Luscious secrets on STEAM

October 13, 2023 12 By leonizer

Tracy and Lisa are available on STEAM!

Today, we’re releasing our expansion to LIVING WITH TEMPTATION on STEAM.
You can get it for the first week after the release with an 11% discount.

How to Show Adult-Only Games on STEAM? To find this option, log in first, click your name at the top right corner of the Steam client and then select “Store Preferences.” Under Mature Content, check the “Adult Only Sexual Content” box to view these games. Your change takes effect immediately.

What are the plans for the further expansion of this project?

I’m sure you know we’ve already started developing the REDUX version of the LIVING WITH TEMPTATION 2. The game already has an enormous amount of content, and rendering everything will probably take ages to complete. We don’t want to leave you without Tracy and Lisa for that long, and I decided to continue the LWT1 development in a slightly different form.

First, we need to move from the UNITY game engine into RENPY to add new content and keep the whole project as easy to manage as possible, considering how big it actually is. This process has actually started. What’s more, I want to make this game a little bit more modern and more enjoyable to play – I’m thinking about changes in the daily actions system and switching from a 24-hour system to 5 periods during a day schedule to make it more engaging and avoid monotony and repeating several actions time after time. Also, we need to re-arrange the event system because right now it’s too complicated and adding new scenes at the right moment is just very difficult right now.

This process has actually started and I’m slowly coding the game into RENPY.

What’s more, recently, I had a lot of constructive talks with IKSANABOT, our copywriter, about introducing new scenes, characters and locations. We got a lot of fantastic ideas on how to push this story further, expand the bonds with already established characters and place them in entirely new situations to present them from a different, more alluring perspective. I’m sure we’re gonna give more information about that soon. What’s more, I’m thinking about releasing more minor updates more often rather than waiting for a massive expansion for several months.