Right now we’re intensively working over 2 projects for

The firstย  one, which was already mentioned before, is ROOMMATES. Amazing relationship / dating sim with a girl called Lina as a playable character. I’ve seen renders for this game (not all of them are ready yet) and I’m really impressed with them.





Remember when you were suggesting creating a poker game? We’re working over this type of game right now. We want it to be available for everyone in a basic version and as a PREMIUM (with more girls) exclusively for users.





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  1. I know i shouldn’t be asking this but what’s the percentage of completion of those games. Not gonna ask the estimated date of release, just the completion.

  2. I’m just looking forward for eleanor 2 but honestly rooms looks so damn god that blonde girl so hot, btw leo do u still waiting for more renders for Eleanor 2 ?

  3. Not gonna lie, the strip poker game announcement just made my day. Brilliant move on releasing a free basic version as well. I’m no expert, but that should yield a bunch more S&G subscriptions based on the fact that the premium game launches at the exact same time so it’s fresh in everyone’s mind as opposed to an expansion months down the road (Didi).

    Looking forward to Roommates as well. Visuals and models look stunning and I’m excited to see the game mechanics since S&G games always seem to have innovative progression concepts.

  4. Hey remeber me?
    i post am comment some weeks ago like
    “pleas update us or talke more often to us”

    And now you post sooo much on this blog
    i love you!
    tanks for everything!
    (sorry bad english i know)

    greats frome germany!

    P.s How can i be a insider?

    1. There was a moment every1 could play a game. Insider Test 001. You were able to give your opinion about it. Based on your opinion, the team chose you to be part of insiders or not.

  5. Good things, this blog has become more active, But if you think in negative stuff, it is been a while since we got a new lop gold game! 6 months almost o.o (serena it was just an expansion) and it seems that eleanor which is the next game for lop it is pretty far away from us (luckly 2 or 3 months else) . BabyRage </3

    1. @whatisgoingon

      STT came out Nov 4th, 4 months ago today. Still a ways off from being 6 months lol. But you are right, still a long time without a new premium game.

  6. Nice catch with the accessories on the girls. Perhaps you could add a weeding ring on married people on future games?

    I think it could be interesting to have an option to cum on the wedding ring of a cheating wife and convince her to lick the cum out of it. I’m sure it’d be a really hot scene.

  7. Roommates and the other game looks really impressive, cant wait for it to get out.
    However i have a couple of questions I would like to have answered.

    1. Which characther is Lina? ( I hope the topless brunette, she looks hottest ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
    2. Which game will come first? Eleanor 2 or Roomates?
    3. Can we get an update soon on how things are going with Eleanor 2?

    That was all, sorry if my english is bad (not first language) and keep up the good work LOP team.

  8. There are great stories in the internet like Tlaero & Mortze Games, but none of them have the quality as yours. Your games are unique because of the graphics and there is nothing like that in the market right now, and that’s why we like your work so much. They look amazing, special roommantes, and after a terrible january month without any word from you, you guys are giving us an update every week. Hope you continue like that, not only for now for what happened, but in the future. Keep it up the good work and the updates.

  9. Ye I agree with jhon, I’d like to get some info about eleanor release, I mean I know you guys decided to delay it because you want to add more renders ? But it is been a while, I feel like we need to know something about eleanor . :/

  10. I’m very glad you took the poker game into consideration. Can’t wait. I have high hopes for it ๐Ÿ˜› With easily added content every now and then.

    Roommates looks just amazing btw. Can’t wait. I like S&G more than LOP because every game on S&G brings something totally different to the table. It’s all so creative. The only thing holding S&G back is the lack of quality of the games. Most of them are an ‘almost hit’, with only Sensual Haunting and House Party being absolutely great. So yeah, I’m looking forward to them !

      1. The last entry on the Eleanor discussion board was made on January 16th so I wouldn’t give much on an estimate given on new lagoon.

        But the world is full of surprises….. and disappointments. So it’s possible, Leo said he started rendering back in February, but given their update policy since November… I wouldn’t hold my breath.

      1. I read it wrong, he said he was expecting to be release on March, btw I’d really would like to know some news about eleanor, I just wanna know if there are still missing renders ? How much any %?, I’m a eleanor fan I’ve played like 30 times already and just can’t wait anymore to play the new one. Ty and sorry Leo I’ve spamming questions about eleanor over and over but Im just too exited and I wanna play it ASAP.

        1. dude a lop gold game just got out recently though after many delays . next lop gold game’s gunna take time to get out …hopefully like after 3-4 months .
          Dont get desparate , play some other games for the time being .

          1. Well they did release Dignity One, LWS and COL expansion in a matter of 3 months last year so all hope is not lost ๐Ÿ˜‰
            Anyway the artwork for Eleanor 2 should be finished or pretty close to it .
            I mean, the guy who does the images seems to be pretty quick at rendering.
            After all, 3 of the games they released last year (Didi, COL and STT) + 13 Rooms for SAG, where from from his art compared to the other artists who only did one or two games.

  11. If you’ve read all the post you will see that Leo said he decided to delayed eleanor because he wanted to add more contend, so it means the game was already finish If Leo was saying the true the game should be ready soon. (Hopefully)

    1. I think the team will probably release a S&G game in early April and Eleanor in June or July.
      If any one thinks that we are going to get Eleanor or LWT anytime soon you are kidding yourself ๐Ÿ™‚

      This is just MY prediction…
      I said something else in my other post lol.

    2. dude there is a thing called ” reading the situation “….they already released a gold game last month….its either you very new with Lop or it might be , your just fooling around .

  12. Hi guys loving your work but is it possible we can get a sneak peek at lwt2 by doing a character presentation post much like you have done with other games?? This would probably help to calm down every other comment being about LWT2 or Eleanor 2, as a little information now and again is a lit better than no information.

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