November 6, 2020 12 By leonizer


Melissa and her sorority are proud that you like them so much! To celebrate that success on STEAM they have asked us to implement extra content to the latest installment of the game.

Sorority Dares
In random parts of the school area, Melissa will be challenged by a random girl from another sorority to do a challenge. Melissa can do them, gaining some money for her sorority.

New webcam show
This time Melissa is going to pretend that she is a naughty nurse.

Class Pet Bonus
After doing the extra credit for any of the teachers, they will instruct Melissa to do something during/after class that can earn her bonus credit if done.

Double Trouble for Double Pleasure
A fun idea where if Melissa has good relations with James and Tony, she can convince them to have a threesome.


I’m thrilled to inform that we’re progressing with game development. So far I’m adding new scenes into a huge game file where I match texts, images and all in-game logic. Still a lot of work ahead of us but the results will be worth every effort.

We’ve promised you a lot of new content and… we got even more for you – 2 amazing events from Eleanor pasts, including Eleanor’s wedding night and mad orgy while her husband is on a business trip.

What ORANGE DAISY and VIOLET ASTER mean in numbers?

  • 82 new animations with 30 frames each
  • 816 new static images
  • 6 new endings

Some spicy images below. Enjoy!


I’ve got very good news for you – the game is almost complete and I’m gonna release it next week!
So what to expect?

  • original, emotional and non-linear storyline
  • 4 dateable and unique characters
  • amazing visuals by STOPER (CALL GIRL DENISE)
  • story written with passion by NEALE (ARKHAM – THE DARK LEGACY)
  • relationship simulation with minimal grind and a lot of interesting choices to make
  • the most amazing cumshots we’ve drawn so far
  • over 50 sex animations and 600 static images
  • 9 endings to achieve