Work in progress

March 27, 2020 14 By leonizer


Developing of LWS_EXP is progressing. Right now I’m building connections between scenes and… that’s a very difficult task. I need to build everything from scratch – not only the content from the latest expansion but also original game and first expansion (with Melissa and Lorena). And that was long time ago.

So I need to travel in time and remind myself all game logic and put everything together once more into a new Excel file. It’s tricky and requires very detailed script studying, digging in the old FLASH file and translating everything into new script language. But hey, there are also good news! It looks like I’m working with 3some scenes (with MEL and LOR) so that mean I’ve almost completed ORIGINAL game and EXPANSION A. In the beginning of next week I plan to complete this part and start working with EXPANSION B.


I was told that we’re almost ready with complete texts. Great work Daman! And I guess it’s time to say “Hi!” to our new strippers. My favorite is the first one from the left.


Recently I’m working from home and I gotta say that I’m much more creative than I expected. I was able to prepare briefs for 2 games  and assign them to DAMAN and AGRIPPA. We’ll release more info about those projects soon.

What’s even more important, I’ve initiated several new project:

  • 2 remasters of our older free games,
  • 2 new large projects. The first one is a sequel and the second one is something brand new. So thrilled!

And that’s not everything 🙂