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January 5, 2024 9 By leonizer

American sunset

The development continues and with every new line of code I’m getting more and more proud of what we’re achieving with this new version of the game.

What have we got so far?

  • Most events we witnessed in the previous game version are grouped in the quest lines and synced with our latest QUEST TRACKER. I’m very proud of these changes because now events will flow naturally, based on the chain of actions that the player performs. You make the effort, earn the reward and push the quest line further, unlocking new scenes. Everything is logical and hinted – previously it was sometimes a matter of luck and coincidences. So now every essential character will have several quest lines that you can follow – sometimes important ones, like pushing your relationship to the next level or simple ones, unlocking certain scenes or discovering secrets.
  • Meaningful change – now with the key characters you’ll have levels of relationship (1, 2 and 3). Based on the relationship level, characters will sometimes wear different clothes and are ready for different kinds of interactions. For instance, for Lisa those levels will mean – LEVEL 1: Just starting to flirt and knowing each other, LEVEL 2: No touching rule and LEVEL 3: Lisa is ready to have sex with you. We have something similar to this in the previous version of the game, but it was not displayed anywhere and wasn’t as evident as it should be. Here we’ve expanded that idea – a new set of interactions depending on your level, clothes, events, etc.
  • Daily actions for Justin and daily interactions with girls – most of them are complete and implemented into the script. I’ve decided to change the structure of it a little bit. We’ll avoid displaying “bad choices” on the screen, which will deduct relationship points. Instead, we’ll create a chain of actions – every new interaction you click will be more personal/sexy, finally ending with a short sex scene (in the full version of the game).
  • All locations you will see in the game, during free roam when you travel between them, will be animated (like in Curt Maddox, Horos and CVR: Midnight Bliss). We have most of them already transformed into that format and it looks gorgeous. In the first version of the game, we’ll present only a fraction of the locations we plan to use later, but even with that sample, you’ll notice how beautiful the game will be.
  • The new content – you gonna be amazed at the beginning of the game. We’ve prepared new quest lines that will introduce you to the new elements of the game. So you’ll have a chance to meet a new publisher and start working for her, get a free gym coupon and train for the first time with Pablo, and finally get wild with Tracy for the first time when Lisa takes care of Charlie.
  • In the game’s original version, Justin was writing columns for the Los Angeleser. The whole process was simplified and not attractive – just click buttons with the number of words you want to write and push the wiring progress forward until you complete your task and get money. Here I’ve expanded this concept much further. Are you still gonna be working for this magazine, writing columns but now you’ll be able to select the articles you want to write (from an already predefined list). Every article has its own cover, title, synopsis and short descriptions of 3 chapters. Depending on your writing skills and article difficulty, you’ll complete a fragment of the article with your texts every attempt. Completing a chapter will benefit presenting the shortcut on the screen, allowing you to feel like a real writer. What’s more, new career opportunities await and next to the articles you’ll also write spicy romantic novels – contemporary, about different cultures and criminals. Finally writing is going to be rewarding!

There is still a lot of work to do.

  • re-do the postprocessing for all images and animations (for the first version of the game we need only a fragment of the whole set but still it means a lot of work) – that also means redoing all cumshot visuals as well
  • I’m still awaiting new renders for daily actions, interactions with girls and some new events that appear in the early fragments of the game
  • the game interface isn’t fully completed – I need to tweak some elements to be satisfied with it
  • everything needs to be balanced and tested

We’re focusing our efforts on touching the details, playing with the emotions on a more personal level and letting you enjoy building relations with girls. Thanks to all the improvements, the game will evolve into something new and beautiful keeping the original title’s spirit and heritage.

Our plan to deliver the first fragment of the game by the end of this month is ambitious, maybe even too much. Let’s hope I’ll receive all the materials on time and be lucky enough to code and test everything before the end of January.

New writing module – selection of what you want to write

New writing module – progressing with your work

Dominique Denver – the woman standing behind the Black Dove publishing

Pablo – gym instructor with the true spirit

Modified interactions – living room after dark, Tracy is wearing new outfit

Sensual interactions with Sandy on the beach