Anthony! We’re almost there!

July 17, 2020 6 By leonizer


Launch of STT: MORE MAGIC, MORE MUSHROOMS is planned on THURSDAY (2020.07.23)
Game is fully playable right now – we’re just balancing everything and eliminating bugs that could spoil your gameplay.

I’m impressed with the amount of content we’ve implemented here – you would require a lot of time and effort to discover everything. And what’s more, the game experience is different than in the original version – now instead of clicking like a madman to boost your stats, you need to be smart in order to progress faster. This process is more fluid and rewarding – I’m sure you gonna like this change.

And those new sex scenes – I wasn’t expecting this level of craziness IKSANABOT prepared for us. Scenes are hilarious, engaging with interesting decisions to make and look super hot.

So it’s definitely worth waiting another 6 days to put your hands on Kiki’s royal ass.


A while ago I’ve assigned BUBX to prepare a new game with DIDI as a main character. This game will be divided into short episodes. First, with the police officer we’ve presented before and then alluring continuation of those events. Everything will be focused around new DIDI’s romance with LUCY – girls decide to take a break and leave the city for a road trip.


As a bonus, some new renders from our incoming mega production.