Roommates: Evening with Lina

Today we got a surprise for you – small game which is a prequel to Roommates ( PREMIUM game), centered on Vivian attempting to get to know Lina and discovers more about herself.

The game uses minimal assets and invisible parameters to change the scenarios, allowing for different interactions and up to four endings. Can you find them all?

Play PREQUEL for free here: ROOMMATES – Evening with Lina
Play the full game here: ROOMMATES –

NOTE: It’s our first UNITY game – please let us know if you’ve encountered any technical issues with it.

34 thoughts on “Roommates: Evening with Lina”

  1. I must say roomates it’s a really good game I liked it, if you add a expansion for this game and add more man girl sex scenes that game will be hella good.

  2. I enjoyed it, though one quibble. Not sure if its my connection or a result of it being your first UNITY game but whenever I did an action that changed the screen (e.g. giving a massage or having Vivian play with herself) I got a brief “Loading…” and the screen dimmed. Usually only lasted 1 or 2 seconds but if felt a bit jarring and broke up the flow.

    Never had the issue on any of your other games so I suspect its not my connection.

  3. I think it’s a nice, little game. The renders are good and animation pretty stellar. Not much in terms of story, but the dialogue is good.

    There’s sometimes a lot of loading between scenes, especially animations. I’ve seen this in Unity before.

    All in all, a good effort. I like the idea of small, free tie-ins to existing games. Hope to see more of it in the future.

  4. Nice little game. Great graphics. Good scenes. A bit of prequel storytelling. The mechanics are boring though (repeat an action until you got like 10 points, rinse and repeat) but I’m guessing that is not the point of the game. So well done.

  5. I know this has nothing to do with the post and i know you guys said that the lwt2 expansion is still quite a ways off yet but i’d just like you to add more lisa anal scenes into it, and some tracy & lisa anal threesomes. And definitely some anal scenes with gabriele and an anal threesome with gabriele & lisa, if you could even put in an anal fivesome with tracy, lisa, gabriele and antoinette then that would be amazing and you would be the best people ever

  6. Yeah, Girls do it better… Roommates my favorite series. I want more threesome actions with Vivian, Lina and Marcie and continue Roommates series. Also want see more lesbian adventures how these three girl would seduce another girls for foursome and more…

  7. Okay, not much to say about the game itself. Short and simple, the visuals are amazing as in Roommates. The gameplay is, i think this more a “testrun” for Unity, not that important.

    My question, which I haven’t seen from anyone here:

    How long did you worked on this project under Unity and “if all goes well” how much time would you save for a project under Unity?

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