LWT: American sunset x LWT2

November 3, 2023 23 By leonizer

Development of CVR: Midnight Bliss is going well, and in short breaks between coding, testing and crafting additional items, I’m spending my time with the new edition of LWT1, which will be coded in RENPY.

The code name of that project is AMERICAN SUNSET, and it will not only be coded in a new engine but also will have a lot of significant changes according to the REDUX version.

  • I plan to switch from a 24-hour system to 5 periods per day – it first needs to be tested, but I’m convinced that this approach will provide much more dynamics and variety to the daily schedule and allow us to manage the event system more easily and efficiently. Moreover, we’ll be able to present characters in different clothes at various periods of the day.
  • we plan to make the game more story-driven than a stat builder. Of course, you still gonna raise your stats but we’ll try to make it more event-oriented than a mundane duty,
  • Justin’s work is essential to him – we gonna help him build his career by creating a new module responsible for his copywriting. He will now have the possibility of selecting the type of story he wants to write – each story has a title and a cover represented by a visual. Also, with time he will get more experience allowing him to write faster and better. Probably we gonna expand it even further – if he wants to write a story about the kinky life of Cleopatra, he needs to get some experience in Egyptology in a local museum. That, of course, could lead to a sexy event with Tracy trying to impersonate Cleo, and… we all know how it might end,
  • communication and social media are crucial as well, and for the first time, we’ll give Justin a mobile phone where he will be able to trace his friends’ activity online and interact with them,
  • for all trophy hunters, we gonna add achievements and collectible items thrown all over the city,
  • minor rework to the stat system, including kinks the girls like, stats with other characters he gonna meet in the game – everything will be toned and easy to follow,
  • animations will be presented in a slightly different form – we’ll use actual renders we have so far, but we’ll show them with various speed radio, direction and some other effects, making them much more sensual and appealing

As mentioned, I’ve already assigned new locations – some samples below.

Derek’s place

Hannah’a apartment and instagram photo studio

Newly renovated Justin’s and Tracy’s basement

Garage under Justin’s house

Just a random hotel room for a swinging couple

Mexican gym trainer’s place

Prestigious loft of Justin’s publisher


Our team is already rendering the new events and daily actions. We’re starting with adding unique situations to the original plot lines, making the daily routine much more exciting and full of sexy surprises.

With time we gonna include much more sophisticated events, introducing new characters, which will always play a key role in putting our key sweethearts in the center of attention but in a slightly different light. All new events will be a more quest-driven chain of actions instead of a one-time event. New sex scenes need to be earned, and the reward will be worth it.

Regarding the release, I would like to present the working concept as soon as possible. When I complete CVR: MB, I’m focusing on it as our next project, and I’ll do my best to release it (maybe a fragment of it as a working concept) in Q1 2024. Then it will be regularly updated with new content.


I’ve decided to put on hold the new LWT2. And that’s an excellent news. Initially, we wanted to develop the project with the same visual settings the LWT1: REDUX has – shaders, type of animation, character models, how we present locations, etc. I was intensively thinking about this and decided that if we wanted to make it, we needed to develop it in a completely different visual standard. We need a step forward in our rendering technology, and for the last weeks, our team has been looking for new solutions how to deliver the best visual quality we can offer. And we almost achieved it. I’m thrilled about that, but it’s too soon to reveal everything. Still, YAMYODA is secretly working on one more thing, which is crucial in sending the rendering quality into space, and he needs more time to achieve his goal.