Play Bloodlines of Shadow Springs DEMO

July 29, 2021 11 By leonizer


As promised – today we’re delivering DEMO version of our next SEXANDGLORY.COM game. Enjoy!


* * *

You were a normal man, barely more than a boy, living in uneasy truce with your step-mother and step-sister. Were.

Now? Now you are a vampire, because you had the blood of monsters running through your veins, because your recently met benefactor, Vittoria Bosco, needs to raise an army. Because, just after achieving immortality, you are about to die.

Vittoria and her son, Lucca, are on the run from one of the big ones, one of the monsters who are no longer whispered about in the dark, because all that ever knew to fear him are dead or in his thrall. They stole an artifact from him, the Vial of the First Blood, and want to establish a clan, a powerbase that will allow them to challenge him.

Him, and the werewolf he has sent after them. Because one nightmarish monster wasn’t enough for you.

Meanwhile, it turns out normal vampires can’t turn any regular human into one of them, no, they need to have vampiric blood on their ancestry. That’s where you, and your mysterious ancestor, come in. Likewise, it appears they cannot breed like regular humans… Except for Lucca. Because he’s special.

Their plan? Their brilliant idea upon which your survival and that of your family rest? Vittoria will turn any human with vampiric blood into a Sanguinar, Lucca will fuck any vampire with a womb till he has bred his mother an army, and their possession of one of the most coveted artifacts of monsterkind will stay back the hand of any allies this “Julian Soreanu” has under his sway long enough that Vittoria will manage to ascend and become a Noble Vampire.

You don’t like their plan.

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I’m slowly progressing with the game development. I believe we got all texts and visuals already implemented into the game and now I’ve started mundane and complicated process of creating proper reactions to taken actions and setting links between the scenes.

I’m trying to simplify all stats and I guess I’ve taken some good decisions in that matter – I’ll verify that during the first tests at the end of the next week.

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