About LWT expansion

July 15, 2022 28 By leonizer


YamYoda is doing a great job rendering new scenes. So far he completed extra scenes with more sexual interactions with Lisa around the house – right now you can have her just where ever you desire. What’s more, Sandy will be waiting for you in the club so it looks like you’ll have less time to spend with your wife because of the new duties 🙂


I’m constantly developing the game and I’ve coded everything I got so far (UNITY edition). At the same time, I’ve made huge progress in terms of understanding the RENPY engine and for now, I don’t see any issues that could block me from publishing this game in that version – both online for browsers and exe for PC (and probably MAC’s but I need to test it first).

I’m still waiting for texts for additional scenes and renders for the final scene for one of the plotlines + some minor visuals. I believe it will be the most visually appealing game we’ve developed so far and when you combine it with the pleasant gameplay and emotional story you’ll get an amazing title worth waiting for.