Work in progress: ELEANOR: MIAMI

June 30, 2023 6 By leonizer


I’m proud to announce that I’ve just completed preparing the visual brief for ELEANOR: MIAMI. I’ve sent everything to CHESTNUT SHUFFLES, and now he got another month of rendering ahead of him. The game will be huge, and I’ve already planned a lot of content for it after the initial release. There are so many events I would like to present here, but we need to say enough and work with the content we have. There will be time for expansions later.

We’ll have 3 main plots here, oriented around 3 key characters. First is Faith with her husband Christian, who is dying to invite Eleanor and Drake to their bedroom and swing with them. The closer Eleanor is to Faith, the more she learns about her traumatic past. Her stay in Serbia left some severe consequences in her life she needs to face till this moment. Is Eleanor able to help her? We’ll find out.

Then we’ll have beautiful Senka, who has her own photo studio where she hires beautiful girls for bikini and lingerie photo sessions and… sometimes even more kinky stuff. Is Eleanor self-confident enough to compete with younger girls? Is she ready to come back to the old habits?

And finally, Bogdan, Senka’s business partner and lover. In Serbia, he was running his own Casino, and when he settled in Miami, he planned to do the same here. Unfortunately, it isn’t legal here, so we’ve opened an underground business with a lot of luxury and beautiful women helping affluent customers get rid of their hard earn cash. Eleanor gets a proposition to work for him and to use all her assets to convince big spenders to make risky bets.

There are more characters Eleanor could interact with – Grace, who works with Drake in the same office, Cali running the elegant Rich Bitch pub, Theodore being one of the most controversial Bogdan’s customers with his own kinks and perversions, Bella working in Bogadn’s casino and more.

I’m just super excited about this project – it will be a massive dating sim, with some classic elements you know from the past reinforced with a massive dose of good narration and building the tension between characters.

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