13 rooms – characters presentation

Today we want to present you female characters from the incoming sexandglory.com game called “13 rooms”.






Tell us – which girl is your favorite one.

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  1. Too bad, because in my opinion only Amanda seems ok, you know too many big fake breasts and milf look in all of the others..
    Serene was SUPERHOT, but theese ones not so much 🙁

  2. Your last good game was City of love, Dignity one a good RTS, two good free games LWS, Story of Didi…… we have a chance to see a good premium game this year????????

        1. It’s simple though. There are people who subscribe to sexandglory but not lopgold, so they do not care sets out in lopgold. And for them, the last game was Sensual Haunting. And there the matter deals with a game for sexandglory and therefore is for these people first.

  3. Another game where you will play a man, I feel …

    Okay so my preferences go to Maria and Amanda.

    Maria because she’s a little something we have not yet seen in a game (and it goes beyond the color of her hair and the style of the hair).

    Amanda because she has a little something fragile. One feels that she is hiding something but we do not know what. And a little bit of mystery is always good.

      1. Probably because 95 % of the customers are male… Or something like that. I get what you’re saying, and for the men and women who wants to play a female character, the male perspective sucks… But personally, I’m glad that we get the male perspective on this one.

        1. I would answer this with a quote from a French director Gaspar Noé:

          “The world is dominated by men and they have fears of their competitor. Men who can not stand to feel in competition with another cock.

          Guys want to be excited but do not want their chicks are excited. “

          1. Wauw, Dr. Phil… that’s deep…

            In all seriousness, I think this has more to do with immersion than “fear of the cock”. I enjoy the Eleanor game as, next to LwT and Camera Business, it’s the premium game I play the most on here. But I’m a dude, and playing as a female character does not give me the same sense of immersion and excitement as playing as a male character.

            But sure, you can chug it down to men being afraid of other dudes, being sexist, and not wanting to see chicks enjoy themselves. Whatever floats your boat.

            I hope you eventually get the game with a female protagonist that you are hoping for. Remember that Eleanor 2 is on the way.

  4. They’re all hot, but they look a bit much the same. Personally, I’d love to see different women, small tits, maybe one that’s a bit “overweight”, etc.

  5. It seems like they all have big tits, like larger than life big. For me it’s Amanda for this reason. FYI, the average bust size in porn is a B cup. Just sayin, there are a lot of D and DD models in this game….

      1. I have noticed the number of women with breast implants in porn decreasing. That could be just my preferences showing through though as I always though implants in most cases look horrible and are really noticeable, especially in high definition.

        I don’t mind the big breasts so much but it was the one thing that turned me off Dignity One and I am getting the same feeling here.

          1. Not too sure what point you are arguing here. I agree that many women have big beautiful natural breasts.

            All I state here is in my first paragraph is that I don’t find breast implants that particularly attractive and that I don’t find it as prevalent in porn as michealninethousand implies.

            My second paragraph I was trying to make the point that I found the breasts in Dignity One to look unreal for most characters and I am getting the same initial feeling here. I don’t find it too bad but it does give me pause. I’d rather more natural looking breasts regardless of size and am noticing a trend in these games to favour large breasts when I personally would rather a more normal range of breasts sizes and shapes along with perhaps a bit more variation in body types. I have been to France many times and there are many very beautiful women with small and medium sized breasts there as well I’m sure you would agree.

            None of this is major, I will still enjoy the games and still find these women beautiful, this is more just a thought and request.

      2. They are more common in porn in comparison to general life, but statistics show that the average bust size in porn stars is a B cup. There was a study done on the iafd database and the average/most common size is B.

        1. I too find some of the models so disproportionate as to be off-putting; I think if they all lost a cup size – or more in some cases – they’d look even better.

  6. I have two questions, if leonizer or someone from the teams would like to answer;
    Is this game coming out before the LwT new game, or after, or you ahven’t decided yet?
    And is there any project for a sequel or expansion for Sensual HAunting, that was by far my favorite game?

    1. First of all, I am not part of the LOPteam. I am answering based on sources and brief posts from various teammembers.’

      1. This game is coming out before the new LwT game. The LwT game is nowhere near release, and as the artist who works on “13 Rooms” will start working on the new LwT once 13 rooms is complete, it is certain that this game will launch before the LwT sequel.

      2. I suppose it is POSSIBLE that there are discussions concerning a sensual haunting expansion or sequel, but I’m not gonna get your hopes up, as I’ve heard S&G have their coming 6 months work planned out. That, and with the extra work they need to do in order to get their upcoming 3D project ready is telling me it is unlikely a Sensual haunting add-on of any kind can happen 2015.

      Once again, I am not part of the LOPteam, but most of the team is on vacation and Leo is working hard in order to get 13 Rooms ready so figured I might aswell give you an answer now, as it can be a while before anyone from the team gets a chance to provide one for you.

      1. Hi,
        Energizer, do not enter readers of confusion – LWT and 13Rooms are rendered by two different people. LWT by me, 13R by Chestnut Shuffles. Work on both projects are far reaching forward. A bit of patience – Leo will post more info when he will be back

        1. Wow, really apologize, was under the impression Chestnut rendered both, my bad. Not gonna make another post, don’t want to create confusion x), Thanks for the correction though.

          But I am 100% sure you were working on the 3D project? Pretty sure Leo wrote that in a previous post.
          Since I won’t post anymore, what does this mean for your 3D project?

          1. no problem ,
            so , that’s right , I ‘m doing 3D project , and LWT , and of course other things like for instance renders the backgroudns for games.

  7. The graphics look great! I’m excited about the new playstyle Leo mentioned for this game.
    I would be happy if we get a quick update about the upcoming lopgold games since the last update was in may (I think). It’s always nice to have a overview about the projects and when they are about to come (I can imagine it’s hard to calculate..)
    Keep your work up, guys!

  8. is there a reason why every girl looks asian?
    its like they have the same body and very similar faces with just the hair being different.

    have you guys consider making different faces for the girls?

  9. Anastasia looks matured, attractive and beautiful. Then Amanda and Sasha. Serena was very fit, I like her too. Keep doing it guys. oh, my favorite one is Living with Temptation. and Driving with London’s story was good for big game. I think it’s wasted good idea.

  10. Hey leonizer bro give my question answer can i play sexandglory games in android mobile yes or no lopgold games run in swf player offline in android but can sexandglory games run in android offline reply me soon as possible…

  11. Amanda, followed by Maria and Jessica.

    Amanda looks by far like the most realistic character, it’s hard to tell what Maria looks like under all the make-up.

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