A lot about LWT 1 & 2

August 4, 2023 28 By leonizer

Two weeks ago, I asked if you wanted us to continue LWT1 development; many people were interested. Also, I would like to spend more time developing this game because that story has enormous potential. So today, I want to write what we plan to do with LWT shortly.

1. Next week, we’re starting the rendering process of the LWT2 remake. We got around 70% of locations re-modeled and ready for YAMYODA, so he has a solid base of assets. At first, we’ll prepare some test renders; when we are ready with the quality, we’ll start producing new images. This process will take ages cause in this game, there is just a sick amount of content, so the development of that game would take a crazy amount of time.

2. To continue LWT1, I must transfer the game script into RENPY. The process is already happening slowly, but because of our content here, it will still take months to complete. Considering that I’m rewriting the game, I’ll implement some significant changes into the gameplay, making it more visually novel-oriented, limiting the amount of mundane and repetitive choices, and making it more quest than stat driven. Those changes are essential because the new gameplay will allow you to focus more on the story than on building stats and clicking over and over again buttons. However, I keep in mind the origins of this game, and I’m gonna keep the spirit of it, don’t worry. Also, the changes are required to fit the new content inside – right now, because of all variables we have in the game, the code is a little messy, and adding recent events is risky if you don’t want to break the chain of already implemented events. Together with modified gameplay, we’ll present new content and add more with time.

So yes, LWT1 will evolve and grow with new scenes and characters, and I believe we’ll see the RENPY version of LWT1 much sooner than the complete LWT2 project.

3. IKSANABOT is going to surprise us with a new format – a short novel, released as a single product or incorporated into LWT1 as a considerable event, presenting a dinner party with Tracy, Justin, Lisa and Derek where Tracy will have a chance to spend some intimate time with Derek. We’re still talking about the details, but he is so excited I just can’t say no 🙂 If you like this formula, we’ll think about delivering more stuff like this.

4. Development of LWT1: LUSCIOUS SECRETS is going well – I plan to release the game at the beginning of September.

5. A lot is going on with Tracy and Lisa, so we are putting the Tracy Detective Agency game on hold for a while.

6. Bonus image from our LOP GOLD CALENDAR. This page with Tracy, Lisa and Hanna was presented today.

Let us know what you think about those projects.