Something monumental is slowly approaching

July 23, 2021 8 By leonizer

I want to tease you with some information about one of our secret projects – let’s give it a code name “HOROS”. We’ve been keeping this project deep in our vault for a very long time and I’m super excited that I’m going to announce it today!

Some key facts about the game below:

  • We’ve started to develop this project at the beginning of 2020 – if we’re lucky we plan to release it in 2022.
  • The scale of this game is epic in terms of locations we’ve designed for this game – over 20 detailed scenes, including amazing exteriors as well as interiors – just take a look below. And that’s not everything. You’ll be able to travel though around 40 locations including small cities, swamps, forests, land of the death and more. Everything designed and rendered by our team with sexy fantasy vibe.
  • The quantity of characters you gonna meet here also impresses. We’re not only talking about monsters you gonna slay on your way but also adorable ladies you gonna have a chance to hug in your arms and impale on your rod. Blacksmith’s daughter, sorceress, tavern owner, dark necromancer, lewd noble girl and many more. We’re going to test your stamina limits here!
  • Unique gameplay which would be a combination of simple RPG game, where you’ll be able to complete your inventory, increase your combat skills and fight monsters standing on your way, with adventure game where you gonna travel between locations and interact with characters. Everything will be spiced with crazy amount of erotic content with great interactivity and splendid animations.
  • And of course the story – unique, with twists and sub plots that will let you uncover the secrets and accomplish various tasks in different ways. You’ll be surprised, aroused, forced to laugh and intimidated. And endings… a lot of them.

In a month or two we gonna reveal more:

  • amazing renders including characters and sex scenes
  • more info about the cast
  • interesting details concerning gameplay

Game will be release both on STEAM and for LOPGOLD.COM members.


We gonna update you with the LWT1:RDX development progress.