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  1. She’s looking so fucking GOOD, like a Godess!
    I can’t wait for LWT2! No doubt it’s your best game! Please, send us some news about how ii’s progressing…

    Merry Xmas and Happy Nwe year to Leo and his team and to all the LOP & S&G Community!!!

  2. Wow… Tracy is the best gift someone can have for Christmas.
    Can’t wait for LWT2, I hope it will be soon…
    Merry Christmas to all of you, guys. See you in 2016.

  3. Merry Christmas and congratulations on a 2015 well done.

    The entire LOPteam has done a great job keeping me entertained this year. Though not all free games lived up to the usual standards, there were some good ones in between.

    As for Premium games:

    I really liked Camera Business and despite the 1st person POW style of play wasn’t my thing, it was a good game with an exceptionally well-designed female character, good music, interesting gameplay and a good script. The sex scenes were a little lacking (too many blowjobs, not enough of other stuff), but overall a solid release.

    Dignity One was a major disappointment in terms of graphics, visual design, gameplay, music and a rather thin script. But you seemed to take the criticism head-on and learn from the missteps.

    The expansion to City of Love was very good. I found the initial release of CoL a bit lacking: no intro, very few sex-scenes, a disjointed script and paper-thin characters. The expansion fixed a lot of the problems: a nice intro to set the stage, an additional scene for two of the girls (I would have liked some new scenes for all of them though), and, of course, the character of Kim whom I personally would very much like to see more of. The expansion made a lackluster game good.

    The short game with Sylvia and Nick was a nice little game with good graphics, nice writing and classic gameplay.

    Seducing the Throne was clearly a massive undertaking and it seemed you used a lot of time and effort on it. The script was amazing, the characters had depth and were extremely well-designed, the animations were stellar and it was a frickin’ long game with loads of features and good music. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t my style. I have nothing bad to say about the game really, it just didn’t appeal to me and the girls looks didn’t tickle my fancy (except for maybe the Queen). I prefer games in contemporary settings. Still, an amazing achievement for the team.

    But 2015’s break-away game, for me, was Living with Serena. Everything in this game was just done right. The visuals, the script, the dialogue, the gameplay, the options, the music, everything just fit together and it has fast become my favourite game. Though you could say that it is short compared to LwT and Eleanor, it is longer and bigger than most other premium games and I am eagerly awaiting the expansion which looks epic!

    In regards to your new 3D game, I was surprised by the high quality and would welcome additional expansions.

    Sorry for the REALLY long wall of text. But I feel like the entire team: Leonizer, animators, writers, should be commended for their efforts this year. Congratulations, You’ve done awesome.

    1. Quoting: “But 2015’s break-away game, for me, was Living with Serena.”

      I agree with you, it is my favourite of 2015 too.
      Tracy looks gorgeous.
      Marry Christmas guys!!

  4. Tracy is the greatest, made similar images with Lisa too.
    Can we still expect My Sex Date with Lisa and Tracy announced long time ago?
    Remember the voting where Tracy was 1st, Lisa 2nd and Eleanor 3rd. We got only My Sex Date with Eleanor.

  5. To all who read the blogs: the fans, the players, the staff, writers, programmers and the occasional trolls, on behalf of myself and the LoP team, we hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic new year!


    Thanks team for the amazing games you make and giving us the opportunity to experience new scenarios. I know you make a heck of a lot of effort so thank you. Keep the good work.
    Happy holidays!

    Your best game this 2015 was LWT, (in my oppinion) so I hope you can grow from that πŸ™‚

    Best wishes to all the team and the community!

  7. This is a great work also really I cant wait for play lwt 2 and elanor Im more excited with this photos. my gratitude to all lop team I hope new year present all of you luck , money , happiness and health. And new hot game for us πŸ™‚ Thank you so much !

  8. happy christmas staff and every1 but you guys said that serena will be ready at the end of december, we got no news about that, it means that we probably will have to wait 4 o 5 months to get eleanor 2? that is really sad and i dont want to talk about lwt 2, since february u guys said lwt2 work in progress and we havent had any news about that, i know it takes time to release one big game like lwt 2 but it is almost 11 months since that, im actually pretty disappointed :/

    1. About LWS Leo said end of December / beginning of January.
      About LWT2 I agree with you. We had no news since July. We all have been very patient, but the time is becoming very long now. I hope an update about it in January, and I really hope the game will be released soon (first quarter of 2016)…

    2. They are working on not lws or lwt or eleanor. They are making call of duty erotic ops or fifa become a pornstar…. πŸ™‚ With passing time like this people start to thinking this game size is like 500mb-1 gb or something like that. But probably we will see not so different then 1 st lwt or 1 st eleanor game with open for expand. then 6 month later we will see expansions with same games.
      We have goodyear mates….

  9. i hope leo read this comment, i have big expectations about eleanor 2, hope we will see a gangbang with the football team, remenber when eleanor read eroctic novels she says ” all those football players be bewteen them” and james was part of the football team, also it will be cool if you add a force or rape scene with kevin cuz he is the best character in eleanor. Talking about new games, i just wonder why dont you use characters like the girl from spy agent 069 the blonde girl from house party for new games ! πŸ™‚

      1. both are hot but iΒ΄d prefer monica, if you remenber in living with temptation when you go to the club and tracy is dancing or i do not remeber what she was doing, monica appears there aswell

        1. I think your getting your games mixed up, Monica never appears in living with temptation. When you go to the club and are dancing with Lisa the girl whose watching them is her friend Sandy.

          1. No he’s right. If you watch carefully, you can see several characters of House Party in LWT. For example, when you go to the park with Lisa, you can see the guy with the catogan (the friend in House Party), he also appears in the swingers club. And there is a blonde girl (maybe Monica I don’t remember) in the club (other than Sandy).

    1. I’d like to see her again, but she’s definitely not at the top of my list.

      – Didi (from Camera Business)
      – Kim (from City of Love)
      – Naomi (from College Romance)
      – Amanda (from Working for Evil)

      … are all girls I’d like to see again. But I’ve seen people mention Agent 069 on both the old blog and here on the new. So you’re not the only one who wants to see her again.

      1. I’m in for Agent 069 ! And the game was very cool.
        About the girls of Nemo : yes, except Amanda, I really don’t like the character…
        I would like to see the girl of Ryan Blender, too (the brunette, don’t remember her name). I found her very hot, with a different body shape than “standard” LOP models : small/medium tits can be very sexy, too.

  10. Just to chime in on the character discussion, one thing I’ve noticed in LOP Gold game’s is the main female character/s are for the most part Caucasian. Absolutely no idea if this is a rendering thing, something to do with the audience for the games or a genuine oversight but personally speaking I think it’d be interesting to have a girl of a different ethnicity in a lead role.

    I really liked Nookie from Sisters and Malika in Johnny Bullet but the nature of the latter game meant in my eye’s at least there wasn’t really a “main” female character, and the former is more of a secondary character.

        1. I feel like Lauren was very bland, both in terms of personality and looks. That being said, I agree completely with the notion that there should be more women of color in the LOP games. While I have a preferance for caucasian girls, I would love to see more ebony and/or asian girls in future games.

          I feel like the LOPteam has been very diverse with females in terms of hair color/style, facial structure and body shape… well, I know that most of the womens body shape in these games is similar to that of Eleanor (Amanda, Agent 069, Peyton, Sharon, etc. all have pretty much the same body). But every once in a while we see someone like Serena or that dark haired girl from My Girl is a Model. So seeing more diversity in the girls skin colour would be a good way to add variety.

          1. United Colors of LOP ! I share your opinion. I prefer caucasian girls too, but having, from time to time, a good latina/asian/ebony girl to play with seems a wise idea.
            And if we could have a little less gigantic boobs… I like big tits of course, but some of your recent girls are really overdone. Take example on Tracy, she is perfect.

  11. Talking about fav characters, really too many to name them all. N.1 Tracy (LwT). No question about it.
    Anyway I would also like to mention:

    – Michelle (Hot Wife Story)
    – Ruby (Hot Wife Tara)
    – Sharon (Farm Stories)

  12. All Farm Stories character are actually pretty good and easily can be used in a LOPGold game.

    As an example, I totally see Sharon playing the role of a super hot next door wife.

    So fans (me!) have spoken. We want Sharon.

          1. I would like to see more of Sharon too. A game where you play as a young guy trying to seduce a MILF would be kind of the reverse of LwT.

            I think we can rest easy knowing that Leonizer definitely reads the blog closely and often. The LOPteam is generally known for paying very close attention to the voices and opinions of the fans.

          2. Yes a good story about a young man trying to seduce the MILF next door would be much appreciated.
            Sharon was hot as hell, but she looked like a little too young to be a 30-40 years old character in my opinion.
            And we can be sure Leo is around here. He usually is very reactive about our comments, except when we ask for infos about LWT2 πŸ™‚ (just a joke, guys, no need to bite).

  13. I am all for the “seducing the hot wife next door” concept. I think it would be really awesome.

    Maybe she could be a bored but naughty housewife living with her husband and with a sexy daughter too (lol) and you can be living next to them with your wife or girlfriend.

    Anyway we need a great concept and writing here. Because lets say one of the ending implies her running away with you and leaving her hubby, well, she must have a good reason to do that and i don’t see it happening if you are a young student. This concept can allow some swinging couples scenes too.

    Anyway i am all for it, lets leave it to the talented Lop writers and lets make it happen.

    1. Yeah, actually, I’m finding that kind of interesting too. To be honest, I wrote down a similar story idea a couple of years ago and it was actually my wife’s idea: a swinging couple try to seduce the conservative couple next door (the guy tries to seduce the MILF and the woman tries to seduce the older man). I have a shitload to write right now, but I will keep this idea floating. Let’s say the swinging couple are young newlyweds out of the party/drug scene with lots of money from internet porn, and the neighbors are conservative evangelicals with money from third-generation family-run oil companies, or something like that…

      1. I love this, iksanabot. And written by you, this can lead to a new wonderful game.
        My perverted mind is already excited by this idea of “corruption” of a conservative WASP couple…

        1. Agree. Everything he touches turns to gold. It would be awesome.

          And it would be very cool if the more you succeed in “corrupting” and “perveting” the older couple the more youill find out that they are already corrupted.

      2. I feel so honored to have received a reply by Iksanabot aka the master we all love and admire.

        I also find this story idea about two couples pretty exciting too. But then here I stop and you the master step in
        building a contest, creating opposition (young newlyweds/older couple), drawing personalities (wild/conservative/posh).

        One character, maybe the hot wife next door, can also be a member of an ancient aristocratic family who went broke so the marriage was totally arranged. She married her husband when she was very young, had a daughter soon but she never loved him. Actually deep inside she hates him.

        As minor characters I totally see lets say a private teacher for her young daughter and a boy toy for the hot wife.

        Anyway who knows what is hidden beneath that consevative surface and respected family, i see some naughty secrets for the player to find and some sort of blackmailing.

        Let’s keep it floating and who knows what’s gonna happen next, anyway it was such a pleasure and honour sharing ideas with you.

        With love and respect, I wish you happy new year.

          1. Tentatively connected but Iksanabot, any rough estimate on the next chapter of your “A Glorious Tease” story? I imagine your lop duties already have you writing a lot but I’m really enjoying it.

          2. i agree Das,a glorious tease is incredibly well written story and i would like to know too if there is going to be more,you have immense talent for this kind of stuff iksanabot

          3. Gosh, thanks guys. Yeah, I’m immensely proud of my short story on Literotica.com, and when it finally made the “top list all time” for the erotic couplings I just sat here looking at the top list with a goofy smile on my face for about half an hour. I even texted Leo to tell him. Chapter 4 is in the works, and I’d say it’s more than half written, but it does take a while because the stuff I do for Leo takes priority (and my regular job even higher priority) and I’m finishing up a short script for Leo right now, and then I will turn to writing the Seducing the Throne Expansion. But… I’ve only got a few more months of living in The Netherlands and I want to finish the story while I still live here, because the gym girl reads it too :))
            I’ve said too much :)) Happy New year, guys, I’m going to observe radio silence for a while now :))

  14. everyone a happy wonderfull new year and iksanabot make for us a good year i trust with that cant wait for LWT2 and ELEANOR2 i hope the sex cene’s will be the same as the originals not from the new games that point and klick i mean if tracy is suck a dick than u hafe to klick on easy medium and hard i hope u Guy’s know what i mean hihi but keep up the good work

  15. C’mon, ANY NEWS??? You should write something more often, because I belive many of us are here every day… 10 days without a word is too much, now when your games became so popular!

  16. i totally agree . leo you have to post news more often . i know it takes alot to make a wonderful game but you should at least tell us a little bit . us . your fans ……….
    and love your games by the way and all LOP team

  17. it would be cool if you could more often put this kind of posts,wallpapers or renders that were not used in games,that way the site would be updated more often and we would get something in the meantime while we waiting for news about new games

    1. I totally agree. In fact I told in a post a couple of months ago that it would be once if the blog is updated with news at least every 10 days. Your work is awesome Leo but now that your work is becoming more and more popular, it is necessary some updates for your fans πŸ˜€
      As I said, your work is awesome, continue like that and pls post some news at least every 10 days…!!!

      Hope u hace a very happy 2016 πŸ˜‰

  18. I don’t think Leo posts during weekends. Like many others, not including myself, the LOPTeam is probably still on holiday. I’m sure they’ll be back to work this monday.

    To the people asking for news about when the next game will be released, and when LWT2 and Eleanor 2 will be released: Answers have, sort of, already been given by Leo in previous posts.

    My guess, in terms of an update on the progress on LWT2 and Eleanor 2, it would go something like this: They’re not ready yet…

    Posting updates on the games every 10 days won’t make them come out faster. If anything it’ll delay progress if Leo constantly has to update us on every move the LOPteam makes. I want these games as much as anyone else on the blog, but frequent updates will not get it to us sooner and all that will happen is we’ll get a few screenshots and potentially have some of the story spoiled via those images.

    I’m not trying to come of as obnoxious or a know-it-all. I think it’s good that the community around here is vocal about their wants and needs. But good people… I beg of you… on bleeding knees…. show some f*cking patience and restraint…

      1. Well everybody has his own opinion, but I dont agree with your words. Obviusly it won’t make them come out faster, but at least the fans could know the status of next games progress. Or even some image of a girl with some comment about next games realise date or aspect of the game would be enough.

        I understand what you mean, but 4 example, there’s been months since the last new about LWT 2 and it’s the game that we all are waiting. And it was said that Blind Date 3d was going to have an expansion and we don’t know a thing about it yet. I’m not critizing it, i know LOPteam is really busy and working so hard, and we are all grateful for it. It’s just that i consider, like more fans I see, that updates are an important thing, even considering that it won’t make faster the release of the game (and I think that it would make the blog even more popular, and people would be even more involved in the LOP world. Just my opinion =))

        Regards ^^

        1. I respect your opinion and you do have a point when saying that more frequent updates might attract more people to the blog and make it more active. I’m all for making the forum more active. But there are other possibilities than just posting LWT2 and Eleanor 2 updates. For example, Leo could create a forum on the blog that would allow the submission of fanart or fanfiction. Might also be a good way to scout for new writers and or animators.

          As for the status of the games we are all waiting for, any update would probably boil down to: it’s not ready yet. And as I said, personally I would not want all the screenshots or other aspects of the game released in updates as it might spoil the game in regards to plot, sex scenes, etc. Gather all the info we have been given about LWT2 over the last year and it amounts to quite a lot. Personally I don’t need to have the next 4-5 months go by with constant updates telling me the game isn’t ready. Because that’s probably the message we’ll get, along with a few screenshots until there are no more screenshots to be published and we’ve seen all there is to see.

          I do agree about an update on Blind Date 3D. But so far, people have only really been asking for LWT2 and Eleanor 2, and it’s starting to wear a bit thin.

          Thank you for replying in a good-natured way πŸ™‚

          1. I share your opinion, Nemo, of course.
            However, there’s a difference between constant updates and no updates at all… For example, when Ele2 has been delayed, we have been told the reason, and I have the impression that it has been well accepted. It’s easier to wait when you know why you have to wait. My two cents.
            PS : Best wishes to all of you, folks !

    1. 4 to 6 months? where’d you get that number from pluck it out of thin air? Ele2 got delayed slightly so they could add more content, Seducing the Throne had a similar delay which lasted less than a month before release so I highly doubt Ele2 will take 4-6 months.

  19. Once the LOP team get back to work. Lets the year of great games begin. LWS. LWT2 and of course ELE2 the name a few and to see what awaits us in new projects. Quoting need a game for Sharon from Farm Stories

  20. Tracy is too much good girl for naughty man.
    When we declined Tracys weekend holiday offering for molestation to nanny. Tracy should call her boss or work friend for join her. Punishment and make him watch could be great.
    Δ°f some designer read my message Δ± want to give little advice. After we declined Tracy’s weekend trip advice she left from the home for trip. We going to mall for buy gift to our sweet nanny but when you visit mall you see Tracy meet with handsome muscleman guy and going to autopark and we sneaking. They rent bungalow house and that guy make her little drunk with wine and slowly seducing her with smooth touch like an massage & grope. I think who read this scenario wish to see Tracy fucked hard by that guy. Δ°f you like it give me commend please. My regards fellows

    1. To be blunt, I don’t like it… pulls Tracy too far away from her established character. This idea belongs in something like ELE or a new game altogether if at all.

    2. I agree with Imperator, Tracy’s character seems very loyal, all the things in the game with her and multiple guys happen when shes with Justin and he’s ok with it. Even the bad ending where she turns nasty only happens because Justin cheated on her first.

      1. I agree with you all guys she is loyal and good wife there is no problem. But when you reject her holiday offer you not loyal and you’re trying to be alone with the nanny for cheat her not right ? So after 2 reject , Tracy she can make something naughty. because Tracy already know when Justin spent much trying get attention for Lisa.

        Guys if you love Tracy you already dont need worry but if you cheat her you need pay off.

        Dont be so offence guys you are not her lawyer πŸ™‚ There may be several different scenarios for make us turn on. Discovers new things in the game is more fun

        1. Not “offended” or trying to be her “lawyer” I’m just saying in the context of the character it doesn’t fit.

          Why would Tracey automatically assume that Justin was lieing about why he couldn’t go away for weekend? As has been pointed out she’s a loving loyal wife. It’d be out of character for her to instantly think “hmm, turning down going away for weekend? He must be lieing to spend time with Lisa!”

          It may be the players intention to blow off Tracey so he can cheat with Lisa, but she’s not going to automatically assume it. It might be more plausible if it was tied to other things like Justin overspending or spending less time with Tracey and the kid in combo with blowing off the weekend.

  21. Unrelated thread here:

    Has anyone ever expressed an interest in more of the Hank Moody game? I love the girls in that game, would love to see them or him and them expanded in further adventures.

    Just throwing that out there.

  22. I, much like everyone else really appreciate you and your teams work leo, you’ve had a great year and you’ve learnt a lot. Living with serana has stolen 2nd place on my top five.

    My list is defo
    1. LwT
    2. LwS
    3. Elenor
    4. Sexual Haunting
    5. CoL

    I hope u guys have a great year in 2016, and if LwT 2 and Ele 2 come out on schedule you’re on track for your best year yet.

    We’re all champing at the bit for more info about your two big projects and anything else new.

    Love you guys, happy New Year.

    Team Lisa forever!

  23. Thank you for this great year of really nice games in both the premium sites, still waiting for Eleanor2 since last year but i know you guys are doing a great and excelent job in all the games in this past year, and a great and happy 2016, for all you guys

  24. Is it just me or is this like the 3rd or 4th rendition of Tracy we’ve seen? My hope is that these were just quickly done to appease some impatient people yearning for some post over the holidays and that the games images are sticking to the Tracy we’ve seen in the last two posts regarding LWT2 as I think those have been the best one’s of Tracy.

  25. Still no updates or any info for your fans???

    I think that’s a little disrespectful attitude, because you know what we are expecting from LOP team, and you can’t even write one word to us..

    1. I’m sure they’ll update when they have something to update about. The sheer amount of info they already released means the only thing left is the release dates. They’ll tell us that when they know it themselves.

      Otherwise if they give a tentative date, if something unexpected comes up and the release is delayed, people will be screaming at them demanding the release. Leo said LWS expansion would probably be released first month of 2016. Todays the 6th, we’ve still got 25 days to go this month so calm down.

      1. ” they are working”???? How do u know about that? Okey we love them but they dont care about us. No one come reply anything… And u say they are working dont make me laugh.

  26. Patience guys ! If no update has been made yet, it’s because they have nothing to update us about. If the games they are working on are not ready, they can’t give us release dates, that’s obvious and understandable.
    However, I think that just a few words of Leo here could calm a little the atmosphere…

      1. They have informed us about what is happening. The next release is the LwS expansion and the current deadline for that release is end of January. That’s the info we’ve been given and unless something changes (the release is pushed back, their servers crashed, etc.), then there’s no need for further info on that.

        And frankly, we’re lucky that the LOPteam are listening to the fanbase to this extent. They are under no obligation to let us know what goes on between releases. Absolutely no obligation. I agree that it’s good business practice, good advertising and shows a lot of goodwill, but the lack of info is neither disrespectful or unresponsible. What is disrespectful is thinking that the LOPteam somehow owes it to the fanbase to tell us about their every move and business plan.

        1. I agree. And I will add that it’s maybe because they communicated too much last year that some of us (included myself) are so impatient to see the release of the big games.

        2. Hello,
          Where did you see ‘end of January’ for LWS? Because i checked last update post and it says ‘last month of 2015 or first month of 2016’. By the way, i am not saying you are wrong. It might come out end of January or next month..Don’t know..but i didn’t see something like that.. Maybe in comments.. Well, i think it will come out this week. At least i hope so πŸ™‚

          1. As you said, Leo’s previous post says ‘last month of 2015 or first month of 2016’. That means the current deadline is at the end of this month. Not saying it won’t come out earlier (or later), but the deadline set is at the end of the first month of 2016, at least until Leo says otherwise. Like you, I hope it will arrive this week, but I’m not holding my breath πŸ™‚

  27. what they could update??!! probably LWS will be released this month, ELE 2 somewhere in summer , LWT 2 at the end of the year and probablly 2 small projects between

  28. Just checked the blog to see what is going on.
    And I have to say that all this bitching and complaining really bothers me.

    In my opinion this blog should be used to give feedback, share ideas, discuss future projects with the team, artists, writers.
    Or at least I intend it this way.

    Moreover release dates for incoming games are already been communicated in earlier posts. I mean at least take your time to read the previous posts.

    Just my 2 cents

    1. I mean it’s not that if you keep on asking the games will be realeased sooner.

      So why dont we use the blog for something more costructive rather than nonsense complaining?

    2. “Moreover release dates for incoming games are already been communicated in earlier posts”. You’re right. And I think it’s part of the problem. Last year they gave release dates for LWT2 and Ele2 and they never managed to respect them (LWT2 has already been delayed 2 times). I don’t blame them, if the games were not ready, they were not ready. Maybe they underestimated the big amount of work needed to do such ambitious projects.
      Maybe they shouldn’t give release dates anymore (I’m not going to make friends) : when a game is ready, it’s released and that’s all.

      1. So If you do not care so much updates or game release, why are you entering to the forum and write posts? So if u dont care dont enter the forum go out with your friend (if u have some). ( i dont want to make friends!!!! )

        1. khiri, this forum is also a space to exchange ideas with the LOPteam and other posters, give feedback/constructive criticism on games, and a way to socialize. That’s why some of us are here.

          You don’t want to make friends? Fine. Don’t. But bitching about release dates and info just two weeks after the last entry was made on this blog, and the deadline for the next game is more than 3 weeks away (as informed in a previous entry on the blog), is probably not going to yield results.

      2. I know. But I am also sure that everybody wants – as an example- LwT2 to be absolutely perfect.

        Incoming games will also have more visuals, dialouges, animations and I am pretty sure that they will be worthwaiting.

        Maybe you are right and in future no date realese should be communicate, but anyway, what are we going to do in the meantime? Just asking news and updates everyday? Let’s use the blog in a more constructive way.

        My 2 cents

          1. As you can see few posts above, this blog gave me the chance to share some cool ideas with Iksanabot.

            This is a way to use it in a constructive way. Bye.

        1. Yes of course I want LWT2 to be perfect. We have already waited for a whole year, we can wait some months more.
          But I hope the team has found the balance between the time of wait and the quality we expect… Because after all this time if the game is just very good and not awesome, unfortunately, I can see shitstorms coming…

          And yes, sharing ideas, constructive critics with authors, artists and other posters is for me the main interest of this blog.

  29. Nemo,

    I disagree with you totally as a paying customer we Have the Right to ask them for updates. Now I may be wrong but the last update on LWS was 11/17. I would like to know if the update is still correct or not.
    Why should I continue to pay the monthly fee if it is not?
    With more updates from LEO I could choose to go to pay as I go and not pay for months where there is nothing being added.

    While I get everyone wants to have there two sense put into a game by leo……….. If we had a more accurate time line or update from him people would be less likely to ask.

    Then your creative think tank could have this blog to talk about add ons to the games.

    Until Leo does that get used to paying customers asking for updates from the Creators.

    Just my two sense

    1. As a paying customer you have the right to play the games you’ve paid for. That’s it. No more, no less. That’s not just an opinion, it’s fact. You pay for the games already on the site, not for as-of-yet unreleased games, not for updates, not for timelines.

      I understand that being left in the dark is frustrating, I feel that too sometimes πŸ™‚ But we have no actual rights, when it comes to insight into how and when LOP develop their products, we just have the right to utilize them, provided we’ve paid.

      Yes, the last update on LwS was 11/17. But why would you assume that the update is no longer correct when nothing else has been stated? Should we not rather assume that they are keeping the schedule since they have not said otherwise. If they are unable to keep it within the deadline, they will most likely tell us (as they have, several times, in the past).

    2. Totally agree with you @moyboy26

      I’m not decent current member but if Δ± was totally I feel disturbed. Already membership is very expensive. So I’m from Turkey and I have to paid 10/1 (in europe or usa 30/1 ) from my salary for membership because euro establish high here. I think most of member from europe and usa they doesnt have problem about that but I care.

      I hope some authorized if read this please fix membership fee for diffrent country. Thats really UNFAΔ°R ! I want to help to lop team but situation It is hard for me.

      And Δ± though lop team have responsible for give information for current members , service concept requires it.

          1. Not ripping, I genuinely find them fun to read. I can’t write/read/speak/understand anything other than English so who am I to criticize someone on language.

          2. @network1111

            I hope you understand what Δ± mean than πŸ™‚ if you want to talk give me social adress πŸ™‚

  30. people need to chill its the holidays everyone at lop deserve a good holiday they bring us the best games in this genre and as fans we should respect them for that as without them what would we have, use try getting bitched at all year for trying new things i thought 3d sex date was great and is gonna be the future of these games having LWT with good 3d style would be great being able to walk around the house and find lisa in a room to fuck, definitely needs work be4 that tho. As for LWS i think that should hold over until the next big games i just hope serena has the choice the fuck her real boss this time

  31. I had a question about Tracy’s pictures : are they V6 versions ?
    If it’s the case, you have made stunning improvements since last year ! Tracy V6 was very well designed, now she is perfect.

  32. I want a game where you’re a Santa Claus who’s working in mall and fucking girls xD
    Chicks are coming with their kids,friend and husbads to mall and you’re flirting with fucking them xD

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