About Eleanor: Miami

August 11, 2023 5 By leonizer

Chestnut continues his legacy and renders Eleanor at full speed (with some breaks for side jobs with HOROS expansion). There are still a lot of renders to complete, but slowly, very slowly, we see the light in a very long and dark tunnel. This is probably the most ambitious project we were working on. The amount of renders we will present in the base version of the game is insane – mixing that with the ambitious plot we gonna deliver makes the whole endeavor very complex and time-consuming.

This will be a pinnacle of the dating sim – years of experience in that area will result in something extraordinary in gameplay. This a fresh approach we need after the heavy stat-building games we’ve developed so far in the past but still spiced with the same ingredients that make all older games unique. I just can’t wait to experiment with it during the development.

We gonna focus on 3 careers here:

  • hairdresser in Faith salon, where Eleanor will have a chance to earn honest money without any crazy stunts
  • become a fashion model for Senka at first and then take part in more erotic sessions
  • work for Bogdan as a croupier in his illegal casino and earn good money for doing kinky stuff with rich customers

The story will center around Eleanor’s relationship with her husband, who recently became open to new experiences. Drake wishes for her to experience these novelties with others and is ready to share. Eleanor, of course, loves this approach, but is it enough for her? Most likely not.

A powerful narrative arc will revolve around Faith, which serves as the game’s central premise. You’ll gain more insight into her life, form an intimate bond with her spouse, and uncover a hidden truth. Whether you can help Faith or not rests in your gameplay choices.

Senka and Bogdan have landed in Miami to pursue their clandestine objectives. Will you join them on their path to success or attempt to challenge them?

Grace is Drake’s colleague from work. Can you assist her in blossoming like a butterfly?
And don’t forget Cali from the bar – she eagerly awaits any wild escapade that Eleanor has up her sleeve.

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