Sensual haunting is ready!

October 6, 2022 37 By leonizer

Yes! Our romantic ghost story with a twist is here!

You are the ghost of Sammy Grainsville who died at the hands of mysterious circumstances twenty years ago and haunted the home since then, until Natasha tried to banish you ten years ago and stripped away most of your power to leave you dormant. No one else bought it during that time and you remained powerless until a new family has moved in, consisting of Hans the Husband, Marin the Wife and Elizabeth the Daughter.

That night, after moving everything in, Elizabeth decides to play with herself and her lust called to you along with the sexual frustration of Marin, awakening your from your dormant slumber.

Now you need to regain your power to interact with the living world and sate the lust that haunts you even now.


The protagonist, a poltergeist named Sammy Grainsville, wants to influence women living in the house in order to gather sexual energy from them (and pleasure of course). He has several days to use his powers to manipulate, harass or support them in need, depending on his approach.

How Sammy interacts with the family affects a relationship value that determines whether they are fond, tolerant or angered by his presence. The higher the value, the more they accept and like Sammy on a subconscious level, which will make it easier to interact with them without raising suspicion.

The game has various rooms for Sammy to visit and interact with over the course of the day depending on his attributes. Within each room you will find objects he can interact with using his abilities. The more he interacts with the world, the sooner it triggers different events. These events will lead to situations that can raise or lower his abilities and affect Sammy’s relationships.



– unique game theme that impresses with possibilities
– interesting kinks: cheating your husband, multiple partners, lesbian, etc
– relationship simulator gameplay with a twist
– an intriguing and non-linear story with multiple endings to discover
– beautifully designed characters with which you’ll fall in love instantly
– erotic and 100% uncensored content

It’s up to you to help the family find peace of mind and empower the love in their relationships making everybody happy or… you can play the role of the evil spirit, complicating everything in their lives, provoking drama and breaking the bonds connecting them.