alongside of a woman named Rachel. Rachel used to be one of the women who mocked him when he was fat in high school, and she was given her position due to being engaged to Teresa’s nephew. He decides to take out his past aggressions by breaking up her marriage and making her fall for him.  

Office Romance is a game where the player, in the role of Mike, slowly tries to break Rachel down into an unfaithful slut who falls for him within 30 days, ruining her marriage to Steven. Since Rachel is the primary focus, the stats determine how she interacts with him.

The Love stat governs the affection/trust that Rachel has for Mike.  Casual talk and things that build the trust that she has in Mike will raise it and will make her more comfortable with Mike, allowing him to take advantage of her in various ways. If Mike is doing anything with another girl her affection will drop for Mike.

The Lust stat governs how lustful Rachel feels. Doing acts that raise her arousal or appeal to her sexual nature will influence Rachel’s desire towards Mike, making it easier for her to do things that are sexual in nature.

The Control stat governs how submissive Rachel is to Mike. Forcing her to work or doing things that exerts the power he has over her will raise it and allow him to push her into more uncomfortable things.  This includes sex scenes with other girls.

The other stats are irrelevant to Rachel and instead dictate how Mike influences the other people and world around him.

The Design stat simply influences fast he finishes work progress, making it easier to makeMoney, which is spent on items and other things. The Charisma stat influences how fast the other stats grow and is a measure of how attractive Mike is to other people besides Rachel.

The other characters are relatively minor in terms of importance, with the ones who offer the player additional sex scenes or options being the other women Mike can have casual sex with. 

Deborah prefers attractive men, so if your Charisma is high enough she’ll go along with about anything. Chanel works professionally for the VIP section of the club, meaning Money is all she cares about. Teresa can influence the endings based around Lust and Control depending on whether she has been satisfied during an office event or feels vindictive for him spurring her. 

Depending on the actions that Mike takes with Rachel and which stat is the highest, a corresponding ending is unlocked at the end of the time period.

I’m sure you’re aware that we also work with very ambitious girl LILITH who want to become a pop star. We’re making significant  progress with this project as well.

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