David is here!

November 10, 2020 65 By leonizer

Let’s celebrate!

Today we’re delivering you David together with his wife demanding a divorce and three other ladies worth your attention.

I’m proud of this game – I believe we’ve mastered RELATIONSHIP SIMULATOR this time keeping all grinding and repetitive aspects of it to minimum (and keeping it engaging in the same time), mixing it with emotional story, interesting characters and outstanding visuals and animations. Give it a try and let us know what do you think!

* * *

My name is David…

…and my wife demands a divorce.

Get ready for a unique relationship simulator, with a story full of erotic tension and dramatic moments. You will play as David, a successful fantasy novel writer (author of the popular “Enchanted forests of Elves”), who just got served the divorce papers by his wife, Maria.

…and I think that Maria is cheating on me.

She was always one of a kind in bed—ready to experiment, passionate, and with inexhaustible stamina. But in these past few months their sex life was nowhere to be seen. A total dearth. David knows she still has her needs, and, as the attractive woman she is, it would not have been hard for her to find someone else to fulfill them.

…and I’m being humiliated by the person I love.

Maria is doing everything in her power to make his life miserable, turning every single day into a hellish ordeal just to get him to sign the damn papers. And the worst of it all? She is dragging their friends into their whole mess. It is up to David if she will manage to corrupt them or if he will keep their loyalty.


Now is the time to act! David has lost his inspiration and isn’t able to write anymore, so he will have to find a regular day job and start earning money, all while trying to figure out how to survive under the same roof as his ife-turned-screeching-harpy. Is there still a chance for them? Would he even take it? His future is in your hands!

You have many paths open to you. You could focus all your efforts on your wife and try to get her love back – though it might be difficult right now, seeing as she doesn’t even treat you as a man, much less someone she desires. You could impress her with your achievements and all the effort you’re going to put into winning her heart back, yes, but are you going to forget everything she did? How badly she mistreated you in front of your friends, how cold she was when trying to drive you away? Let’s be honest: you will never forget her behavior, and forgiving it would be a tall order.

So maybe you will instead get revenge on her and find a way to catch her cheating on you – the perfect blackmail material. Will you just use it to get an advantageous divorce, or are you going to humiliate her and make her suffer? Remember: it is your path to walk.

Perhaps it is time to forget about her and focus on someone else. Maybe Valentina? She’s a quite fetching Italian lady who lives upstairs – and Maria’s best friend. She is not only tempting, but smart and witty, and, even better, you know she likes you. A lot.

Another chance at romance could be Sasha, Mack’s wife. He runs the best restaurant in town, and she helps him with his business, but… whether the charming woman who spends every night satisfying their customers has kept herself faithful is anyone’s guess. Are you going to test the waters? You could do worse for a rebound. Much worse.

And let’s not forget about the angelic girl who runs the antique shop. Her name is Linda, and there is something just plain special about her. It’s hard to capture whatever magical quality she has that always keeps you hanging on her every word, but you would like to try.