Luscious secrets PART1 next week!

January 20, 2023 25 By leonizer


We’re proud to announce that we’re doing everything to release the game next week. Basically, everything is ready – our job right now is to polish everything and test the game couple more times before the publication.


To clarify, the Luscious secrets is the name of the vast expansion – we’re releasing the first part of it now and the rest in a few months. The first part includes the following elements:

  • new character HANNAH and two separate variants of the plotline for her
  • lesbian fascination plotline between TRACY and COCO
  • weekend sex scenes with Lisa
  • sex scene with Sandy
  • some small random scenes with girls

The development of the second part is already in progress. As you’ve heard, we’ve decided to redesign the KEIKO character, and today we’re ready to present the results. We like the new version of this Asian beauty, working with TRACY, a lot. There are a lot of hot scenes expected with her – let’s hope your wife won’t find out about this.

Some of you have concerns about cuckold content – don’t worry. As before, those scenes will be optional – you’ll decide the type of relationship between characters. If you like it, it could be cuckolding or a regular swinging / wife-sharing experience.

To sum up what you gonna find in part two of Luscious secrets:

  • new JUSTIN, TRACY and DANIEL scenes – cuckold or wife-sharing
  • option of visiting TRACY in her office + a sex scene located there
  • new options for LISA, including inviting her to sleep in your bed on weekends
  • new KEIKO character with exciting sex scenes in the office, in the elevator and more
  • additional sex scene with SANDY – this time at her place
  • sexual interaction with the LIBRARY GIRLS (btw, we’ll re-design those characters as we did with KEIKO)

V4 TO G9

Moreover, we’re making another effort to move TRACY and LISA characters from outdated custom V4 to a much more advanced and modern DAZ model. It isn’t easy, but we’re making little progress. With the old VICTORIA 4 model, we’re constrained in terms of clothes (lack of automatic fitting clothes on characters, a small number of new clothes available in the store), and in general, those characters are hard to work with. When we can transfer them into the new ones, that would be an excellent quality upgrade. I keep my fingers crossed for YAMYODA.