Lilith – making of the star!

October 29, 2020 22 By leonizer

Today we’re releasing our next game! Enjoy!

Picture this: you are a talent-hunter and producer who just met the investor he always hoped for. Everything is going swimmingly, and he is ready to give you a shot at your dreams… as long as you accomplish his one request: to make his current girlfriend into a superstar.

The problem is that, despite her undoubtedly good looks and girl-next-door charm, she doesn’t have any talent. None! You can’t stand a single second of her singing, her dancing skills wouldn’t get her out of a DUI infraction, and her only asset is the rarely genuine combination of hotness and innocence.

You aren’t even working with a diamond in the rough; you are trying to make a gem out of coal and have her shine on the stage!

Important questions arise: Is she going to listen to your instructions? Will you able to motivate her to put her all into this task? What’s more, are you going to resist her charm and keep your relationship with her at a professional level, or will you risk it all and use her young body to sate your urges?

If you want to turn Lilith into a superstar, you may need to raise the stakes, and that means signing her up to the “America’s Star” contest to push her career forward. People from the industry know that it’s a very demanding competition, where not only will her singing be essential, but also her determination to do everything needed to convince the judges to improve her score. We hope you know what that means—having Lilith crawl towards success with a cock inside her mouth and hot jizz dripping down her ass.

* * *

To craft a pop star out of Lilith, you will need to leverage all of your resources—purchase the vital equipment that will let her practice her skills, and manage her mood and motivation (at least, if you want her to follow your requests). The better her skills, the better part-time jobs she can get to provide you with more funds for your future investments. Cultivate your relationship and try to keep your affections under the radar of her powerful partner if you want to avoid serious consequences. Be smart and ready for everything if you wish to get not only her heart, but an international career.

* * *

  • 15 part-time jobs available, ranging from barmaid to pornstar
  • Date her to build a relationship or spank her to make her obedient
  • Met the five mentors who can not only inspire Lilith but also bang her
  • Compete fairly on “America’s Star” or use dirty tricks to reach for success
  • Get into crazy and erotic situations while strolling through three different locations