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  1. Probably not worth it. Video does not offer that big of a reward to players while requiring a lot of work from artists. It is also not possible to make it well enough. The kiss in the video above for example looks fake. This is to be compared to your usual standalone pictures which are top notch.

    In few words, if one looks at this form the purely porn perspective, in some abstract sense your pictures quality rivals pictures of real life people. Your video quality does not. So, from the purely porn perspective, it is better to go to a website where real people kiss each other than to pay to see the kiss in the video above.

    Of course, people currently pay money to you not just for the quality of your pictures but also because they can play a game. The interactivity is essential. But given that pictures were already top notch, time and effort was probably better spent on the “game” part, which evidently can be improved in many ways, than on creating a new genre which you cannot really do well enough.

    Anyway, those are my two cents. While I would spend money on lopgold, I will not probably spend money on a new site with videos just because I think the quality of the videos is not great and probably the “game” part will suffer. But I might be wrong of course.

    1. Hi hwt. Based on the information from the teaser I think LOP intends to roll out a new service with 3d games, not 3d videos. I will definitely check the new service as soon as it will be live.

  2. Just don’t get carried away by the 3D world in the nearest future at least.

    IMHO you’ve earned your fan base with one-of-a-kind visual and contextual stuff of your own niche in unique 1D experience style, so that’s a mindset we (the fans) all have apparently. For a 3D game to be stunning nowadays it has to be on an entirely new level in many aSSpects 😉 .

    Anyways, thank you guys for your desire to make our World a more sensual & unpredictable place.

  3. I had the pleasure of writing this game once Leo provided the concept and I can tell you that you will not be disappointed by the gameplay elements. It’s an ambitious step forward, and one I think fans will really enjoy. I can’t wait to try it out.

  4. not really looking forward to this to be honest it looks kinda bad and tbh if i wanted to play a game like this i would play the ones allready out which are so bad and not even worth the money but the games you have done and spent some much time and effort are worth the money because of how much you can just replay them and one of the things i love about you guys is your games get better and better but i think going into this area of games is a mistake because you will then be just like all the other games like that out there and i wont be wasting money on it on what you guys do now is the way to stay and keep going thats just my thoughts anyway sorry about going on and on keep up the great work guys really looking forward to your next releases

  5. oh and btw just wanted to point out that a game like that really needs a good pc to run it as games like that you will need a good system so for anyone with a old computer etc is gonna have a hard time playing it

  6. I really don’t know if it’s a good idea. You have a growing fanbase for the way you developed great games like Lwt, LwB, Eleanor and so on. I’d have invested in that. There are already 3d adult games out there, and they are all bad (especially they get boring after 10 minutes).
    Oh well, I hope I’m going to be wrong.

  7. I think any game maker trying to experiment with new ideas and content is a good thing. Innovation comes from trying some thing new.

    If the lop team want to try something new the I’m all for it!

    I doubt they will stop doing their original content, as its what they have built their fan base on.

    Keep it up guys!

  8. First of all, congratulations on the leap to 3D (Unity Engine, I’m guessing)!

    Second, to everybody who is disappointed by the news not being about a new game in the traditional style: don’t.

    I’ve seen Lesson of Passion grow from some flash games in Newgrounds that just unlocked porny pictures when you clicked on targets to the nuanced, multi-ending storylines with raising-sim or RPG mechanics that you see today. From carefully photoshopped pictures to gorgeous renders and, you know what? This is the next step, and one that doesn’t, in any way, suggest that they are going to drop the stories, the well-developed characters or the increasingly complex gameplay.

    Sure, the first couple of games may not be great. They may be worse than what you’ve come to appreciate, and it is obvious than a 3D animation will not be as painstakingly detailed as an individual render (because of the sheer volume of frames and the real-time rendering limitations) and the models will have a lower polygon count (to be playable on non-space age computers) than the ones used for stills, but this is just the beggining. This is Leonizer taking it upon himself to learn a whole new way to make games, the artists moving from stills to 3D immersive animation and the whole team saying “You know? We’ve got a good thing going, we probably could just rehash this same stuff for the next ten years and still make a living out of it but… we want to do more. Better. We are going to take the risk.”

    Doing that, going from what works well enough to the next risky thing that could improve your product… That takes your favorite sexual hormone gland to do. That is brave and, also, what games are about. I know seeing your favorite game-maker do something new instead of what you expect from him is a bit scary and/or disappointing, but this is a good thing, a really good thing.

    And they never said they would stop doing the old thing 😉

    1. Yeah, I agree.

      LOP has never failed to amaze me.
      They’ve been reinventing themselves all the time, and so far, it’s all turned out pretty decent if not great.

      As long as they have a different person working on this 3D project, who cares right? If it turns out bad, that’s ok, it won’t hinder the games you love, and if it turns out good, which I’m pretty confident it will, you got a whole new world to explore.

      As many have said, most 3D games suck arse on the internet, so that’s a huge hole in the market that could be filled when 1 person does it right. It’s clever, ambitious yes, but too big to not try.

  9. Looks good but please don’t make it so that other projects lose workpower over this. 3D- Animation is just a gimmick and it’s much more hit-or-miss than the traditional picture/choice based games.

  10. Wow unexpected really looking forward on getting mew details is it going to be free roaming looking for events type of game to a certain extent not expecting it to be a big open world game more like you can roam not only your apartment but the apartment building.is it a downloadable game or flash? Sparked my curiosity looking forward to more news

    1. It’s just gonna be rendered 3d scenes. Otherwise it would be a regular lop game, just sex scenes and all the graphics would be in 3d. No roaming at all, trust me. But that’s even better, lets hope that the animation is good

  11. If it develops on a principle similar to red light center or 3DXChat, remember one thing: your games allow the player to play in his corner with an environment, one might say … PvE.

    RLC needs to be at least 2 to do something. What amounts to a system of Coop or PvP.

    That kind will put off many.

    If you want a similar trick, you must then allow your players to play in their corner. There are some who want to do things with others, ok but if this is not the main target of the game.

  12. Hello, can we have news about this project? Some little extra details?

    Kind to prevent the blown falls and everyone forgets. Gender stoke the fire for the flame continues. Prolonging the desire that the stem remains very hard. ^^

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