Eleanor development report

June 28, 2024 5 By leonizer


We are making steady progress on everything – fresh batches of text are constantly coming in, new images are being rendered, and I am working to combine everything into the code.

I’m about to complete the part where you’re able to travel around the map, interact with the characters and build relationships with them through daily actions. Still, there is something to code and test, but this element is working already. The game interface will be redesigned because I want to present more stats on the screen, like Eleanor’s arousal level and stats related to her career.

I was told I would receive all the necessary texts by the end of July, which is excellent because it means I can release Eleanor the following month. My plan is to have everything set up by the end of next month and just add in the texts once I receive them.

There is still a lot of work ahead of the whole team—it’s a massive project with plenty of stories to tell and erotic scenes to present, but the development is more than pleasant when you see horny Eleanor on your screen while coding.