Coming back to the 2010

June 21, 2024 29 By leonizer


As you may know, we’re entirely devoted to our key projects—Living with Temptation: American Sunset and Eleanor in Miami. Soon, we plan to come back to Club Velvet Rose and render VOLUME 2 (the texts are already complete). Also, next week, we’re planning to initiate our latest and most technically advanced project, which we teased some time ago with the first renders. But still, it’s forbidden to reveal more information about it.

So, as you see, there is a lot going on—mainly massive projects that require a tremendous amount of time to complete because of the large number of renders and texts that need to be prepared. Sometimes, between those large-scale projects, we like to release something less impressive in terms of size but still valuable in the story and sexual content department.

Today, I’m announcing a new project that was rendered last year: a new version of one of our classics, developed 14 years ago. Do you remember “I love Laura“?

Can you recall the girls we met back in 2010? ILL was one of our first games made with Flash, but for those times, it was advanced. It offers an adventure/point-and-click experience where you travel between locations, talking to characters and using objects. Your role was to organize a birthday party for your girlfriend, called Laura. The game was not linear, so you had many options – you could invite a stripper to the party, and depending on how you spend your budget, she could have sex with your girlfriend, just make a striptease, or even you were able to join them. Also, a romantic party for only two of you was an option, leading to a wedding and much more. It was 2010, so the visuals weren’t that great – low res, 3 frames of animations and strange mini-games complicating the gameplay a lot, but… the game was praised a lot.

After those years, I decided to revisit this idea, and soon, we’ll offer you a redesigned version of this title, including even more paths to discover. All characters in the game were designed from scratch. You’ll find a new Laura with her husband, who is the main playable character and further rest of the cast. It’s worth mentioning that Coco’s character was designed especially for this game a long time ago, and then I enjoyed this character so much that I’ve also included her in Living with Temptation. Here, Coco will play an exciting role 🙂

It’s going to be a point-and-click adventure game, with the ability to walk around the town and interact with characters. The game will be non-linear, with several endings and sex scenes to discover. More info about the project will be coming soon.

BTW – would you like to see a remake of any other game from the past? Please let us know in the comments below.