LWT: Luscious secrets is here!

January 26, 2023 108 By leonizer


The LUSCIOUS SECRETS EXPANSION PART 1 provides new and unique content that will satisfy even the biggest fans of Tracy and Lisa.

As Justin’s wife, she plays a massive role in his life and in this expansion. We all know she likes to experiment with new sensual experiences, and this time, inspired by Justin, she is open to a lesbian adventure with Coco from the sex shop.

For this redheaded young lady from Canada, we’ve designed new sex scenes that become available when your relationship with her is high enough. Prepare for some ultra-hot weekends with your babysitter. Take her in the kitchen, living room, and garden or witness a fabulous fashion show in her bedroom.

Lisa’s slutty best friend works at the club and is ready for more hot scenes. Now Justin can stay after hours in the club for some fun with her hot young body and lusty attitude.


The new experiences are oriented around already-established characters you love, and what’s more, we’re introducing some new temptations that Justin can pursue.

We introduce a brand new character with this expansion. She is Lisa’s childhood friend from Canada who has moved to Los Angeles to be a movie star. She has spent a lot of money to upgrade her boobs, and Lisa disapproves. Hannah is trying to earn money as an Instagram model, and working part-time as a hairdresser at the mall. She loves to tease and provoke. If Justin plays it smart, she is ready to offer him everything.

Yes, this beauty is into girls (and more). If Justin inspires Tracy with erotic toys and organizes a chance for Tracy and Coco to meet, sparks will fly. Experience an intense evening with the two ladies as they pleasure each other in front of you. And who knows, maybe you will be able to join them when they are done…

The Luscious Secrets expansion is going to be luscious as FUCK!

UPDATE: I’ve heard that some of you got issues with accessing specific locations. I’m trying to fix that right now – it looks like this issue is server related. I will let you know when the process is complete. For now, here is a quick but not elegant fix – if you have this issue, please close your browser, open it again and relaunch the game. It will help. I hope to come up with the right solution soon.