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  1. The game is alright. It’s pretty extensive for a free game, which is sweet. I haven’t been able to get all 3 girls in 1 playthrough so far, so that’s pretty good too.

    The only downside is the luckbased propertyselling and the main guy is pretty ugly.

  2. Are the property sell chances supposed to be static? Raising the negotiation stat should increase the percentage, as 15% on the highest is quite low. As there’s only 2 chances a day, and you want to talk to either of the girls at those times as well, it can waste a lot of time trying for the 15%.

  3. I’ve played through the game a couple of times and I must say that this is a return to form in regards to your free games. Real Estate Agent pretty much mercilessly beat its way to my personal top 3 of your free games (the only game I consider better than this is Stripper Pick-Up).

    -Renders/Animation: Superb. Some of your best stuff if we look only at the free games. Backgrounds were well-done and the character design was REALLY good. I think this is the first game in which you can chose between multiple girls and I haven’t been able to pick a favourite. They’re all absolutely gorgeous and I really like the variety (a caucasian blonde, an ebony girl and a really hot asian). I’d love to see more of any of these 3 girls (or all of them) in a sequel, expansion or whatever. The only downside is that I found the main character rather unattractive.
    -Music: You’ve used the same music in other games, but it fits the story and helps set the tone.
    -Writing/Story: Well written characters and a strong dialogue drives this game forward. I found the characters intriguing and just like their looks, their personalities were very diverse. Though there wasn’t really much of a story, I didn’t expect a massive narrative in a free game, so that’s all right. Although you could have used the house sales as more of a plot point. Say, if you sold all the houses and didn’t get any of the girls, you could get an ending were you become rich off of your good sales and live a lonely, but luxuries life (maybe with prostitutes). A minor nitpick is that all of the sex scenes are pretty vanilla… no blowjobs, no anal, no rough sex… But I did like the option of choosing where to cum on each girl.
    -Gameplay: I know some people here on the blog are tired of the 30/40/50-day-with-stats-style-of-game. But I like it. If the grinding is balanced and the number of stats is kept to a minimum of essentials, this type of gameplay really works. Getting points with characters through actions and dialogue options is intriguing. The only thing I felt was a bit off was the sex options. There’s a very long series of choices and many of them you just chose by blind luck with you only having 3 strikes… But that’s a nitpick.

    All in all: A really strong free game with awesome renders, really hot women, strong dialogue and characters, and solid, time-tested gameplay. The game is made even stronger by the fact that I have been very underwhelmed with the 5 free games that came before it… well, minus Farm Stories, that one was solid.

    Good job on a really good game, LOPteam.

  4. Enjoyable game. 3 gorgeous girls. I enjoyed the dialogues.

    I’m not a fan of build stats in X number of days kind of games, but at least it wasn’t a huge pain in the ass like it was in Eleanor 2.

    For a free game, it is pretty good. Not as good as your past free games like Ryan Blender, The Agency, Lake Party, Prima Ballerina and Farm Stories, but better than other recent free games from College Romance to Call me desperate.

    Now, the sex scenes was disappointing. No oral (the dialogue mentions that Riley starts to clean Francis’ cock after he cums inside her, but the image doesn’t show it). No anal. But thumbs up for the dialogue during the sex scenes (one thing that was missing from Eleanor 2). The dialogues with Riley and Amelia during their sex scenes are really arousing, imo.

    The lack of truly happy endings is also disappointing. Taking into consideration that the endings with the girls are literally worth just “3 clicks”, it would’ve been better to have done neutral endings (as the 3 endings with the girls seems to be, imo) and others truly happy endings with the girls.

  5. So now that you have updated a Play Force One game is there ever going to be any more episodes of Kelly? Also Real estate is a great game for a free game. Thanks again and still can’t wait for LWT2.

  6. i like the game,it’s one of the better free games on my list
    graphics is improving and it looks great,models are nice too,especially riley
    things that could be improved (if not for free games then for gold):sex scenes,i think more options could be added,for example more positions,more angles,options to touch with related images for that and so on
    dialogue images:for longer dialogue i think more images could be added,clicking through the dialogue with one same image gets boring fast,tlaero and vdate games have that option,i would really like to see it in your games because your games have the best graphics and render quality

    and one other thing,it’s been more than 3weeks since last update on instagram,new teasers would be nice
    keep up with great work,looking forward for news on lwt2

    1. Daman, thanks for your walkthroughs. they are very helpful for finding missed opportunities and replays after months away from a game.

      Any chance you could do one for Girl with Tattoos? the game always stumps me and I get too frustrated to find good solutions.

      ty ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Hey Vito,

        I do have that game on my “to do” list (forgive the pun!) ๐Ÿ™‚
        I have some other guides along with that one. I’ll do my best to try and deliver the best guides for everyone!

          1. Yeah, my parents had a weird sense of humor naming me, right?

            As for REA, it is done and will be posted soon!

  7. I really like the game. Best recently free game released, along with Farm Stories. It takes a while to build up a strategy so it has great replayability. I didn’t managed yet to get all 3 girls in a gameplay.

    Visuals: Bar is raising game after game, really impressive.

    Music: nothing special really but it fits so who cares.

    Concept and storyline: Characters are amazing and it’s really hard to choose which girl to go for. Anyway Riley and Amelia are my favourites.

    Great and detailed storyline with different backgrounds and different personalities. Really great writing here. And, yes, really hot dialogues too.

    Sex scenes: cool visuals and animations, ok pretty vanilla but it’s a free game. Riley laying on the bed and Amelia riding so hot!

    What I find a little bit inchoerent is Amelia scene. She wears a collar and looks for wild sex and you can’t even grab her hair and yank by the collar?

    Endings: It’s true that you don’t get a proper happy ending, but I really like the fact that all of them are pretty much more focused on different girl’s personalities and are coherent with their charachters.

    Amelia is a neglected sexy housewife with a cheating husband, and she’s seekingr revenge. She is just looking for no strings attached sex. It makes sense.

    Riley is a spoiled brat married with her sugar daddy and used to a luxury lifestyle, so you end up wondering if you can keep up with her needs.

    But I feel Stella ending should have been the happy and romantic one. You bring her back to life, but guess what, it turns out that you’ve just awoken a sex beast. But at the end you don’t seem to like it.

    Minor things:
    Sometimes even if your stats are high enough you aren’t able to sell. Is anyone experiencing this issue?
    I find main character haircut so horrible.

    Conclusion: it clearly deserves needs an expansion and to be developed in a LOPGold game.

    My 2 cents as usual

  8. Hi Leo, this is a very great game. I feel like you could easily make an expansion or follow-up to this. Keep the first part generally the same. Let the players reach an ‘ending’ with one of the three girls. The second part should transition into a time skip where the player now takes control after the ‘ending’ and plays out the new situation that he is in. Each ending had great story hooks for more development. You could even have the other girls present in each scenario as one-offs or something while in the pursuit of the main girl of each story branch.

    Can’t wait for the stuff on the horizon!

  9. all of the posts of Lop blog had more then 120+ comments each . this post has less then 40 comments even after so man days . Seems like someone is lacking some attention . XD

      1. yeah hot wife tara , die 4 glory , farm stories were also free games mate , that time alot of people commented , but this time it really looks like their lacking attention .

        1. may be cause there are many patreon games and some other free game makers out there . and its like your getting 30+ updates in 30 days lol …. so yeeeah .

  10. Here my quick guide to get stella :

    Stella (at office Morning)
    interaction one
    interaction two
    interaction Three : you now have a full selection of choice:

    Ask if you can help her she look sad
    option 1- ??
    option 2- -3
    Tell her she remind you of a old friend +3
    Tell her she look ravisly today +3
    about Real estate + 5
    about this prestigious property +5
    personal life +5
    plan about the future +5

    tell her she the best boss +2
    -3 rel
    +3 if Rel 20
    Ask for a date
    -5 rel
    + 5 and date if
    negotiation 30 and Rel 50 and you go to her place

    whisper dirty thing
    +5 REQ ??
    Hotspot : kiss (+5) or Spread her leg (-5)
    touch her knee
    +5 REQ ??
    At her place
    ask if she have someone special in her life +5
    compliment her kitchen +3
    chat with her
    about her home +5
    about her feeling +5
    kiss her +5
    about what to do now +5

    ask her to go to her bedroom
    -20 rel if you dont meet requirement
    REQ: Negotiation 70 Rel 200

    feed here fruit salade +5
    compliment her necklass +5
    caress her leg +5

    ask her to go to her bedroom
    -20 rel if you dont meet requirement
    REQ: Negotiation 70 Rel 200

    1- say she have lovely eye or order her to remove her shoes
    2- ask her to touch her boobs or command her to spread her leg
    3- kiss her boobs or take her hand and kiss her genrly
    4- lick her neck or put your hand on her ass and kiss her deeply
    5- ask to spread her leg or slap her ass
    6- lick pussy or touch her hair
    7- finger in ass or grab her leg
    8- slap her boob or ask for her smile
    9- fuck faster or ask to turn around
    10- push a little hard or ask if she is close to her climax
    push harder
    11- push her down on the bed or kiss her on the neck
    kiss on the neck
    12- ask her for a faster fuck she can or bite her neck
    -fuck faster
    13- cum inside or on her face

    tell her that you love her or your not ready
    love her = ending 3
    your not ready = ??

    1. Some of these are probably off because I just entered it has I played I might miscalculated and sometime I already got the REQ for doing it so I don’t know the REQ and penality for doing them if you don’t have the REQ.
      I miss some like for the Hotspot, Spread the leg give +5 if you have a high REL with stella.

      Whisper dirty thing
      +5 REQ ??
      Hotspot : kiss (+5) or Spread her leg (+5) But I don’t know the Requirement ๐Ÿ™

  11. Amelia (at pool bar evening)
    buy her a drink +5
    why are she alone +2
    hot spot sucking her finger
    -4 rel
    +2 if your rel with her is 15
    Chat with her
    Her personal situation +5 rel
    About the pool bar +5 rel
    about her desire ?
    about her husband -5 rel
    hotspot kiss her
    -3 rel or +X if rel 15 or more
    Ask her to dance for you
    -3 rel
    +3 if your rel with her is 30
    hot spot kiss on the check
    -3 and + 3 if rel 40
    Ask here to meet at her flat
    FITNESS 30 & REL 50
    -5 if you don’t have requirement
    Hotspot Squeeze her boob :
    -10 ?
    +5 require Rel 50
    +5 caress here tight require Rel ??
    At here place
    admire her sexy outfit +3
    ask her about this place +3
    Talk about her mariage +3
    kiss her hand +3
    discuss her true need +5 (might be negative if relation is low)
    ask her to turn around +5
    Ask her if you can remove your clothe

    Ask her if you can remove your clothe
    150 rel 70 fitness + perfume

    1- tell something dirth or show boob
    -> show boob
    2- ask to remove collar or rub pussy
    -> pussy
    3- ask to suck finger or lick her belly
    -suck finger
    4- remove panty or squeeze her nipple
    5- grab her hair or massage her belly
    -> massage belly
    6- spread her leg or fuck faster
    7- grab her hip or make a pause
    ->grab her hip
    8-put dick in ass or ask to change position
    ->change position
    9- caress her neck or slow down
    10- fuck her has fast you can or yank her by the collar
    -fuck fast
    11- cum inside or cum on her back
    probably both are ok but I want inside and she liked it ๐Ÿ˜€

    After you can tell her to stay with you to get back at jack (her husband) or to go back to her husband.
    I’ve chosed the first and got ending 2.

  12. Sorry but I can’t seem to find a way to get Riley. I’ve bought the silk tie and have great relationship with my boss, but every time I go to her office, there’s no mention of inviting a VIP client.

    Can someone outline detailed steps on how this conversation about inviting a VIP client gets triggered?

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