Get me pregnant

Today we’ve decided to experiment and we released a free short game. It’s format is different from our previous productions – both in terms of used visuals as well as game length and it’s mechanic.

Please let us know what do you think about it.

Patricia is waiting for your seed here: Get me pregnant at pf1

52 thoughts on “Get me pregnant”

  1. I appreciated the system to choose with which character we play. This will see the same story on two different angles, especially with the guilty one and the other anger that leads to 4 different angles.

    This is very short indeed, but I think it was just wanted to test this new concept.

    However, I do not know if this is due to the format chosen by the size of the game window (or just internet explorer) but I did not have the full window on my screen, it would sometimes I play with the wheel of my mouse to be able to read everything.

  2. Great job Leo! I actually thought this was beter than LWS simply because of the originality of the game design and story. That’s why a lot of people liked LWT and Eleanor so I hope this is the way forward for LOP in the future!

  3. since its a free game I dont mind the LENGTH And in terms of MECHANIC , i mean playing the game by dialogues choosing only , its not bad but not that good either . As far as i remember I heard LWT 2 will be of this type . Well if this mechanism stays with free games thats no problem but if that gets in with the Gold games i dont think many gunna like it cause doing other stuffs is more fun then dialogue choosing only .
    About the Visuals I prefer the your old style cause they look more realistic ( except for the high buffs or gymnastic type bodies ) .
    Since you guys are doing experiment i let you hear some of my thoughts ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Dude i know , the artist is same but the visual style isn’t … check the post above and see what it say’s . ” Itโ€™s format is different from our previous productions โ€“ both in terms of used ‘visuals’ as well as game length and itโ€™s mechanic. ”
        Alteast check before commenting on others mate .

        1. Your post sounded like you didn’t, and even though it said it’s different it’s still look the same as the erotic date of sylvia and nick made by the same visual artist astaroth, now i’m not sure what you mean by old style.

          1. well mate , its up to you how you see it but they did say this visual’s new and different and i also agree with them cause i also find it new . cause to judge art you need to know about art right . and by old styles i meant the visuals with the hot wife tara or hot wife story . Im not talking about artists , im talking about visuals . I prefer the visuals of the games which lop website has .

    1. Have to agree with the point about the play style. The two-choice forking-narrative format feels very simplified and even limited. The rpg elements found in games like LWT, LWS, Eleanor, City of Love, Seducing the Throne are part of what make these games enjoyable for me. Stats building and an economy (albeit a simplistic one) add to the perceived complexity of the game.
      I think what I would like to see is an approach that takes this foundation you’ve made with titles like LWT and LWS and expanding on that foundation to have a title with tons of characters, interactions and settings. This isn’t to say I want to see expansions of old titles, but I think you’re on to something with the format, and I would really like to see more complex games that build off of that. This could even lead to features like a more sophisticated save-game funtionality, longer (or no) day limits, or having different starting states (be it playing as different characters or with different goals, etc).
      All in all I guess I am saying I like the format of your previous big releases, and I would be disappointed to see too much of a departure from that.

    2. LEo this guy’s are crap……… i am really grateful to you n your team. this game style is finally make scene….. after all yearning n pledging…. now we can play as we like……. and all player mast play this game minimum 4 time’s to c what’s happens to his/her choice action that led him/her to that ending……so this kind of game’s are never count as one shot game’s …… keep surprise us bro ……… loved your work(((( i already told you English is not my 1st lung ๐Ÿ™
      sorry for mistake’s

  4. Wow Cavis i hope you are wrong about LWT 2 i mean i agree with you this mechanic is good for free games like this one but for gold games maybe not raesing our main charecter stats and take the path we want according the stats we have atm is better in my opinion.
    About the game itself is good indeed is too short but for a new concept i like it pretty much graphics allways outstanding and i’m start thinking of our gold games turning this way be able to control lisa would be nice teasing justin be a nice and professional babysitter or even better tease tracy for a hot 3some elsbian with sandy would be great.
    But the concept might no be good for everygames like Eleonor since she is the only main charecter in the game.
    But for LWT could be interesting or maybe even for LWS be able to controll serena might be interesting as well.
    Anyway keep giving us information about your work once at every week is enough.

    1. I dont know who said that but i did heard that this mechanism would be in LWT2 during last year’s post , it was a post about Lop using V6 for LWT and there commotion about weather they should really stick to V6 or V4 . But since iksanabit says this mechanism wont be in LWT then thats awesome

  5. LWT2 does not use this mechanic. I was experimenting with this short game script, trying out a technique for revealing different stories with a limitted number of images. In LWT2 you control Justin and raise his prestige stat relative to his cousin to get different scenes. Plus some exploring the environment.

    1. Definetely better than the boring raise lots of differents stats. I like to explore the environment, but not of the building stats in a sex game. Being only one stat to build is better, I think. Looking forward it.

      Nice little free game, btw. I’m a fan of cheating wifes, so I’m more biased like this kind of game.

  6. I guess it is just to short, didnt like the mechanic neither, The only think i liked was when u can choose if play as girl o man. Pls leo use ageent 069 one of the most beatiful characters in lop!

  7. Leo, I love the concept and mechanics of the game by having different options based on previous choices and also being able to play as different people. I think it really sets your games apart and makes the game more dynamic and interesting to play. Keep up the excellent work!

  8. I love the mechanics and length of this game even though it short, also the new experiment you guys did with playing as a female character or male first time seeing in on pf1 and having the endings different really wonderful job you guys did. I hope you guys use this experiment in the next game or other new games.

  9. cool game,graphics are amazing,i like the option to choose character,i hope you can implement that in longer gold games,i think if we could choose between lisa,tracy and justin it would be best game ever ๐Ÿ˜€
    keep up with great work

  10. I actually liked this MORE than the LWS expansion. The fact that you could play as either character was really unique and I enjoyed that a lot! Story was good for how short it was!

    Admittedly, I really enjoy cuckold/ cheating female themed games. They are few and far between and no one but you guys do them well.

  11. Awesome! Great game, could hardly be better for the length. It’s absolutely fantastic to be able to play both sides; actually Patricia had all the motivation and the control in the story, so her side was far more interesting. Either way I absolutely love the emotion tracker, it’s much better than a physical stat score. Also advancin gby making story-relevant and character-defining decisions is infinitely more satisfying than repetitive stat-building. All the fetishes are highly relevant to my interests, as they say. Give the characters more background and this could easily turn into a great longer game. The art was amazing, too. Huge, huge thumbs up all round!

  12. I have mixed feelings about this…

    One one hand it’s good that you can play and see the game from different perspectives, on the other hand it’s bad because these games will always end up being very short in terms of gameplay.

    Making a bigger game of this kind will take a lot more time than games like LWB, LWS, LWT. Since the production time of these games is already long as fuc*, I can’t help but wonder just how much longer if you decide to make a longer/bigger game with this system.

  13. Hi all,
    at first: I like the mechanics, the artwork is as awsome as always and the different sights of the chars to play is a good idea!

    But, as I said at the PF-site too, the game itself in my eyes is a NoGo!
    LOP mostly stood for good storylines with phantasies and char-building, not for “Meet ‘n’ Fuck”-Games you could find at every corner. Sry!
    And the storyline itself? – I think this is a weird story with a bad socialy touch, but of course not a dream of many men (and women) …
    What’s the next idea? Priests who abuse chlidren???
    Sry, that was a bit harsh, but I really ask myself, why you decided to publish such a story?!
    The theme pregnancy could be used in so many ways, which wouldn’t hurt anybody, but there are “fathers” enough in this world, who have to pay for children who aren’t their own, that I’m thinking, you crossed a borderline with this game!
    For some men this is no phantasy but the sad reality to have to pay for it …

    You know, I always was a fan of your games, but this one is hard to accept!

    With best regards

    1. I think you’re one of hundred person who ask about agent 069 character. LOL.
      Well, i hope Leo and the gangs would listen to create it. At least after LWT2 and ELE2.

  14. Okay, I gotta say, while the visuals are nice as always, I really hope you guys don’t continue making games like this.

    The game can pretty much be reduced to a bunch of decisions between 0 and 1, and depending on your string of 0s and 1s, you get an ending and some cg.

    I don’t think you have to stick to the normal format where you have locations/items and progress using that and I can understand if using that format grows boring for you, though it doesn’t for me, but I definitely didn’t like this way of doing it.

  15. First of all, the model used in this game is smoking hot. It’s a nice change from the long haired brunettes that seem to dominate the main character slots in the most popular good games (LWS, ELE, and LWT). In fact, another person even commented about Lorena in the LWS update post thinking she was Eleanor.

    Anyways, concerning the new format. I really won’t like it if it becomes the primary game mechanic. I only see it working as a sex scene mechanic and even then I wouldn’t want to see it all the time. Simply put, it’s like solving a math equation over and over again until you get all the possible outcomes.
    Option 1, option 2, option1 = ending 1
    Option 2, option 2, option 2 = ending 2
    It really requires no thought and I don’t wanna have to sit there with a pen and paper writing down which combinations I selected over and over again just to see one or two endings I missed. Not only that, I enjoy the writing in LOP games and I have to be honest, after a few attempts at which combos I did or did not use, I found myself bulling through them without even caring what was said in each scene, which is something I’d rather not do. Sylvia and Nick had a very similar progression format, but it was way more immersive than this game. I say stick with that.

    I do still like the stat building aspect, but as some have said, the grind gets to be a burden once you play it more than once. I think if you can manage to incorporate the S&N (or another progression format) into an upcoming gold game that not only builds stats, but also allows you to progress with the main characters in another fashion, it may help with playing that game over and over.

  16. Just wondering, isn’t time for a free(or GOLD with the new graphics) My Sex Date – Tracy, already? Honestly, Eleanor got one and she’s not even half as beautiful as Tracy.

    With some nice blowjobs and anal, please.

      1. Leo news for eleanor 2? i know it is the next game for lop but when? do you still waiting for more renders? I cant wait anymore “BabyRage”

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