Trip to paradise is ready

June 1, 2013 0 By leonizer

After almost a year of preparation, Trip to paradise is finally ready.

You are Chris, a game designer and company owner, celebrating the success of his latest project going on a cruise with his best friend and his fiancé, his beautiful co-worker and her barmaid, sex-bomb friend. Boy, do we envy you.

You will need to be careful about your interactions with your female companions. There’s a line between love and hate, but also one between lust and rage. The game’s all about crossing lines.

You can explore interesting and varied locations, from a luxurious ship with its own pool to a hidden waterfall in a mysterious tropical island. Although not every place is so idyllic…

This project is huge, and by huge we mean “our script writer was committed to a mental institution half-way through the game”. Enjoy the situations and characters we created for you: there’s a lot to love and a LOT to be loved by.

When Chris invited her on this trip she was almost giddy, but she soon realized that things could quite quickly go in a direction she wasn’t ready for. Not to mention, Chris is her boss.

Relationship with Chris: she is his chief graphic designer. Also, her crush on him may be a bit obvious.
Sexual experience: far from a prude and prone to experimentation… with girls.

Safe, she isn’t. Sylvia knows men lust after her and knows how to take advantage of it, for fun and profit. Iris has some doubts about taking her best friend on this trip: Chris may become her latest conquest.

Relationship with Chris: she has heard a lot about him from Iris… and is intrigued.
Sexual experience: Sylvia gets around. A lot. And, for some things, she is a fast learner.

Carmen is Raul’s fiancée. While Chris feared that would mean seeing a lot less of his formerly womanizing friend, this smart and funny woman has naturally joined their friendship. They are very comfortable with each other.

Relationship with Chris: she is his best friend’s fiancée. She’s also quickly becoming his close friend.
Sexual experience: what Raul has taught her. That… might not be much.

Play smart and balance your relationships with the girls
Favoring a girl (no matter how tempting massaging the almost naked Sylvia may be) could damage your chances with others (as Iris won’t be happy about you putting the moves on her best friend – why is she so jealous of the both of you?).

Learn the girls’ personalities
Just as in real life, some ladies like the direct approach, while others enjoy subtler ways of seduction. Also, there are other obstacles to be careful about – like an angry fiancé with a mean right hook.

6 endings to find
Choices and consequences are at the core of this adventure: each decision influences your path and guides you to one of six unique endings. Will you find them all or be satisfied when your journey is only half complete?

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