What comes after LWT?

August 19, 2021 14 By leonizer

We’re planning to release LWT1: RDX at the end of this month (beginning of September if we’ll require a little bit more time). First we’ll deliver Lisa and Tracy for all lopgold.com players and then later we’ll release it also on STEAM.

And what can you expect from lopgold.com later?


This noir detective game is a title that I’m very excited about. Awesome renders by TOKAGE, who once rendered games for us (OUTCAST ACADEMY, THORNE, TORI500 and much more). It would be a blend of visual novel and adventure game experience. Play as Trevor, once successful private investigator and help him put his miserable life on the right track again. Use your detective hunch and interact with characters and objects. Make crucial choices leading to 1 of 10 endings.

It would be a smaller project that would let us experiment with a new game play model and different pace of action than before. More mature and with very dense atmosphere.


We already got the first expansion planned – right now we’re working on texts and renders. If you’ve dreamed about new scenes with Bianca, Nicole, Jade and of course Serena – you gonna get it. What’s more, someone from the original game (from the expansion to be precise) will pay Justin a visit. It’s going to be so hot!


At first we’ll deliver the REDUX version of this huge expansion we’ve prepared for the original game. Expect the same amount of sexual tension and crazy situations + new content never seen before. Those renders are so spectacular so I just can’t wait till I start to code it 🙂