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Today we got something new for you! Daman surprised us again and decided to publish very detailed Eleanor’s biography on our WIKI PAGE. Thanks for that – awesome job!

So if you’re Eleanor’s fan you just have to read it


Eleanor was the only child to Robert and Vanna Parr and had a simple and yet uneventful childhood growing up. All that changed on her tenth birthday when her father went out to get her birthday cake and left her, her mother and the party guests alone at home. What they found out was that her father ran away with a younger woman he has been having an affair with for sometime behind their backs. Once the divorce was finalized and over with, Vanna soon fell into a bitter state and transferred that emotion to her daughter Eleanor and use her to become a weapon to break the hearts of other men.

At twelve, Eleanor told her about her first real crush at school only for Vanna to instruct her to kiss her crush’s best friend right in front of him that would cause a rift and fight between the two. In the end, Vanna took Eleanor to the mall and told her she would buy her anything she wanted as a reward for being “mommy’s little” and “doing the right thing”. This progressed through high school where Eleanor mastered her mother’s teachings of teasing and breaking everyone within her radius. And her mother would reward her more and more every time. And the time she dated a nice boy in her class and turned around and slept with the boy’s father (who was also a teacher), her mother rewarded her with a brand new car. In Eleanor’s mind, it was a game that her mother taught her and in the end Eleanor never truly understood what love was in her heart.

Her mother made sure to keep Eleanor’s father as far away from them as she could. Even turning down his offer of guilt money he was offering to send Eleanor to college. She went to community college at her mother’s teachings went with her; sleeping and breaking hearts everywhere she would go. All that changed in her second year when she found out that her mother met a new man and rather than see her mother practice what she preached to her, Eleanor watched as her mother not only didn’t push him away but accepted his proposal for marriage.

Eleanor felt betrayed, after all her mother was the one who taught her that marriage and monogamy was a lie and for fools, but Vanna pretended that she did not know what she was rambling about. Eleanor now felt not only betrayed by her father who ran away from her, but now her mother who raised her this way only fr her to turn her back on her. Eleanor never returned to college and ran away to live her life the way she thought was right.

After a few moths of bar diving and many nights of sex with faces she can ever remember, she meet Drake Robinson who, unlike the others, wanted to know her name and get to know her. Eleanor felt torn between her new feelings towards Drake’s approach and wanting to have a meaningful relationship and her mother’s teaching that were imprinted into her mind. She choose the former and dated Drake with the intention of actually trying to grasp the true meaning behind “true love”. As the dates got more extravagant and even more lavish, Drake finally popped the question to Eleanor, catching her off guard. She said “yes”, but her mind still rang with the words of her mother that she should cheat on Drake and break his heart as well. She fought with those thoughts as decided that the best way to drown them was by shopping. But once her funds were running low and those voices started to creep back up again, she began to sue Drake’s cards instead.

Eleanor: Loving Wife or Cheating Whore

Eleanor continued to spend Drake’s money without a second thought and soon began to rack up credit card debt that made her husband more nervous ever moth when he would open his bill statement. He would try to reason with Eleanor, explain how spending more than he makes is not the best financially sound idea for them.

Eleanor would put on her act, pretend to care, put on the moves and finally rock her husband’s world in the bedroom that would then buy her one or two months more of not hearing his spiel and for her to go back as if nothing ever happened. But as the debt got higher and higher, Drake’s patience finally hit it’s peak and he waited for Eleanor to return home that day from her daily shopping haul.

My Sex Date: Eleanor

After Drake’s ultimatum to pay back her credit card debt, Eleanor started to work for Drake’s company under the strict eye of Kevin. But unlike normal bosses, Kevin had one goal in mind other than make money for the company; it was to make Eleanor his personal “fuck slut”. At work he humiliated her and make her do deplorable things in order for her to keep her job and with Eleanor desperate to make ends meet, she allowed Kevin to do almost everything to her.

No matter how much better Eleanor got and how successful she made the company, Kevin was the true puppet master making sure that Eleanor “knew her place”. He even went so far as to record Eleanor and him pleasuring each other at his desk as leverage against her in case she got her nerve back one day. So Eleanor stayed the good slave to the point that Kevin would even call upon her to visit him at his own apartment outside of work hours.

Eleanor 2

On year has passed since Drake forced Eleanor to pay back all the interest she racked up on his business cards. And Eleanor not only made meet Drake’s crazy demands, but also in the process was able to find her mojo once again by cheating behind his back all the while. With her sleeping and fooling around behind her husband’s back, Eleanor found no need to spend as much money as before, except for times for sexy lingerie or special costumes that she would use to entice the other men in her life.

Drake never caught on and in fact was too busy after his recent raise at work taking most of his attention away from his wife. With no more financial troubles, Eleanor knew Drake would be happy and with long business trips away, Eleanor knew she would be happy knowing she and her new friends can have hours of non-stop, uninterrupted fun while he was away.Eleanor’s flower pattern tattoo on the back of her left calf But like all things in Eleanor’s life, boredom and doing the same routine over and over again began to make her life dull.

Soon she didn’t feel the thrill whenever Drake left for business and the men and women she would bring over, despite their efforts, did not satisfy her desires as they used to. Even her desire to get a tattoo, a thing she thought would re-spark her thrill seeking ways fell flat as well. Eleanor needed a change in her life and lucky for her, it did. Drake felt the same and decided he was no longer satisfied with working for someone else and quiet his job to start a new one in another town. Eleanor was excited for both Drake and herself, more herself, about the ideas of a new start in a new place and the numerous new possibilities and fun she can find that can fill more that simply her appetite for adventure but also the hole in her sexual appetite!

Eleanor 3

Eleanor did as she pleased in the new town of hers. She worked with Drake at his new company and even used her skills at sex to bring in new clientele for them as well. She even went so far as to score an audience with non other than Don Mario, a local crime boss of the area who was notorious by name alone. At first Drake was hesitant to do any sort of business with him, but Eleanor persuaded Drake in her own “special” way. But little did Drake know that Eleanor was sleeping with Don Mario and working at his night club as a stripper.

But as luck would have it, there was one group of people that Eleanor could not sexually persuade to get her way; the federal government. They had a close eye on Don Mario and once he invested money into Drake’s company, the company became suspect as well. They moved in and arrested the mafia boss who now faced years behind bars, but Don Mario had an ace up his sleeve; Eleanor. He approached her and told her he would spill the beans about their relationship and it would destroy her and Drake’s lives if she spoke, so Eleanor stayed quiet as Don Mario spun a tail in court about how it was Drake who approached him about investing and how he never knew what was happening. With Eleanor’s silence, the cuffs came onto Drake and was sentenced to time in jail. Eleanor’s heart sank but she stayed silent as her actions would have done more damage than good in her mind.

Without a steady flow of income and the feds confiscating all of Drake’s financial assets, Eleanor struggled to maintain their living situation and in the end moved back home to their old town. She found a nice place to call home and worked hard to make the payments, all the while she counted down the days until Drake would be released and hoped that they can get their lives together once and for all.

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