Eleanor 3 on STEAM!

August 26, 2019 57 By leonizer

Today is the day!

We’ve just released ELEANOR 3 on STEAM. It’s important experiment for us – we want to see if STEAM players are interested in our type of games. If yes, we’ll try to prepare dedicated title to that platform (which of course will be also available to download for our lopgold.com subscribers).

We’ve never anticipated that it would be even possible to publish erotic game there, so if you ever wanted to add ELEANOR 3 to your STEAM LIBRARY  – now you can!


How to Show Adult Only Games on STEAM?
To find this option, login first, then click your name at the top right corner of the Steam client and then select “Store Preferences.”
Under Mature Content, check the “Adult Only Sexual Content” box to view these types of games. Your change takes effect immediately.

And now it’s time for FREE STEAM KEYS.
First 20 persons who will reply to this post with words “FREE STEAM KEY” will receive such key from us by e-mail to the address assigned to their blog account.

And all keys are gone! That was quick 🙂

If you like the game – please review it on STEAM.