Jacob’s rebound is ready

Today we’ve released another lopgold.com PREMIUM game.
This time we’re coming back to our roots and we’re delivering classic dating sim experience.

Play as Jacob “Crocodile” Moore – ex basketball player who was once on top but crashed his whole career in a string of poor decisions. Help him start over as a gym manager and fill the emptiness in his heart with a new romance, one he can start with any of the four beautiful ladies he can meet in this game.

Work on you stats to meet the girls’ idea of the perfect man and date them to find out more about their motivations and desires. If you’re smooth enough they will be more than eager to take your hard cock inside their mouths (and a few inches deeper) and bring you to ecstasy.

You’ve got 30 days to find the perfect girl for you. Which one will you choose? Will you be able to satisfy her and make sure she says “yes”? Go ahead – your destiny awaits you.







Open your GYM here: Jacob’s rebound on lopgold.com

115 thoughts on “Jacob’s rebound is ready”

  1. Check you code man:
    Second file doesn’t exist and it seems that it’s name was taken from LwT2. I think that there should be “questa_0002.swf” but it’s also missing :D.

  2. Question, am I missing something with Brandi? When I ask her out, in the hotel room the only thing I can do is caress her calves. Only other option available is suck her nipple but that’s clearly the wrong move as warning mark pops up.

        1. Leo, I’ve encountered the same problem in this scene. If you admire her eyes first, then caress her calves option disappears and you can advance with the scene. But if you caress first, the scene never advances.

  3. Brandi and Elenas endings are bugged. I can’t choose them even though I have more than 600 points with them. Isabelle and Asukas endings seem to work fine though. This means that 2 of the games 6 endings are effectively unobtainable at the moment.

    Also, the “Wow! Girl!” achievement is bugged. Judging by it’s picture, it has something to do with cumming on Elenas face. I’ve tried every combination of possibilities with Elena when she gives a blowjob and I still can’t unlock the achievements. The rest of the achievements are unlockable, though.

    I’ll give a proper review of the game once these bugs are fixed.

    1. I’ve fixed this issues with achievement no. 8. Now it works (I guess you know how to trigger it).

      UPDATE: In terms of those Brandi’s and Elena’s endings – fixed as well.

    1. TBH I dont want any other content for the Poker game but the artist did a great work and I would like to see more of it.

      The art quality is a milestone for LOP/SnG visuals.

      1. Brandi and Isabella for sure. Not only their looks, but also their personalities/fetishes and what they are willing to try out, are better than the rest for me personally.

  4. You guys are making some improvements regarding angles. Definitely one of your better games in terms of quality, but not that much content in this one to explore. Will look forward to see how you guys do in your future games.

    Was hoping each girl could try anal, maybe in an expansion?

  5. I like the graphics in the game, all the girls and the action are terrific. I don’t like the stats grinding though. LwT2 was great if you played it through many times. No stats but lots to discover when I thought I’d done it all. I think even LwT1 without stats would have been a top game. But to come back to Jacob, quite a good game despite the repetitive stats. I also like that characters pop up everywhere and you can have several different scenarios with same girl. Would have liked to be able to repeat limo, cheerleader, concert, go on the boat with elena……..etc.

  6. I’m so happy you guys are enjoying it! I had a time and a half writing this and am just overwhelmed with so much positive feedback! As a writer, there is nothing like hearing fans appreciate and enjoy your creations. I hope to do nothing but impress and wow you guys with future projects down the line!

  7. I quite liked this game but I’m a bit confused on how to get some of the achievements. Not only that, but what are the purchasable tickets in the shop for? Boat, Limo etc because I bought all of them but nothing happens?

    1. Had just one game (stopped it bcs of bug) but judging from the promo screens on LOPGold, You get chances to date the girls on other places.

      Maybe those occasional phone calls could lead to other events when answered correctly?

    1. “Ask to see her work” and get all the hotspots. Then when shes blowin you let the timer run out and you will blow a load in her mouth and get “wow girl” I don’t remember if there were any other requisites that need to be achieved, but that is the basic outline of what you need to do to get “wow girl”

        1. What were your stats at? I was able to get it with 32 fitness/78 culture/50 social/239 gym rep. with the luxury bag and gold credit card in inventory and $370 on hand and Elena 1090.

        2. i tried it like 4-5 times, nothing. then, trying to find that last ending, got all the girls over 500. bought the luxury bag, didn’t visit elena on the work until i gave her bag,(in the scene say to her that you would like to cum in her mouth). Then visited her at work next day and i let the timer run out when she gives the head and i’ve got achievement so don’t know exactly what triggers it and what’s wrong.

    1. No, it is working. I finally got it. Before you try surprising her, you have to give her the bag. In the elevator scene, tell her you want to cum in her mouth. You can’t surprise her beforehand.

      1. I dont know how you did it, but I did exactly what you ve written here and guess what? Still not have achievent. Do I have to have a certaing amounts of points with this girl or is there any other prequisition… Or am I missing something?

  8. This is really a great game. Daman and ItMakesMeBlush make a perfect combo. One of the best 2016 LOPGold game. Absolutely wanna see more from them working together.

    Great writing, nice dialogues, great characters with different personalities and awesome visuals by ItMakesMeBlush, even if this was one of her early work.

    I’m yet to find out all endings and I now can’t tell which girl is my fav but:

    – Cool that you meet girls in differents places (room for expansion, hello).
    – Absolutely great the Stat icon where you can see all your stats with the girls – should be implemented in future games.
    – Minor disappointement, I really don’t like the font used in the endings.
    – Great game, it would be cool to have an expansion if you ask me.
    – Nice cameo from Serena, the Lop celebrity you train. Lol.

    Great job Daman. Keep it up.

  9. @Othun: LIke iulyus said, at the end of the game their are two different options depending on whether you managed your gym successful. “I just wanna be single” (bad single ending)” or “decide to stay alone” (good single ending)

      1. Great to hear that STT is on your list for future titles to receive an expansion. The story was fun, with 3 great girls (the priestess being my favorite). Hopefully you we hear some more concrete news about either expansion in the near future. Keep up the great work guys.

  10. Good job gals and lads its a nice game.

    My favourite is Asuka. Isabelle is the hottest and best piece of art, but Asuka have the best story line/scenes. (so far i not finished with the game yet).
    2 things why this is a good game for me not a great or excellent game.
    -4 girls should be 4 story line to increase replayability. They little too similar, lack of unique personality and desires (some personal quest i not finished so this oppinion might changes).
    More importantly the basic dating mech where you spend a great part of the game is WAY TOO similar. 4 hidden spot-4 menu-2 sub menu for going out. All 10 option even if it completly different like flash beaver or just hug(grope) have at all 4 girls exactly same relat requirement, bonuses or penalties for fail. Consider that all these will be clciked many-many times so the diferent pictures, and text boxes eaily becomes a clikc trough. So it feels to cheap simplified solution, a little tailoring with that could have an impact on their personality.
    -You can bump into them many times and many places and have a quick conversation with them. So why cant you have a converstion with them? 🙂 Im mean not just a click trough (this supposed to be a game not an interactive novell), but something with 2-3 options at the end so you feel like actualy playing (with a few +/- 2-3 realtion point based on answers).

    Summarised keep up the good work.

  11. Am I missing something? I can only progress one star point per day for 20days? Is there a way to get more that one star point with the girls each time you talk to them until the second step?

      1. Hi Daman,
        I have the same problem. The only way i found to speed up my relationship with the girl is when i met Brandi at the hospital or Isabella at the mall.. but not enough to enjoy the game..
        It would be great if you could help me …
        Thank you !

        1. So it’s “how to speed up my relationship with the girls”? Well there is a small secret to it that so far I don’t think people have found yet: the girls actually have Hot Spot on their bodies that you can click. I think this might help a bit, right? 😉

          1. Haha.. Yes i found it after i posted my message. But i was sure i did it before.. and why i didn’t think it before. I am a old player.. Anyway i can enjoy the game now.

            And even if i don ‘ t play everydays for weeks i ‘m happy to pay my membership forthis kind of fun..

    1. No this one. But there is a bonus section that you can download several non Gold games including 2 games exclusive for download that have not been released to the public.

      1. no during the limo ride with isabelle the dialougue doesn’t continue…
        also don’t know how to give brandi the concert tickets?

        wow girl acheivement didn’t work either. – i got that dialouge with isabelle not elana

        how to move pass these obstacles?

    1. Unfortunately, not this one.

      However, there is a bonus section for LOP Gold memebers that allows you to download several titles that have been publicly released (non Gold titles). This also includes 2 games that are exclusive downloads that are not released to the public (“Erotic Date Margaret and Walter” and “Erotic Date Sylvia and Nick”).

  12. Wow! Due to utterly insane work schedule and several other factors I hadn’t visited the site in a few weeks. Super hyped to see 2 new games and plans for expanding STT. That was a fantastic game with no obvious need for an expansion, but I’ll happily enjoy any additional content. Great to see such positive response to Jacob’s rebound. Can’t wait to dive in. Keep up the great work guys!

    1. “I’m not disclosed to bespeak any such information to you, nor would I, even if I had said information you want, at this juncture be able.”
      -Proprietor of Dry Cleaners, “Fight Club”

  13. too many bug on this game. Many time happened that ‘Chat with her’ & ‘Talk about her life’ button disappear without reason. and when main character dating with girls, I coudlnt click the choice like the other bugs. I thought maybe i choose the wrong way, but even first day happened same bugs.

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