About our older games

November 25, 2020 22 By leonizer

We’ve made a very important first step in terms of our older games, designed with MACROMEDIA / ADOBE FLASH (SWF files). As you might know, browsers are supporting this format only till the end of 2020. With the next year you won’t be able to play any FLASH games in your browser. That’s a huge issue for us cause majority of our games was developed with that software and you won’t be able to play them very soon.


Today our PREMIUM website was modified and we’ve added EXECUTABLE versions of our older, flash developed games (we’ve called it CLASSICS) which you can download and play on your PC offline. So even if browsers won’t support flash any more you’ll be able to play games offline from EXE file on your PC.

I’m sorry to say that we’re not able to build downloadable MAC versions – we’ll try to find a workaround.

Process of converting those games into EXE files was complicated so if you’ve encountered any issues with those games please let us know via this contact form: https://lessonofpassion.com/support/


Unfortunately vast majority of our FREE GAMES was developed with FLASH. Converting all old games into UNITY will be a very mundane and ultra time consuming process and we prefer to spend this time on developing new games.

So what do we plan to do with them?

We’ll select the games we like the most and in which we see potential for expansion – those game will receive a second life. Our team will remodel characters and locations and render it again. We’ll refresh gameplay and story a little and then the game will be build from scratch in UNITY with all new features we offer in our modern games – sex scenes and endings gallery, new save and load system, etc. You’ll be able to play them on-line and download offline version from STEAM.

Games with easy to replicate structure, proper set of visuals and texts we’ll try to rebuild in UNITY. We’ll just use the already existing assets (slightly improved in post processing) and texts we already have. We don’t plan add any extra content for those games. Those games will be available on-line only.

When we’re not able to build the game again because of the technical or asset issues we’ll try to create FLASH PROJECTS from those games (EXE) and give you an option to download those games from lessonofpassion.com.

In some cases, when the title is very old, wasn’t to well received or because of the technical reasons we’re not able to make an EXE from it – we’ll abandon it.

Process has already started and we got some old titles already during re-development.

And now I want to ask about your opinion – let us know what do you think about this plan?
Do you want us to spend time on resurrecting old titles? I’m sure games will benefit from REDUX versions but do you want us to just rebuild older games in UNITY without any extras? Is that worth the effort in your opinion? So let us know if you want us to work with CASE 2 and CASE 3. Bare in mind that could affect development process of our PREMIUM games.