Official DISCORD channel

August 14, 2019 4 By leonizer

For a couple of months we’ve been testing our DISCORD channel with a closed group of 250 users and I believe that today we may open it for everyone.


Please accept our invitation:

What’s more, some Q&A below.

When our STEAM games are going to be released?
Right now ELEANOR 3 is under their review and if everything goes smooth we’ll release it on August 26th.
BLIND DATE 3D we’ll be released much sooner.

Any progress with LWT2: Revelations?
Yes, first stage of betatest is complete and everything is playable – I was able to achieve every scene in the game and that’s a very good sign. Still missing some elements (cumshots, text verification, implemented audio) but it’s going very well and the release in the first half of September is certain.