What’s next?


I’m sure that Kim is going to pay you a visit soon. If you love this character from the City of Love game – you will have a chance to penetrate her again soon (probably next week).


Then we would like to provide you with some sexy thrills with Arkham – the dark legacy.


And yes – Olivia, Ellie and Paul are slowly getting ready.

21 thoughts on “What’s next?”

  1. looking forward to kim,it will be nice to see her again
    also olivia,ellie and paul look good,is it the same artist that did erotic dates?on that topic,i would love if you guys made more erotic date type of games,there was talk about date games with tracy or lisa,i would definitely love to see them,maybe you could even bring back older characters for those games?

  2. Will “Blind Date” 3D well not sure if 3D or not but you know what i mean 🙂 will be ready this year maybe Autumn i think was mentioned somewhere?

  3. Looking forward to all 3 of these, though I do have my concerns about Arkham. I am especially anticipating the free Kim game and if we get it next week then Easter is going to get even better.

    And I feel like LOP don’t get enough credit for really setting up the pace of this blog. There’s basically a new entry every single week, keeping the customers updated and involved. It helps keeping the community alive and shows that you really listen to your players.

    Another thing that concerns me, which might seem a bit… unconventional. But in the last couple of games, the cum has looked a little strange… too watery and thin… just look at the cum in newer games like LwT2, CVR and Lily… and then compare it to the, IMO, great looking cum in LwS and LwT…

    1. @Nemo
      You and me both! They look wonderful and I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

      As for the updates, Leo does his best to keep everyone in the loop when it comes to game progressions. And I love to chit-chat with everyone and help anyway I can, so the community never feels left in the dark.

      And finally as for the cum images looking “too watery and thin”, well…if it doesn’t look like this then…maybe you should see a doctor about that…? JK! 😉

  4. Daman dude like i mentioned “Asked” above can we expect
    “Blind Date 3D” this year at least? You know the one with Olivia & Maya? The characters also will be moved around by us i guess? Thats 2-3 questions i have for now will be nice if you answer when you are available 😀 greetings!

    1. @slayer

      Sure here is the info. First off, BD3D is [CLASSIFIED DATA DELETED] and will be released in [CLASSIFIED DATA DELETED]. As to the main character and being able to move around, [CLASSIFIED DATA DELETED].

      I hope this answers all your questions! 😉

  5. Dude Bite me 🙂 but ok understand classified but i think i don’t ask that much, but fine will be nice then if you answer only if this year will be released or not Greetings!

    1. @slayer
      Hahahaha!!!! Sorry man, but the most kept secret out of everything are release dates. We don’t even know the details of other people’s projects over here or their due dates. All “hush hush” and “need to know”. But no worries, I’m sure you’ll know sooner than later.

  6. Me The question dude again 😀 how about the next free game shes olivia two i’ve read somewhere above and another chick and dude i think you or leo said soon this month i think that one was not classified 🙂 greetings

  7. Oh yes you said we will penetrate Kim first which will be nice when if you want to share that will be nice also Tnx for the new “Walkthroughs” especially for “Tori 500” my favorite girl, well one of my favorites i doubt but i really hope that maybe we will see her again in some new feature adventure(s) at least in some small free game by the way the picture above for the walkthrough look better then the old ones with new engine was made or? Looks like the one you used for LWT 2 with good clear pictures colors and contrast except Alice hair in the threesome scene if you noticed when she moves up and down look like smashed paper the “hair” till the next time greetings :X

  8. Hey, I know I’m commenting late but eh whatever. Since Daman seems to be like the new spokesperson for the LOP team (and doing a damn fine job of it) I’ll address this to him/you.

    Hey Daman, have as the LOP team considered adding “cheats” for lack of a better word to future games? I feel like it would be a simple quality of life improvement for some “dating sim” style games like Eleanor 2 or Living with Serena. Just a toggle you could press to make it so you can’t fail a skill check and can activate skill necessary actions without having to grind skill ponts. I know that would maybe mess with the game flow a little, but so long as its optional I don’t see how it would hurt (aside form development time). I’m just saying, maybe I want to wank to beautiful Eleanor but I don’t wanna sit half chub with that cold feeling that you get when all the blood rushes to your wang while clicking the same four buttons two hundred and forty times each as a raise my “sexperiance” enough to last longer than a virgin or an eighty year old. Just a thought.

    Love, a tired and horny fan.

    1. @Fabulous
      “spokesperson”? No. Fan turned employee who loves to write and share info? Sure.

      Cheats have been a stable in many games for a long time since the days of Contra and Tony Hawk Pro Skater. But to have the option to have them, would make the game feel…well, not like a game and more like “let me get max stats, god mode and a trillion dollars and forget that this is a game and spit on the developers” kind of adventure. So as of now, at least from my standpoint any cheats, boosters, or any other added advantages in games will probably never come into play.

      Thanks for the feedback and thank you for playing!


      PS Please refrain any subject matter referring to children here. We like this page and don’t want it taken down. Cheers!

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