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During last 12 months we’ve only published 2 bigger free games: Farm stories and Real estate agent. We plan to add another game to this collection – Living with Lana. Visuals are ready for a very long time – now I’m only waiting for a complete texts and I can start development.






Probably after this project we’ll go with Weekend with Bradleys but I need to remodel some gameplay there to make it more engaging.

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  1. The graphics are awesome but the good air, it becomes a habit lol ^^

    I suppose it is still a game where you play a guy who will kiss a woman, etc …

    I have a quick question: Have you not, in purely creative level, a little weariness who moved to do the same thing after another?

    I mean … Well, Living with Serena, Living with Britney … and now Living with Lana … The concept is still the same, so the stories and what will happen, the course also will be almost the same. Especially as the previous games, you can still play.

    Do not you feel sometimes in circles?

    Have you ever had the urge, instead of to play the man rather play the woman? That we have the history of man, but through what the woman lives?

    Not to make a game to Eleanor in which we follow the story of the woman, but a game in which we follow the man through the eyes of women.

    1. Any more ideas?

      Playing a game through the eyes of a woman which follows/judges a manยดs action by observing him would just change the art of narration.

      How do you want to play this? As a player do I choose the action of the man and alter the path of the story or do I chose my action as a woman to judge the man and alter the story?

      By reading your idea, I just get the impression, that the story would be told by a third person. So the next question is, what interactions are possible? Am I guiding the couple so they match perfectly or am I playing the man/female and read the reaction of the third person?

      I know, you want the LOP team to break out of their circle and actually they are doing it. Last release was a good try. A narration/story where we can chance the path by choosing an option. MAke me pregnant, a short freegame, let us discover both part of the couple. New concepts are prolly dozens in the minds of the team but not so easily to produce them. It wil take time ๐Ÿ™‚

      Letยดs see what possibilities the team has with the change from flash to html.

      1. No need to go to a narrative told in the third person. A bit like Prima Ballerina.

        But rather a story is that of a man who makes his meetings, who lives his life alongside his wife (the player). So we control the wife and we go where the game allows you to go.

        Depending where you go, we would see scenes, good or bad, advancing the story. But released each scene has repercussions, not the player, but the husband.

        So every time you go to a place where there is a bad scene (eg the wife enters a store and catches her husband in the process of getting sucked in the bathroom), it drives the story to a disastrous future for the husband. But every time we go to a place where there is a good scene (eg the wife enters a store and catches her husband about to buy a beautiful dress for her), it goes in the right meaning for the husband.

        Add to this external scenes couple who aim to tempt the player to go elsewhere if the grass is not greener, which will have bad consequences for the couple. And outdoor scenes couple who aim to influence the husband (since this is his story at the base), load the player to find them or not.

        Basically, the principle would be to let the player the choice that the couple continues or breaks, but not control the character directly affected by this fact.

  2. I hate to be THAT guy, but… Farm Stories was released last year (in November, if I remember correctly)… you only released Real Estate Agent this year… oh, and Make me Pregnant.

    Living with Lana looks great, though. I love the “Living with…” concept as I feel they encompass your best games. Living with Serena, Living with Temptation, Living with Britney, Living with Sasha. So seeing more games of this caliber would be great as I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of those.

    Looking forward to this release as well as other future free games and premium releases.

    Good work ๐Ÿ™‚

    PS: Is it possible to hear who’s been writing texts and who’s done the renders for Living with Lana?

  3. wow. in my previous post I’d complained about the girls lately(too much botox-like, square faced etc). But the girl from this game is completely the opposite! I think she’s the most delicated, feminine girl you guys ever released. Maybe even the most beautiful. My all time favorite is Tracy, but if Tracy was designed with this same model and texture style she would look so much better. I think Lana will be my favorite now, but let’s wait for the game and nice sex scenes.

    1. In terms of DWIS – I’ve decided to spend a little more time with this project, cause I love both images as well as the leading story it it and expand it into a small dating sim with adventure elements. So we haven’t abandoned it ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Lwt2 was crap. You worked on it for a few weeks only. Delayed for years we expected a really good huge game.

    You gotta ditch the money sub and move to patron , This will stop you releasing nothing each month.

    1. I won’t say it’s crap but of course it’s not as good as expected. I do enjoy most of LOP and S&G stories and graphics(excluding the graphics of some of the latest releases), but sometimes I wonder if gaming is really a LOP and S&G thing. Talking about game/gameplay, all of their releases feels like it’s missing something. I don’t know, they just doesn’t feel complete. Speaking for myself, maybe it’s the impression that no matter how much you play the game, you’re always doing the same things over and over again for the same results. There’s no CGs gallery so you can visit the sex scenes previously which would give you a sense of completion, there are no unlockables, no secrets, nothing. Honestly, you can’t even feel that you own something of the game, proof is that if someday they shutdown their servers you’ll just lose everything, nothing will be left, including your money. Maybe both LOP and S&G should do only downloadable comics(just like in their WorldofPeach site) with new characters and previously famous ones(Eleanor, Tracy…).

      1. LOL you just said what was in my mind !
        I totally Agree with this . A game isnt only about graphics . Mechanics , Story , other Details matters alot .

        LOP seems more like the Comic arts then games .

  5. sorry guys, I have a strong feeling that unfortunatelly this site is going to drain. after really disapoing games, long time waiting – again for another disapointment, now quick back move to story where probably by concept and basic idea everything is done, …. well looks that not much effort is invested anymore . That is shame, used to be the best of the bests in this kind of games world.

  6. Hi guys ! I think you should add more to Eleanor and living with temptation 2 rather than making new games randomly. Just saying focused on one game and adding content is better than making new short projects. The games feel short and incomplete with no actual story behind them…… especially Eleanor 2. Otherwise thanks for the hard work.

  7. Couldn’t disagree more with the negative commenters. I appear to be in the minority, but I really enjoyed LWE2. LWT2 was perhaps somewhat disappointing, but that was pretty much inevitable given the nearly impossible task it had of following the original. STT was awesome as well. There is so much quality content available, I’m a bit baffled by the griping. I guess it’s just emblematic of the “entitled” class. The folks that have zero attention span and need constant brand new things at their fingertips or they start throwing hissy fits. LOP team, keep up the great work and don’t be afraid to be as creative as you want to be. Thanks for everything

    1. The only good thing about LWT2 was probably the script… The fact that they blatantly lied to us about spending years on the game when in fact the only spent about a month!

      They obviously don’t really care anymore and LWT2 was proof of that… So neither do i…

      1. YUP they lie , this post is proof itself . They said farm stories was released this year , making it look like they released a good game this year but actually it was last year . Either they have short time memory loss or they really do their best at mending everything to their ways .

      2. If you don’t like our games – don’t play them. That’s simple. Please move along and find yourself another place to share your sorrows. Take master_fake and Gamer400 with you and everyone will be much happier ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. And what do you mean by “need constant brand new things at their fingertips”?

      I am pretty sure the majority would be happy with just dating simulators… Why the hell do they feel the need to constantly create new mechanics in each game only to never use them again in other games? No one bloody asks for that!

      Just like no asked for a 5 minute game with about 4 unrepeatable sex scenes…

      1. constant brand new things aint possible either . lol they cant even make a game in this 2 years having a good reputation . all of them had flaws like too short story or bad script or bad mechanic , highly buffed characters . and his saying ‘constant brand new things at their fingertips’ XD .

  8. Living w/ Lana looks like its shaping up to be a nice game. Looking forward to playing it.

    I don’t get the chat-room tough guy routine from some people. So, some games are good, some not so much – big deal. We each spend our money how we see fit. Bashing the publisher of these games does no good to anyone, if its constructive criticism, fine, that helps everyone. If you need to insult someones work because you’re upset, you look like a spoiled brat. Cancel your subscription and find another site to invest in – its that simple. For me, there are enough re-playable games to stay a member.

    While I was a bit disappointed with LWT2. For me, 6 out of 10. But, overall I think the LOP site is one of the better ones out there. Good luck with your next release Leo.

  9. I know you guys haven’t done an eleanor 2 update for awhile, but i was wondering leo if you could do an update with more threesome scenes with eleanor, drake and amelia. And possibly some threesome scenes with amelia, eleanor and the guy who owns the store, if you could make it where amelia and eleanor get anal in some of those then that would make my century. Thanks Leo

  10. Hi Leo and the rest of the LOP team. I know there are a lot of games that we’d love to see you expand on. In that vein, I’d like to know if you would ever consider making a full game out of Divided Heart. Seems like it would fit very well into a LWS style game. Thanks.

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