Horos is here!

May 11, 2023 44 By leonizer

Here we are! Wearing heavy armor and a deadly magical wand in our hand. We’re proud to present you HOROS!

Epic adventure game mixed with a visual novel and spiced with simple RPG elements (optional). Experience an immersive story with intriguing characters, enjoyable gameplay, and one-of-a-kind erotic sex scenes that blow you away.

“People say it was a miracle I survived. My wounds… they were too deep; I should’ve been dead three times over. I was lying in a pool of my blood when they found me, babbling like a madman. The farmers were inclined to end my misery and spare me needless suffering, but they couldn’t bring themselves to kill someone in cold blood, so they dragged my not quiet corpse to the stables to let me die in warmth, at least a bit of comfort. Except… I didn’t.

When they saw I was alive and recovering, improving… they took me to Swingmore. There’s an innkeeper here, a good woman who wants to take care of me, to let me… I don’t know. I don’t know nearly anything. But here I can rest till I’m ready to decide. To decide who I am, and maybe discover who I was.”

This is how you got your new name, Horos, and the man you became with it. The monster-slayer, the lover of many. The seeker of what you lost.

It’s the most complex project we’ve ever developed, the most versatile in terms of gameplay, and just packed with amazing scenes waiting for you to discover them!


– intriguing and original storyline, mixing love with the monster-slaying and discovering your past
– colorful, funny and diversified fantasy realm awaiting your exploration
– easy to learn and enjoyable to play RPG combat with over 40 different enemies
– character progression, including stats changes, gaining new attacks, magical spells and more
– interactive sex scenes with amazing animations and hot cumshots to experience
– 11 different endings to discover + sex scenes and magical orbs gallery with bonus images