Club Velvet Rose next year

We’ll start 2017 with an amazing production called Club Velvet Rose. It will be an adventure / decission making game with a lot of erotic and kinky paths to follow.

This is a story of one unforgettable night. The main characters: my wife, Veronica, and myself, James. The location: a hidden club that specializes in couples and some individuals looking for a spark in there dull lives. A spark that is, safe to say, all but extinguished between the both us with nights of arguments that end with me taking my usual place on the couch.

How we came to talk about a swingers club was truly unusual. Veronica complained about how we never do anything exciting and listing things like an island getaway, New York on New Year’s, and the usual bucket-list items. But then she listed something that she never told me about; she never had sex with anyone except me. I told her that I also never had sex with anyone but her too.

Since then that was all she, and occasionally I, talked about. I then heard of a well reviewed VIP club downtown that sparked both our curiosity After a steep membership fee, the club provided an drink specials list, a list of house rules, and a set of masks. This is my story what happened that night at Club Velvet Rose.







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      1. Hey hey that sounds good! I can take a hint 😉 ;). This looks like some hot stuff. Damn nice tits on those girls. What are their names again? The setup of a swinger’s club should present some interesting choices hehehe 😉 and I think we’ll see some good writing as usual from Daman. I just love the subtle escalation of promiscuity from non-existent to extreme red-hot coitus between multiple participants ;););). It always leaves me with a huge mess at the end.

        That brings me to the subject of wanking. I’m sorry if this is getting long. I’ve just been curious about how propagators of smut such as you guys and the studiofow team and others deal with the inevitable build up of heat in your pants when you’re creating this kind of stuff. Or are you guys so professional you can hold off the heat and shake loose the puffy dragon when you get home? Or maybe you guys have designated wank spaces in your offices? What about girls? Do you have girls working there? I just imagine you guys being in an office space surrounded by smut and thinking about smut all day and then adding to that having real live flesh and blood females walking around in your vicinity must present some challenges. At least, I know the Studiofow team has girls on their team. Or maybe you guys all work remotely to avoid all these issues? But that I assume would impair team productivity no?

        Anyways thanks again for awesome content. I hope you don’t take offense. You guys seem really chill. Keep up the good work!

  1. For future games, please, no more girls with ridiculously large breasts and no more tan lines. Girls like Lisa from LWT and Jordan from Jordan500 have the perfect body proportions.

  2. Not a fan of the Zorro masks. In fact, I probably won’t even play the game because of them. It’s sad too because the models look like they would be pretty hot without them.

  3. Looks great Leo!
    I was afraid that the LOP team would shy away from swinger’s clubs and fetishes after brushing the story branch in LWT 1 & 2.
    It’s good to see that this new game expands on that concept as I was a huge fan.

    Will you be required to keep your mask on for the duration of time spent in the club, or will there be an option for a couple you are more intimate with to remove masks in private?

    Will there be stats and days for multiple visits to the club and different scenes varying on the character’s level.

    Thanks! Can’t wait!

  4. As cool as the concept is, I can’t say I will be looking forward to this. A game about literally one night? No matter how ‘deep’ and varied the choices are this looks to have the same problem of lwt2 and eleanor2. No build up, no development, no real attachment to the characters just a gallery of sex scenes.

  5. LWT 2 and ELE 2 didnt have same problem . both were opposite to one another . LWT 2 had way too less build ups plus the story went short despite many images . and ELE 2 had way too many build ups for which building stats became for important than story .
    im not gunna say about S&G cause i didnt subscribe to that , so didnt get chance to play those . BUT in 2016 LOP wasnt good .
    you can obviously see the people arent responding much lately in the blog . Many a time LOP posts had 250+ comments wihtin a week , among them 30 were common commenter XD . now people hardly shows up in the comment section .

  6. By build up I mean story and character development, not building stats….

    Eleanor fucked literally randoms in the second game. People who had no connection to her or Drake so it was absolutely boring. Not going to ever see them again so there was no decision to make. Just click the right choices to see the most scenes.

  7. Others like myself think this is a great concept but do have a few concerns. The main one is the buildup. I was wondering if you had considered releasing a short free game starring the two main characters prior to releasing this game. The free game doesn’t have to include any swinging but perhaps chronicles the couple’s decision to try swinging. Just an idea is that it could chronicle a date night that the couple may regularily have, where at the beginning they have dinner and the conversation of how boring their sex life has become comes up. Perhaps they then decide to go to a nightclub for some excitement and when the husband goes to the bar to get some drinks, he comes back to find a guy hitting on his wife. He can then decide to sit at another table and watch, join his wife and pretend he doesn’t know her and try to “compete” with the new man, or get rid of the man by saying he’s her husband and end up with a conversation with your wife about how hot it made her to be hit on. It combines elements hinted at in Hot Wife Tara and a little bit of Hot Wife Story 2.

    Another way to build tension is just to have dinner with your wife at the start of the actual game right before going to the club and talk about expectations and desires. Some sexy dinner activities (perhaps she slips off her panties during the meal and hands them to you under the table to show you how wet she is right now or something). I don’t see that this being only one night makes it impossible to build sexual tension. Lots of games build sexual tension over one night (such as Hot Wife Story 2 and Hot Wife Tara for examples of this with the same theme).

    The second thing is the masks. It was already hinted at that the masks are to be on in the club but it seems that there may be ways to get prospective partners away from the club for some mask off sex which seems ok to me. If you can only pick one person or couple per night to go home with and have mask off sex then that is an incentive for those who don’t like the masks, especially if it is a bit difficult to work out convincing others to leave with you.

    Again, if this is one night I see little point for stat building. I think the style used in LWT2 could be more effective here with only one night of activities. If the image count of this game is anywhere near the image count of LWT2 then this game will be huge for one night of activity.

    1. I have complete trust in what they’ll do with it.
      I don’t really care if it’s masks or not. Ofc it would be fun to see a face at the end, but the masks are perfectly ok.

      I’m really looking forward to this one alot ! Ever since it’s anouncement. It’s sounds like it will be a game with tons of sex, and where some games are more story oriented, every now and then we need a game where it’s just going all out.

      I’m a huge fan of the Living With Temptation kind of storytelling, but some days you just feel like having a Story Of Didi or LWT2 wankathon.

      1. I agree, this looks great. I think the decision making will be the focus though, especially when it comes to your wife. You may have the option to walk around the party with your wife or perhaps get separated and have a different adventure than her. For example you may start the game off with a tour of the club by the hosts, however the tour is given to you and your wife separately (where the male host gives your wife a tour and the female host gives you a tour). When the tour is done, the host giving you the tour tells you that your wife should be ended her tour by now and gives you directions where to find her. If you go back immediately you’ll get back in time to meet her. If you get sidetracked along the way, she may have moved along and is having her own adventure by the time you get there. Having clues left as to what that adventure is by talking to other patrons or perhaps seeing articles of her clothing left around the club may make a path where you get a glimpse of what she’s up to to be a viable path. Story may be a large part of the game, it just may not be told in the traditional sense.

        I personally love the masks and think they are a great idea. My only recommendation is to have couples have the same masks. So you and your wife will have the same style of masks as will other couples. It is another way to tell a story without telling a story. When you see two people wearing different masks fucking you know they are not a couple, and you can see if you can pick out partners who may be with different people or in different rooms. You could see a girl getting fucked in one room and then notice a man wearing the same mask in another room, which lets you know who is who.

          1. I think it’ll be cool if it’s told from both perspectives, so you could take control of the wife for one playthrough, and the husband for another and both together for some scenes

    1. Cloudstrife7’s idea is awesome. If the feature to play either the husband or the wife isn’t in this game then what I would hope is that the sequel to the game would be the exact same night told from the wife’s point of view.

      What would be cool as well is to do a GTA 5 type of deal, where you could switch characters in the middle of the game and end up switching while a character is in the process of doing something interesting. Switching from the husband who just struck out with a girl to the wife who is in the middle of sex with someone else would be awesome for example.

      Has anyone though of making a porn game equivalent to Quantum Leap? It would probably go over better on the Sex & Glory site where the games seem to be high concept ideas while LOP is more exploration of more traditional fantasies. You could make it a Sensual Haunting sequel where the ghost may start the game being able to posses people by “riding along” with them and experiencing their day until they become powerful enough to influence them more directly. The ghost could then jump into different members of the household at will. So if you controlled the husband, you could get him to subtly flirt with his secretary at work, then jump to the wife at home and get her to seduce the mailman, then when you jump back to the husband he’s in the middle of having sex with the secretary on his office desk. The game would be about finding that critical mass of changed decisions to set events in motion in the future rather than directly controlling the action yourself.

      1. @mrhyde
        That sounds like a cool idea for sensual haunting 2, as long as you could repeat sex scenes so if you miss part of a scene while you’re controlling somebody else you could just do the scene again the next day and watch it fully or something. But really good idea

        1. Perhaps if you possess someone when they sleep you can access their memories. Or cause them to “dream” so you can play the full scene yourself but make different selections than what actually happened.

          1. @mrhyde
            Very nice. Maybe doing different things in the dreams will make them want to try it when awake or experiment more

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