Incoming free games

Right now we’re fully devoted to LWS Expansion but when we finish this project we’ll release our first free game in 2016 – “Real estate romance“.



Meanwhile we’ll consult a shorter format of our free games with our INSIDERS. Some screens from a first game from this line below.

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And some more projects mentioned before:




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  1. I was wondering have you ever considered expanding on a free game? for example “my girls a model” i always wish you could add a 3 some in that game with Alyssa and Maria?

    Alyssa has to make a new appearance in one of your new games she’s perfect. I did see her in “girl with tattoo” playing pool wish there was a way to interact with her.

    1. They expanded on Didi – Camera Business, turned the free game into a premium game. But I do agree, if there is one free game I often go back to, it’s My Girl Is A Model.

    2. Yeah, same. “My girl is a model” clearly is THE free game I go back to the most. Always regretted that the only 3some scene with Alyssa is kinda short.

      This girl needs to be used again in some games.

  2. All pictures look very good except the alst one looks a bit wierd.
    2 updates in 5 days? Not bad, hope you guys continue to give us information about you progress/plans.

  3. In my opinion you should focus on premium games, the ones that costumers pay for. Of course few free games are ok but I don’t understand such an interest on free games that cause more delays on premium games.

        1. Leo has said in the past that the people who do the scripts and images work on one project at a time. That different games have different people working on them at the same time.

          If I recall itmakesmeblush did Elenor, now that those images are done, and seem to have been done for awhile as we were waiting on the scripts for it; there’s no reason they can’t be working on other games right now is there?

          1. Chestnut made the renders for Ele1&2. Itmakesmeblush made LWS exp.
            Leo said in the LOPgold post that a delay in a game doesn’t affect the others.

  4. I agree why keep focusing in free games ? It just mean that we will keep getting delays and delays and that is really sad, I just hope that we can get Eleanor before July…

  5. Good job Leo and rest of the team for your amazing work. Although I’m nearly on the verge of breaking point too eager to try my hands on LWS, I think the wait will be really fruitful..!!

    I just have a few personal requests for you guys for particular scenes, for you to decide.

    1.LWT – a cheating scene of Tracy where she’s having an affair with Darryl (fellow co-worker), accidentally discovered by her husband on his way back home one day. Could lead to a significant ending too.

    Also, a threesome with Tracy & Lisa that could lead to another ending (an extension of the ‘Swinger’s Club’ scene.

    LWS – Serena’ serious flirtation with a man, much to Julian’s surprise. And Serena’s flirtation with one of the girls.

    This type of scenarios, while extreme, can invoke real strides in the couple’s relationships for both games & how far the characters could go.

    Hope you guys will think about these. Cheers..!!

    1. The first LWT idea is out of her character. Tracy is a faithful wife that loves her husband and son. The only reason why she leaves you or treats you like shit is because she finds out your affair with Lisa.
      An idea could be that Justin gets a promotion and invites his boss todo dinner. They drink a lot of alcohol, and Justin challenge Tracy to fuck his boss while he watch them.
      The 3some is good but we’ll probably see that in LWT2.

    1. I see the new games sex scenes are all inside one picture now(not multiple layers to form one scene). This is very good. This way, I hope someday you’ll implement galleries to your games(sex scenes would be unlocked so you can revisit them excluding the need of replay the whole game just to see a specific scene again).

  6. “Meanwhile we’ll consult a shorter format of our free games with our INSIDERS.”

    Even SHORTER free games? I know you guys want to present the better games in LopGold, but you guys already showed that you can make some really great and decent free games, such as my all time favorite Lake Party, Ryan Blender, Casino of Passion, Passion One and The Agency.

    The last free game that I really enjoyed was Prima Ballerina. Farm Stories wasn’t bad, but can’t be compared to your old good free games, imo. Going to an even SHORTER route isn’t the right thing to do, imo.

  7. I always thought that the best thing to include in LWT1 would have been a daydream scene for Justin, imagining Tracy and Lisa going at it, also maybe if Tracey has an erotic dream about Lisa, this wouldn’t mess with the story in general, and these scenes could easily be put in, what if Lisa and Tracey are trying on clothes together after shopping and Justin peaks in on them touching each other and then they have a kiss and more, both girls would have to have extremely high stats and if Justin interrupts this could prompt the long awaited threesome, another scene for a possible 2nd expansion on LWT1. Add Tracey’s workplace to the locations, Justin could visit and also Lisa could visit and catch Justin and Tracey at it, also a voyeur scene was added with Justin and Tracey, what about a voyeur scene involving Lisa who is the one watching, also expand on the pool location as this was such a disappointment, so much more could have been done. Also what if The weekend cottage was something you could do more with, like video Justin and Lisa going at it and deliberately leave it out for Lisa to watch it, Justin could catch Tracey touching herself watching Lisa sunbathe, also Tracey and Lisa swimming together topless, Tracey brings home a friend from work, another woman maybe, which gives Tracey her first taste as she refers to in the voyeur scene with Lisa. Tracey and Lisa could also use the gym, and the shower together. Justin walks in on Lisa in the shower but what if Lisa walks in on Justin and Tracey going at it. What if one night all three have a drink at home and order take out which turns playful, turning into a food fight which leads to a scene where Justin and the girls remove clothes etc.

    1. One of the things that I’ve never understood is why you can’t really do things with Lisa after you’ve done it with her behind the club.
      So you are having an affair with Lisa and your wife and kid drive to the cottage.

      You are now alone with your affair. For 2 days.

      You can not
      – have Sex on the Sofa
      – have loud Sex in the Bathroom
      – have Sex in your Bedroom
      – even sleep in the main Bedroom together
      – do more stuff at the Club
      – do stuff in the Pool
      – or visit her early in the morning when she wakes up

      If one says “that’s too much work for yet another expansion” I can understand that. Makes perfect sense.
      But from an in game perspective there is no reason at all that you can’t do it.
      You cheat on your wife and don’t even use condoms, this weird wall just makes no sense.

      I would pay money for another expansion which expands LwT even more.

  8. Looks really good!!! Good work!!! Dont read the your costumer-fans comments u r doing great job. Take your the time. You dont need the release lws exp at march release at april. Release Eleanor 2 at begining of the 2017 then lwt 2 at 2018 ending. You will see, they will continue the supporting u. Because u are making 7-8 gb size of games with multiplayer options. Lesson of passion have been lost his passion….

    1. What ? !!!! 7-8 gb games ? release ele 2 and lwt 2 in 2017 & 2018 ? dude khiri take this advice , go check yourself in a mental hospital . seriously your not sane . dont create any unnecessary sausage fest here .

          1. See, this is part of the problem. Iulyus just asked if Roommates would be released in April and the response was “Yes, I hope it will be in a month”. I don’t mean to be rude, but the development team seems to have no concept of time. A month from now is March, not April. When you say that, people then expect the game to be released in March and based off the disturbing trend of delays, an oversite like that would only make things worse when (not if) the game gets delayed into May. That means you’re now 2 months late instead of one.

            And no, this isn’t a language barrier issue. Most of planet earth runs on a 12 month calander.

          2. Now I see why Leonizer doesn’t like to talk about estimations. Roommates’ gameplay is ready, but we have about 40-50% of artwork. Have no idea how long it takes to complete. This game is a top priority for me, if I have time I work on other not-announced games as well.

          3. You have to understand that customers are pretty jaded due to the recent string of delays. Because of this, people will take the literal meaning and use that as the potential release date. Case in point, Leo said “a couple of days” in an earlier post and when 2 days came and went, people called him out on it. I’m simply pointing out that your statement above is ambiguous, which will clearly lead to an outcry.

            Furthermore, I don’t think anyone except for the specific developers still needing to complete their part of the project (in this case, the artists) should give the estimate. If the gameplay itself is ready, fantastic, but you really shouldn’t speak on something you have no control over.

  9. just one suggestion leo, why dont u use old characters for new games? i mean there are a lot of old game girls that all in this blog will like to see, agent 069, didi,kim etc…

  10. I thought Kelly would return by watching the first picture with the blonde but it cant be her becaue of the missing nose peircing.

    I´m excited to know te story of LwT2.
    LwT1 had different endings but I cant remember that a “happy threesome” is one of them. Only a Pro-Lisa where I keep up the romance behind Tracy´s back.

    Personal, LwT was an awesome game because of the forbidden romance. Knowing LwT2 will be released makes me happy but I doubt it will be on par to LwT1 – storywise. My worst guess, it´s “just” a fanservice which connects loosly to it´s predecessor.

    TBH I dont want to see another expansions or instalment of a franchise but crossovers/guest appearances would be great.
    You did that with Didi with Eleanor or Die4Glory with the protagonist of Almost a Hero. I don´t know how but maybe you could create up a “LOP universe”.

    Probably, you (lop) have played the latest releases of MortzeArt and they did great to build up a lore around their games with sneaky character introdutions (Jessika appears first in Dreaming with Elsa).

    Wish, you guys would co-op with MortzeArt. Storywriting by Mortze and art by LOP – phew 🙂

    1. I agree with them looking into a possibility of a LOP Universe type game. I’ve seen successful games on the Patreon site that involves different art styles integrated into games, so it’s definitely doable. I also think that a game like that could even have small monthly updates to help bridge the gap between the standalone games since the release of free PF1 games even seem to have slowed down to a crawl.

      I like the concept of having MortzeArt collaboration, but the writing for the premium LOP games was never really an issue. Besides, would you want to go into business with a development team that has an atrocious record with deadlines? No thanks, I’d rather LOP have some kind of competition, even if a visual novel isn’t really the same type of medium.

  11. I dont know MortzeArt has more realistic writing while LOP has more fantasy writing. So far I like what LOP writes, and what MortzeArt write. Wouldnt want them to mix it up to create one. I like the variety between more real, and more fantasy.

    1. You´re right. Both of them are doing great stuff by art and writing and both have different orientations about the story. LOP focuses straight on sex while Mortze shines with great writing.

      As I worte, it´s a just a wish/idea but seeing great novel-art, created by both of them would be a great expierience for me as a player.

          1. I’m gonna have to disagree with Chloe over Icstor games. A big reason for that is based around a female protagonist. In order for that kind of storyline to work, she’s gotta be hot like Eleanor and Didi. The reason being is they’re going to be in just about every, if not all, sex scenes. Where if you’re a guy protagonist, you’re constantly having sex with different partners, so if one of them is butt ugly, then a hot one is usually right around the corner. Chloe simply isn’t hot enough to pull that off.

            If the rendering got better for that game, I’d like it so much more. In fact, I’m a huge fan of their corruption system which has elements of Eleanor. Remember, she didn’t start out as a complete whore, she gradually went down that path and the sex scenes reflected that. Not only that, if she chose to stay loyal, there were still plenty of erotic scenes to support that path (post expansion, the original version lacked that).

  12. come on guys this is getting ridiculous . first you said LWS was in January and now is the middle of February … i love you guys but you have something weird with deadline …

    1. @HarSlane

      inczever has a good point. 15 weeks without a new premium game or even an expansion. That’s nearly 4 payment cycles without any new content, which is ridiculous. I feel bad for those who purchased more than a one month subscription at a time; their money literally bought them nothing these past few months.

    1. “So right now we’re modifying our plans – LWS expansion first (last month of 2015 or a first month of 2016).”

      Leo’s exact words… and we all see how that turn out. His words mean nothing.

      1. OMFG! Guys! I really got enough of this, seriously.
        You’re crying like a little babies!

        1. Yes, we got a delay with LWS EXP.
        2. Yes. game will be released today – tomorrow.
        3. Will I ever publish any estimated date of release of any other game – NO! Cause we’re not a pencil factory and we can’t plan / predict everything on our production line cause… we don’t have a production line and we don’t employ an army of robots working for us.

        I don’t wanna hear you guys crying over not keeping the deadline again. So starting from today – no deadlines at all.

        1. Call us crybabies, if you wish. Put the blame on us, if you wish. Delete my comment, if you wish. It doesn’t change the core of problem: You haven’t kept a deadline since before expansion where announced for lwt and ele. And communication to the fans has been bad.

        2. You are absolutely right, Leonizer. Don’t worry about the impatient ones who have nothing better to do in their time. Go at a steady pace, because the patient fans know you never skimp on quality/visuals.

        3. @Leo

          If your games were free, or this was a patreon based service, I would completely agree with you – that we are being crybabies – but that isn’t the case.

          Someone suggested this earlier and I completely agree with it, the implementation of a progress bar which gets updated weekly or every other week. I think that’s a fair compromise considering how many customers you have that are upset about the abysmal communication/ the huge hiatus in game production.

        4. i agree with you leo,things got out of hand regarding constant complaining about deadlines,i’m ok with no deadlines solution,atleast it will give you chance to work in peace ragarding that
          looking forward to lws and upcoming projects

        5. I like the thought process involved while you typed this.
          “2. Yes. game will be released today – tomorrow.”
          Leo thinking : Wait, did I just type today? Hell no. Lets make it tomorrow. Oh wait, lets call the people who pay us to make these games cry babies.

          Way to go bro.

        6. Little babies, huh?

          Do you have any idea how easy it is to get a bootleg copy of your premium games? You keep calling your customers names like that and you’ll find more and more people downloading those instead of paying a monthly fee. No matter how angry you get, you can’t call paying customers names.

          Like a bunch on here already pointed out, there’s only one constant to all the negative comments on here and that really started right around the 3rd quarter of last year… delay after delay. I mean, lets be serious here, calling you team’s time estimates inaccurate would be putting it lightly.

          And since you like to call paying customers babies then I guess it’s only right to follow your example. Why don’t you be a man and either find someone who can manage your team and hold them accountable for their delays, or implement some kind of reward/penalty system for meeting deadlines? Being a manager is not being friends with your employees. If they get paid by you, then it’s time to be the boss and hold your team accountable for holding projects up. Because, as a couple of people have mentioned before me, this needs to be treated as a job, not a hobby.

          You might also consider using polls to see what your customer base really wants. For example, you didn’t ask any of us (can’t speak for the insiders team) our opinion on delaying Eleanor2 to add more content, you just did it. There was an alternative idea that seemed to catch some momentum in another posting and that was to release the game as is and a month or so down the road, you release the newer version. If that idea got shot down in the polls then so be it. I know you had the best intentions for that delay, but we, the people who pay you, didn’t even have a say in that. I’m not saying to put every business decision in the polls, but there definitely needs to be some kind of request system in place for future games. Pretty much every successful Patreon game has those and a much more open line of communication. And guess what? Their respective comment sections aren’t even as remotely toxic as the ones in this blog.

          How about keeping us engaged during a pause between games and have contests for thinking up a new game concept, storyline, or some other random interactive quiz, or quality of life improvement suggestion? A prize could be their idea becoming an actual game, or 5-7 custom pics of our choice involving any LOP character. Do you have any idea how popular of a prize those would be?

          Yes there are some lousy trolls on here that only complain, but there are also people who offer some well thought out constructive criticism that any business manager would be a fool to ignore.

          Just some things to think about.

          1. Yes, little babies. And to be clear on that – I’m not referring to our paying customers, but only to those blog users who can’t cope with the fact that sometimes we can get a delay with a game. Big one this time, I need to admit that.

            So please don’t try to put something into my mouth that I didn’t say stating that I like to call my customer babies cause I don’t. On a contrary – I started to develop erotic games cause I was surprised how mature users of those games are and that impressed me a lot. It was a long time ago on a shark’s lagoon and I still believe that 99% of our audience is mature. The rest of them is just sometimes loud on our blog.

          2. Fair enough.

            I guess my next question would be: Is it possible to lock comments to everyone except customers? Maybe just have this site for announcements with no comment section and have an open forum on LOP Gold and Sex and Glory? Anything to cut down the trolls would make everyone’s life better.

          3. I don’t think that’s a possibility. There are many people who pay only during a release month, so do you wish them to have no say as well?

            The only thing you can do about complaints is to limit reasons for complaints. If complaints persist and are beyond reasonable you just ignore that person. If that person get out of hand ban their username.

  13. The waiting for something makes life, worth living.
    Seriously I can understand both sides.

    First Leo, maybe you should create a Upcoming section, to keep us updated on your on-going projects. I think progress bars could be the answer. Then we know how far along you are with the production.
    That would also take the pressure from you, what the community produces with the eternal asked ” when it is finished?”.

    Secondly, and more importantly to my colleagues here in the Com: If you constantly unleash a Shitstorm, you need not be surprised that Leo and his team are irritated and angry and thats the reason why he doesn’t like to talk to us.
    You need only think of yourselves, runs in your life or work/school and everything exactly as planned? Or passing also things which were not provided?

    I’m sure that they are not lying asleep the whole time in their office, watching porns and count the money.

    1. The progress bar would be a nice addition but I asked myself, the last weeks and month, why such of a sudden ppl rant on this blog en mass.

      I followed LOP blog since years where they released news on google blog (which had to be closed down bcs of policies afaik). Sadly, the comments from that time werent copied to this blog. But I know, for sure, there hasnt been any raging shitstorm like this.

      And if those “ragers” would take their time and browse the release and announcment history of LOP games they will see that many weeks passed til they released a game.
      There had been a cycle of 6 month til they released a new LOP Gold or more than 12 weeks til they released a new free game.

      LOP released many games in 2015 and probably those ragers put that release cycle as a standard and are now spoiled or they just troll – who knows.

  14. I am responding to give some advice not making a fuss about anything.
    You reached a point of delay that even releasing a game will not make anyone happy(meaning after the release dont really expect the peasants to put down the pitchforks, the crowd will go quite for 3 weeks and then demand a new game and they are not to blame since you made quite a few announcements in the past with mentioning how much progress you made in many games)
    Ofcourse noone wants a fast short bad game,and stress and anxiety wont do any good in the development progress, the point is you need to organize a bit better ,it seems that you need more people working on games.Your past games where pretty good and really worthed the $.
    But if you expect people to pay for subcription each month you should release one game each month else wheres the point to pay?
    These things said i know you cant change anything “right now” but you should consider investing in your “work” and stop treating it like its just a hobby

  15. Hello Leo,

    this is my first post. I’ve been a customer of both of your sites for many years and by that over the time invested approx. 900 dollars in your business. You have brought us great art and enjoyable games and during that time I’ve never felt regret supporting you.
    Still, I feel something has to change. You are being trolled and unnerved on the one hand. On the other there wasn’t any quality content for us paying customers for too long. I don’t care for deadlines, you needn’t give us any. Just reliably update the content on the paysites.
    My suggestion: Close down the blog. No more free games. Regular updates and new content for paying customers. A forum for customers. Polls about customer wishes.
    The result: No more whining haters, only justified criticism by honest paying customers in case you guys fail to deliver.
    Sounds like a fair deal, doesn’t it?

    1. well they (Lop team) need new customers so keep this blog. Only let the people know, when you are close to releasing the game. Too much excitement mixed with long delays, makes people rather angry, since we are paying for it.

    2. To each of your points:

      -They need free games because those are what draw new customers in. There is no way of bringing in more money if there is no way for new people to know this exists.
      -I explained in a previous post the difficulties of having a forum for just customers (just search my name for it)
      -Polls are ok, the only thing that I wouldn’t like is if polls were on existing games/expansions that potentially turned them inside-out as far as story goes. I understand people have different fetishes and they want their fetish to be done with their favorite characters; however, you can’t ruin a character for them. E.g. I am sick of reading about people wanting a gangbang scene with Tracy. She is established as a devoted wife – a gangbang just doesn’t fit her character.

      1. @imperator

        thanks for the reply. Basically I agree with you (especially on the polls and not going out of character).
        The free games as advertisment make sort of sense, but how about thinking of a LwT and just making the first few days in game playable for free – then people see there is premium content worth paying for.
        The forum issue I brought up in reaction to Leo’s “baby-post”. I do think that many amongst those complaining at the moment are indeed paying customers. No cry-babies, just customers who would like to see just anything in return.
        But referring to your post on the difficulties of having a members-only forum: I actually do think that paying for a month when a quality game comes out and then sitting out till the next one is released has no class. It is reasonable, though. I simply think, that those of us paying each and every month (mayhaps on multiple sites) should get some benefits in return. If there was some quality content for members every month (like the episodes idea mentioned in another post) the long-time memberships should improve a bit – and rightfully so.

        Anyways, thank you for taking your time to reply, it’s highly appreciated.

        1. Completely agree with @freakazoid. People who only pay when a game comes out are essentially paying to play that game. Whereas people who are paying for the service on a monthly basis during the down months are supporting the LOP team, which helps keep the lights on. I don’t see a problem with the ones who show this kind of support getting that benefit.

          As far as the polls, like I said in my original suggestion post above, I didn’t want them to do a poll for every decision made. I also agree that breaking the lore of the established stories is taking it too far. To be honest, I’m really not a fan of expansions to begin with. Sequels? Bring them on!

          Actually, there may even be a way for a lucky member to see that Tracy gangbang scene if Leo and team entertain the suggestion of having contests with a handful of personalized pics made for the winners.

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