Work progress report

April 8, 2022 11 By leonizer


The progress is significant – I’m still missing some fragments of the text (LISA actions with high relationship level, all sex oriented) but I was able to put into the script everything else I have and create logical connections between the scenes. Right now I’ve started to test everything – it’s going to take some time cause the game is complicated and has so much content. So yes – we’re moving forward!

Right now you, during weekends, you can invite Lisa outside.

Can you say no to that proposition? Luckily Tracy isn’t home so…

What do you think? Is Justin aware what Tracy is doing behind his back?

Friends are forever! Who would you like to have on your shoulder? Tracy or Lisa?

There are dozens of path to follow in this game – one of them is a cuckold route.


We want to inform you, that we plan to release SH demo first so everyone could taste the experience we’re crafting here.The game will be offered both on and then we plan to release it on STEAM.

Visuals are unique as well as remodeled gameplay – it’s going to be an amazing adventure.

Design of the game interface – we want to be inspired by the original game but move forward in terms of gameplay features, making the game much more accessible for everyone.

We’ve used the original locations as a base and then upgraded everything with new furniture, materials and details.

Let’s hope that Marin isn’t watching this. Hans is very lucky because Lynda’s hands are very experienced in that matter.

Close you eyes and imagine your dirties desires.

Is Elizabeth looking at the cards or is she imagining what is hidden under Natasha’s top?

Family barbecue with some unexpected problems.


Rendering process has started – take a look at the first renders from the game. Super excited with this project!

It’s Friday – Drake and Eleanor are getting ready for a special night out

They are new in the Miami and they discover new places all the time

Cali works in the pub as a barmaid and waitress – she loves this job cause this place attracts handsome customers.

This time Drake is full of confidence and positive energy. Eleanor claims he was never sexier than now.

This girl is called Bella and she isn’t as innocent as she looks.