American sunset – about gameplay

April 26, 2024 4 By leonizer


This week, I played an almost complete version of the AMERICAN SUNSET next update. And… I’m impressed! It’s a significant improvement on every level and the whole experience exceeds everything I expected.

First, the gameplay is so relaxing – it flows like a stream, and you just follow the current, unlocking new scenes and enjoying every minute. Forget about mundane and repetitive actions. There is no time limit (before, it was 30 days), so you can experience the game as long as you want, at your own pace, doing whatever you want.

To achieve quests, you need to make an effort and be focused, but everything is clearly explained by the quest system, so pursuing interesting scenes is not a matter of luck but your actions. If you don’t achieve something one day, don’t worry – you can try it another day or next week – no pressure, you won’t miss any scene by accident.

Some of the scenes were redesigned to make everything more approachable. For instance, you don’t need to worry about blocking some parts of the content because you’ve made a wrong decision (for example, you can no longer progress your relationship with Lisa). Now, all events are streamlined and designed so you won’t miss anything that would require you to start playing from the beginning. Just relax and let the story flow.

This update doesn’t mean the game is complete. It’s just another step in the development (considering the new content presented here, we may call it a leap). We’re still missing LUSCIOUS SECRETS content and swingers club. Still, despite that… we got almost everything we have in the original version + a lot of new daily-based content with incredible renders, expanded Vegas and Lisa in the club scene + the introduction of the new characters into the game map. So yes, it would be worth it to pay for a subscription and try it.

We’re doing everything to release this new update (still EARLY ACCESS) for all subscribers around the 10th of May.

If you want to listen to the promo song for the LIVING WITH TEMPTATION game and see some of the animations we’ve designed for American Sunset, visit our STEAM page and WISHLIST the game if you like it.


This week, we’re presenting another music track with a hip-hop rhyme about Lisa. Lisa is in the house!