May 19, 2022 156 By leonizer

Yes! Today is the day when we deliver the latest version of your beloved game!

We’ve spent several weeks testing every aspect of the gameplay, implementing a lot of tiny changes in order to elevate the game experience to the highest possible level. Together with the well knows scenes from WGW expansion and new awesome additions called WILD WEEKENDS we believe to develop the most complete and enjoyable adventure ever.

BASE VERSION 680 static images + 60 sex animations
THIS EXPANSION additional 500 static images + over 90 sex animations

Tracy’s wildest side is there for you to encourage, or discourage. Will you encourage her fantasy about being with more than one man at a time? Will you take control of her and only let her do what you want her to do? When Tracy reunites with an old friend at the cabin, will you put him in his place, willingly share Tracy with him, or let Tracy and him treat you like a cuckold? The choices are up to you.

And now Lisa is hornier than ever before. Together with Sandy, she is ready to be more and more daring in trying to seduce you, more and more bold. If you decide to start a sexual relationship with Lisa you can keep it going on and on, fucking her all over the house while keeping a look out for Tracy.

On the weekends, when Tracy is away, there are amazing new possibilities for interactions with her. Invite her to the gym, go shopping, play with her by the pool or even take her the bed you share with your wife. Do you want to be true to Tracy, or do everything and anything behind her back? It’s up to you.

Justin’s task is much more complicated than before – Can he keep everyone happy? Does he even want to? The temptations are everywhere, for everyone.

What’s new in this amazing expansion?

  • Explore new events that enrich the story, including an awesome pool party, an epic visit to a swinger’s club, and many, many kinky situations that take place on the weekends.
  • New exciting activities for Tracy at the cabin by the lake (including meeting Tracy’s old lover) and for Lisa when you stay with her at home while your wife is gone
  • Extended scenes that already exist in the game – relive the most alluring moments with additional choices and new animations
  • Additional endings that correspond to the extended storyline

– an unforgettable story to experience that will expand your sexual horizons
– fun and intuitive relationship simulator with non-linear action
– lots of interesting decisions to make, and 13 unique endings to achieve
– inspiring full HD visuals full of kinky details with fluid 40-frame animations
– save slots, GAME+, unlockable sex scenes and an endings gallery for trophy hunters
– 100% uncensored with close ups on the intimate parts and great cumshots