Flirting with Yasmine – PATREON project

April 18, 2019 5 By leonizer

As you may know, couple of years ago, my friends and I assembled a team (a bit like the Avengers, but with less spandex and a deplorable lack of Black Widow) and called ourselves Real Love 3D.  Our mission is to develop 3D games, and so far we’ve released two full games: BLIND DATE 3D and NIGHT WITH VERONICA.

With our next game we want to do something really big – develop the 3d game we’ve always wanted to play: a relationship simulator with amazing 3D visuals, adorable characters, a breathtaking story, and super spicy, erotic scenes. What’s more, it would be regularly updated with new content and maybe, when it’s advanced enough, we’d publish it on Steam.


We’ve decided to call it “Flirting With Yasmine”, because the core of the game will revolve around your high school crush and the game’s eponymous heroine. Yasmine always was the highlight of your day – the best friend who could lift your mood with the mischievous lilt of her lips, the partner-in-crime who would laugh the hardest whenever you got away with something and would trade all of your stupid jokes with even sillier ones of her own. The confidant who lent an attentive ear to any and all of your secrets… except one. That you had fallen for her. Hard. That whenever she spoke of her latest crush you would smile a brittle smile as you felt your insides crumble. That you knew your fat self would never number among those crushes, that she would never see you as more than a friend… that was Yasmine for you: Heaven and Hell in one gorgeous package. Honestly, parting ways with her after graduation was the most bittersweet experience of your young life. As for meeting her again… you are not quite sure what that will be like.

The years have been more than kind with her – they have been downright generous: she has matured into a beautiful, intelligent, fun woman… who is married to your best friend. And that might be an even thornier issue than it usually would, seeing as you will be spending a month living with them, all the while trying to navigate your loyalties, morals, and desires and trying not to be too obvious when you leer at Yasmine in her pajamas. Also, maybe you could try to channel that pent-up teenage lust into a more acceptable target? Like that newly divorced woman who keeps showing up or that wannabe influencer with the huge- you know what? This is an emotional, hormone-ridden wreck waiting to happen. I hope you enjoy the ride.

In terms of gameplay, this will be a relationship simulation with free roaming in key locations, interactive dialogs and mild stat building.


Developing a 3D game on the scale we’re aiming for isn’t a one-man show (Kryptonians need not apply), you need a team of talented specialists – and, luckily, we’ve got them. Those specialists, no matter how much passion they feel for the project, have their own families – and families need to eat. Or so the judge told us last time we tried something like this. We remain skeptical, but will respect the court’s ruling on the matter.

Until now, we have funded our 3D projects with other sources of income, but, if we are to give Yasmine all the attention she deserves, we will need your support to be able to work on her for several months straight.

So if you like you may take a look at our PATREON page, find out more about the project and see what kind of rewards we’ve prepared for our PATREONS.

Read more about YASMINE here: REAL LOVE 3D – PATREON