Summer time!

July 8, 2022 10 By leonizer

It’s getting hot!

Our girls have changed their clothes and now they are enjoying the sun wearing bikinis.

Let us know in the comments who of them would you like to invite for a holiday trip – what would be your destination and your plan for a one-week stay with her.


As I mentioned before, for this project we’re not only experimenting with a brand new rendering process but also with the engine in which we’re developing the game. I’ll try to develop this game not only in UNITY – I’ll also give RENPY a chance and this version of the game will be available as well (both for WEB version for LOP GOLD members and STEAM EXE one day). I’m still learning RENPY so it might take a while but the results are very promising.

Our UNITY engine is not standing still – we’re upgrading its features whenever we can. ADRIANNE for the first time we’ll be using movies – not only for the sex scenes, frame by frame but also in other places so everything will be much more fluid and alive. We’re trying to make our games as vivid and visually appealing as possible and putting some pictures in motion is the smart way to achieve that.