Hank Moody – divorce with a smile

March 1, 2013 3 By leonizer
Divorce with a smile – Hank’s motto and the source of his pride. “No strings attached” is, of course, a close second, one which has saved him no small amount of trouble with his lady-friends.Live a key day of Hank’s life and guide his actions however you like. Start your working day at the office and balance your relations with girls in order to conquer their hearts – the beachhead to their bodies.

But watch out – each girl has her own personality and needs.
The task won’t be easy, but believe us: all of them can make it worth your while.

Hank Moody is an adventure game in which you can travel between locations, interact with objects and seduce amazing girls. That is, girls who can stand you.

According to your decisions, the game can end in 1 of 4 possible game endings. Plan your day wisely, and remember: every action has its consequences.

Enjoy a plethora of beautifully animated and interactive sex scenes. Hank’s girls like to be kissed, teased and, of course, fucked. We wouldn’t want them any other way.

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