From Swingmore to Miami

January 12, 2024 2 By leonizer


Soon, Chestnut is going to complete the rendering of the WEB OF SHADOWS expansion and is going to come back to the ELEANOR project.

So far I’m very satisfied with the renders and the progress we made with the rendering and postprocessing technology during that project.

  • with this expansion, we’re introducing 40 frames of animations, with two types of movement per animation with  dynamic body elements which will benefit in more dynamic and sensual presentation
  • using DEPTH OF FIELD for renders – playing with a focus not only looks nice but also helps us to draw attention to the essential characters or details
  • new postprocessing method which helps us to harmonize character with the background in a more natural way

Next to that, we have:

  • an intriguing story with a lot of humor and plot twists
  • introduction of 2 new characters – Silkara and Rosie
  • new kind of enemies awaiting your sharp blade
  • new spells and equipment
  • rework of old animations – now as video files with dynamic speed

I plan to start developing a WEB OF SHADOWS after the second release of LWT: American Sunset (which will have much more content than in the first preview, probably everything without LUSCIOUS SECRETS parts) and I’ll switch between those two projects, working on them simultaneously.


We still have many renders to complete, and I’m still working on the final version of the brief for the copywriter. Chestnut is going to render a more slutty part of the game where Eleanor is going to meet old friends from the previous part, some random guys looking for thrills, and Theodore, who is a new, pivotal character in Eleanor’s universe. He has… curious kinks and a set of beliefs, and I’m sure she will be a prominent addition to the already-established collection of perverts and deviants that Eleanor has met on her way.

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