Song about Tracy and Wanton Cove

April 19, 2024 8 By leonizer


We’re constantly progressing with the game, and sometimes, it’s an almost never-ending effort because so much content needs to be adjusted, implemented and tested. For the upcoming release, we currently have 98% of all images and texts. Now I’m testing, fixing, building new connections between scenes and asking for additional renders. I believe that the release around the 10th of May is possible.



Today, we have a vocal surprise for all Tracy fans. We’ve recorded a love song about Tracy and Justin, thanks to dark magic. Let us know what you think about this experiment and if you want to listen to tracks about our other characters more often.

The Allure Of Wanton Cove

Today, I want to introduce you to my friend’s new game. He is creating a beautiful and atmospheric remake of a classic text-based erotic game. The demo is already available on STEAM. If you’re into dark erotic themes, like to read and love RPG stat-based games, that might be something for you.


“The Allure of Wanton Cove is a dark tale of horror in the vein of HP Lovecraft and drawing from the same mythos. 
In this remake of the erotic classic of the same name, you take on the part of a washed up former detective who could never let go of the last terrible case he worked. Content to drink himself to death, his former partner comes knocking, begging for help. Help he is loath to give, but when offered a tantalizing clue that could finally unravel the case that plagues his every waking thought, he accepts, having no idea that the truth he will find is infinitely more terrible than what already haunts him.”


  • Fully customizable character, and how you build him can have significant implications on the game as a whole.
  • Try to take control of your fate, or allow events to pull you along at their mercy. Playing different styles of characters is rewarded through unlocking different content as you play, meaning that no two playthroughs will ever be quite the same.
  • Discover clues that you can follow as you explore side stories that often shed additional insights into the world you find yourself in.
  • Explore a corruption ravaged island, experiencing hundreds of scenes, many of which evolve as you learn more about the island.
  • Every character has a story, and those stories are interconnected in often subtle ways. Talk to the people, learn about them, unravel their secrets.
  • Not one, but TWO slow transformation mechanics that can over time can completely change your character.
  • A system for tracking madness. The terrible things you see will fray your sanity, driving you mad bit by bit.
  • A fully implemented combat system with several enemy types, and enemies who will sometimes behave differently each time you encounter them.
  • Seventeen different endings to the game to find. How will the island change you, and how will those changes alter your ultimate fate?
  • Completely remastered artwork!