Adrianne – RENPY edition + DEMO

September 28, 2022 0 By leonizer


After many weeks of consultations with RENPY specialists, I’ve finally been able to deliver RENPY WEB version of our game. Building the game wasn’t an issue at all – the most problematic part was the optimization of images and the preloading process of graphical assets from our servers. I’ve done everything possible to deliver an as pleasant experience as possible. Unfortunately, for this specific game, it comes with a price – I’ve to reduce the framerate of the animations from 40 to 20 and eliminate animations during dialogs. I believe that with further projects, I’ll be able to bypass those limitations.

The RENPY version comes with many new features that weren’t available in our UNITY edition:

  • save system that lets you save and load game state whenever you want – what’s more, with small portraits providing additional information about the save you want to load
  • an option to import / export saves from the browser to your HD
  • smart mechanism of skipping already visited scenes that would save tons of time with the further replays

Next to the ONLINE version, I plan to release a downloadable version with higher image quality, full frame rate and maybe some additional features.

I’m still learning this, and it’s my first project developed in RENPY, so please accept my apologies for some technical issues you may encounter – I’ll try to fix all issues as soon as possible.

I would appreciate your feedback – both in the comments section below and in the online form below the window with the RENPY version of the game.


Today I’ve also published a game demo on – you can play it here:

I would appreciate all your comments concerning the technical aspect of the game – does it work smooth, do you have any issues with preloading images, does the sound and music is playing, etc.


We’re almost ready with the game – the release is planned for the 6th of October.

This game will be released first for users and then, after a few weeks, for STEAM players.

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