Tracy and Lisa are almost there

August 27, 2021 11 By leonizer

Together with IKSANABOT we’ve done extraordinary things this week! Right now we’re fully focused on blending the story with the most enjoyable gameplay you can experience in a modern dating sim. We’re implementing dozens of fixes, modifications, alternative conditions, chronology changes, etc. It’s super important but also mundane and time consuming job – huge respect for IKSANABOT who finds time for this next to his regular job and family responsibilities.

My first impressions? In terms of gameplay the game is more focused on pursuing your desires than mundane clicking repetitive actions. Of course the stat building elements are here but the effort is reduced and everything is much more accessible than in the original game.

You gonna love the new scenes! Movie nights, small surprises the girls are going to offer, new daily actions, small events adding a lot of background to the characters you’re going to meet in the game.

As you may notice before, new renders and animations are a outstanding and goes with par with the emotions you’ll feel during your experience with LWT1 RDX.

I believe that we spend the next week with further tests and implementation of minor elements (interface, sounds, GAME+, gallery, etc) and we’ll be ready to release the game before the 10th of September. But that’s not a promise – only a prediction.