Short July update

OEP under development – with the end of this week I plan some first tests.

Also we’re testing our new UNITY engine – also in July I want to release a first test game developed in that technology and I’ve decided to remake Rob: The unfaithful. Don’t expect any major changes – same good Rob presented with new engine to test the compatibility and all other potential issues in public, bigger scale.

Among all other game we’re developing right now I’m thinking about releasing a sequel of Living with Serena. I’m aware that sequels are very risky business but I’m willing to take a chance cause we got very solid story for this and it’s obvious, that everyone loves Serena, right? And probably many of you want to meet her darker side, right? Please let me know in the comments what do you think about that idea.

UPDATE 2017-07-17
EOP is almost complete. We need 1-2 days for final touches and we’ll release this game this week.

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  1. I think it would be great to have an update with Serena. Both the original story and the expansion were excellent! I’m sure she her darker side would be fun to explore, but I hope that its not completely out of character for what you’ve given us already.

    I had a calendar question for you. The image of Lily, while its obvious that you’ve rendered her from hips to head, will you ever post the image as a full shot instead of half on the “previous release” for the calendar and the other half as the banner above?

    Good luck with OEP and the expansion for Serena. I’m sure they’ll be great. Enjoy the start of summer.

  2. OEP seems to be taking quite a lot of time to develop. I hope it’s worth it.

    I’ve been wanting a sequel to LwS ever since you published the first game, which, even before the expansion, was a top-notch game. Serena is my undisputed favourite LOP-girl, so seeing more of her would be awesome. Not really sure what this “darker side” is meant to be… I hope she doesn’t turn into what Lisa and Tracy turned into in LwT2…

  3. “OEP seems to be taking quite a lot of time to develop. I hope it’s worth it.”

    Don’t look at this game in that categories – during development of OEP we’re doing a lot of other stuff not related to this game (new websites, new UNITY engine, developing other projects in background) so it’s unfair to talk about Ollie that way cause it’s not her fault.

    1. I know that you are developing a lot of new stuff for both LOPgold and Playforceone and I am excited about a lot of it. I really am. The CVR expansion and a sequel to LwS are two things I am really looking forward to. As well as OEP. Both LOPgold and Sex&Glory are doing very good things right now.

      But the fact remains that it’s been more than 3 months since LOPgold has released anything… and no, I don’t count Life of a Teacher, because, frankly, that should have been released as a free game and it’s development was outsourced. S&G is it’s own thing so while I enjoyed Arkham immensely, the game has nothing to do with LOPgold. The reasons (development being slowed because of other projects, etc) behind the development time of the game are irrelevant, as, no matter which way you look at it, OEP has still been in the works for quite some time. My statement wasn’t unfair, it’s just how I see it.

      1. I feel in the same way than Nemo, I get you guys are developing more things than just OEP but it feels it has been a while since you guys release a game. I don’t expect that much from OEP but I’ll give it a try. About serena 2 I’m moreeeee than OK with a sequel, I just hope we can see her slut side. Waiting for cvr expansion hopefully doesn’t take that long.

  4. A darker LWS game sounds amazing, I hope there is lots of NTR and Cuckold, maybe we play as Serena in the sequel?

    Possibilities are endless in a sequel, maybe even have cross over characters like Lisa (looking after Serena’s baby, who’s the father?) or Eleanor (looking to employ a hot secretary)?

    I have lots of ideas and wish I could share them all but the odds are I would just get my hopes up for no reason so I just gave you 2 😀

    Keep up the amazing work and I freaking loved the Calendar in the members section.

    1. Each to their own and all that. But I have to disagree on that one. LOP has had way too much cuckolding and NTR in their games lately. While I absolutely love CVR, every single path in that game involves cuckolding or the main character being submissive. It is possible to write a scene with one female and multiple males that doesn’t involve cuckolding. I get that it’s a popular fetish.. but just for once, I’d like to see a game without that stuff.

      And I hope we play as a male character that gets to bang Serena.

      1. @Nemo
        “While I absolutely love CVR, every single path in that game involves cuckolding or the main character being submissive”

        Let me say a little, but not too much. I guarantee the expansion will help flushout a few things and make it more to you and others likings, fetish-wise.

        “That’s all I have to say about that.”
        -Tom Hanks, “Forest Gump”

  5. Whilst I do like Serena I’m not a fan of what you are supposing. First, you guys haven’t done a sequel yet which I’ve enjoyed a ton, personally. Probably my own fault for getting too hyped which leaves me massively disappointed (LWT2, Eleanor2, HWS2).

    Secondly, when you say darker side I’m guessing NTR and cheating which I’m bored with. It seems like so many of the games over the last year or two have this theme which is why I’m looking forward to the more unique style games like Snake Valley, the Sex & Glory games and hopefully an expansion for Seducing the Throne. Sure they might have those themes in them but at least the setting which they happen is more interesting. Everything else doesn’t peak my interest.

    But all of this is going off such little info that I could be incredibly wrong about this game. When you say darker you could mean continuing the S&M/BDSM storyline from the previous game and the story like you said could be solid. But if it’s something like Serena as lost interest in her sex life and is now into swinging and cheating or she’s got a new job and she’s turned into a nympho because of her boss or even worse you play as her and can cheat on Julian (this is the worst in my opinion because just like Eleanor, if you want the most content from the game then you have to cheat, which makes the character slutty, one of the reasons why I like Serena is she’s got class and if she is a slut then this usually ends up in a cuck scenario) then I don’t care about.

    But that’s just me, I know many people are into these themes and if you do add them I hope that this sequel will match up to the first game. I’d prefer if instead of making sequels you would just make more expansions for older games but I understand why that’s a nightmare to do so here’s hoping that whatever this Serena game may be, it turns out good for the majority of people.

    1. It’s like you read my mind. I haven’t liked most of the sequels the LOPteam has strung together (I thought HWS 2 was pretty good though). I guess that’s the curse of having a beloved original game… it can cast a pretty darn big shadow. I really like the first game and the optimist in me thinks that a sequel can be a really great thing.

      If the darker side means exploring BDSM or something along those lines then I would see that as a welcomed change and something new in LOP’s repertoire.

      If it does mean NTR and cuckolding then this sequel is pretty dead on arrival for me. For a long time, cheating and cuckolding has been a pretty big theme in LOPgames and I am honestly getting pretty sick of it… not a big fan of the fetish to begin with, but still.. it’s pretty tiresome. I don’t mind if it’s just one path in a game with a multitude of paths. But in every recent release it has taken a huge focus and you’re often penalized for not cheating/remaining faithful. CVR is a pretty good example of how there’s no path that doesn’t involve cuckolding. I still like the game a lot and think it’s the best release since LwS… but that was the one aspect that really bothered me.

      The girls pretty much behave the same, with the same personality as well. Eleanor, LwT2 Tracy, LwT2 Lisa, Veronica (CVR), Kim, Lily… they’ve all become pretty much the same character…

      1. The thing is I understand why the sequels always disappoint me, except HWS2, the reason I wasn’t a fan was that the first was free so a GOLD version I thought would add a lot more, still a decent game but smaller than I expected.

        The problem I have with the sequels is that the writers listen to fan suggestion more than they should. I know that sounds stupid, you should always listen to fans but I feel that is the reason why. With something like LwT which is my favorite LoP game, Iksanabot (who is my favorite Lop writer because of SP, Lwt and StT) wrote both the first and second but the characters of Tracy and Lisa feel nothing like the characters from the first game.

        That’s because the stuff that they got up to in that game isn’t connected well enough to previous events for me. I know that the both of them have their kinks in the first game but some of the scenes that they take part in (LwT2) feel like they were made from fan advice. Which you can’t blame the fans for, if they want to see a character that they loved being fucked by tons of people, or taking part in select fetishes, that is fine but the writers should think about what the character would and wouldn’t do.

        When you get a different writer to take over then that’s where the character becomes more jumbled. If I remember right the expansion for Serena was written by a different person. I liked that update and it did add a story where Serena cheats on you if neglected but it was handled fairly well, she wasn’t fucking a dozen guys all of a sudden or cucking. She still had that class to her character except now she also had a thing for women which was a bit odd.

        When it comes to cheating and NTR, I have no problem with it (except that I feel too many GOLD games have been doing it). I prefer the cheating to be handled well and the NTR I might not be big on, but I don’t mind it sparingly. That’s why I love LwT. You could stay loyal to Tracy and get a ton of content or cheat with Lisa and get a ton of content. Or go for both but you might end up being cucked for punishment which is a bad ending, which is still avoidable. Whilst in Eleanor you will have to cheat if you want to see more than 1/5 of the game.

        So when a sequel comes out and the characters from the previous games get into scenes that fans want to see. that’s when all of them blend together. Like Tracy and Lisa from LwT 2 compared to Eleanor are much similar than they were before because now the characters don’t seem to have any restraints. They need to have stuff that they will do and stuff that they won’t. When all the characters become cheating, gangbanging, bisexuals, they lose character. So I’m hoping that if this new Serena game is about her cheating, it’s handled in a way better way than previous titles. Or it could not be about cheating and this massive post is worthless, either way even if they do make her like all the other female characters, people are still going to enjoy the game because that’s their fetish. I’ll probably just skip it and wait for something more different.

        1. Agreed and amen.

          You may have a point about the fan input. While it’s always cool to listen to what fans want, letting them dictate major parts of a story or, indeed, the entire story, is not a good idea. But for a sequel, you always want to “up the ante”. It has to be bigger, better, more extreme. Because you want to give the audience something they haven’t seen before (while keeping familiar elements so as to not alienate them). So how do you do it? You swing for the fences with extreme stuff. In the first Die Hard, John McClane took out a handful of terrorists in a building, using only a smg and a 9mm handgun…. fast forward to Die Hard 4 and now he’s taking out entire cities worth of terrorists while surfing on an F16. It just has to be more extreme, all of the time.

          That’s how you end up with the LWT2 versions of Tracy and Lisa, that feel nothing like they did in LWT1… and I fear that might happen to Serena as well. Which would be really sad. We’ve gone from having just one Eleanor, to having 4-5 of her. Cheating and cucking was always the premise in Eleanors games so it fits the bill that so much of the content would only be accessible if you’re an immoral whorebag. I’m ok with that and still enjoy playing that game from time to time. You can even play that game as a loyal housewife and still get a story that is fulfilling and makes sense. Unlike LWT2 which has basically zero content if you play a loyal, non-swinging, non-cheating husband as opposed to an affair-indulging, swinging cuck. You even get lectured about “living a little” if you decide to be faithful to your wife. LWT1 at least had paths and opportunities if you went with the loyal-husband-route. And I fear that a Serena sequel could end up the same way. I’m afraid Serena will have no trace of the personality she displayed in the first game and just end up as the same gangbang-loving, swinger-living and cheating wife that we’ve seen in Eleanor, LWT2, CVR, Lily and COL.

          I don’t mind NTR or cuckold content (There has to be something for everybody and it’s a popular fetish). But I hope there’s also going to be alternative paths that feel wholesome. I don’t want to play a game where only 1/10th of the game is accessible if you decide to not play a cheating ass-hat.

          And yeah, if all this “dark side of Serena” has nothing to do with cuckolding or cheating… then my post is going to look really stupid 🙂

      2. @Nemo
        “If the darker side means exploring BDSM or something along those lines then I would see that as a welcomed change and something new in LOP’s repertoire. ”

        Oooooh, the things I could tell you that we have in store for you good sir! 😉

  6. Serena in the dark side seems like a great idea … I was wondering if we will see Eleanor again any time in the future or you are done with Eleanor forever ??

  7. Sorry about the previous comment, it was an accident lol.

    I wanted to make strawpolls for fans to vote on to see what we all wanted for future games. Unfortunately, this website doesn’t allow me to post links. I understand its to prevent spam and shit.

    Basically I made polls for genres like ntr/cuckholding, incest, gangbang, threesomes, monster/beast, rape, futa/dickgirl, harem

    personally I’m not into ntr/cuckholding at all unless its to the player’s benefit (player is sleeping with someone else’s wife/gf). Right now it seems like we’ve been getting more and more of that despite a good amount of fans not being into that sort of thing. It seems like its being slipped into every game we enjoy like LWT and LWS.

    I would like to see more incest, monster, futa, harem and ffm threesomes.

    1. “I would like to see more incest, monster, futa, harem and ffm threesomes.”

      Well, this is the internet and there is always something for someone out there. As for us we are [DELETED FOR CONTENT AND/OR SPOILERS] so I hope you enjoy it soon!

  8. Generally speaking, I’ve much preferred your more recent games and sequels to the previous and originals, both in terms of story quality and gameplay, so I’m all in favour of a sequel.

    In particular, I always like to see a character’s darker side. I wouldn’t presume to know what that darker side is, but to those commenting on NTR content I would say the first Serena game already had a certain element of danger of losing her to a rival, if I’m not mistaken, so playing on that side of her personality wouldn’t be changing her character without reason or precedent.

  9. Dear LOP Team,
    Please stop ruining the characterization of your beloved girls. İn past 1.5 years, all of your girls behave same (Tracy, Lisa, and apparently Serena joining them too). They don’t have unique and distinct personality anymore, they all behave like cheating/cuckolding and swinging lover sluts.

    1. @Mordecai

      Dear Mordecai,

      Well if they all acted like virgin nuns in a church, our games would not be that good, now would they? Hehehe! Having some fun there! But if you notice everyone has a “sexy” side to them and how they present it (flirty, slutty, dominant, submissive, etc) is the backbone of a good erotic story. Tracy is more slutty while Lisa is more flirty in terms of LwT. as for Serena, well time will tell what ideas are floating in that head of hers.

      Thanks for the feedback though. I’ll be sure not to make the girls too, as you say, “cheating/cuckolding and swinging lover sluts”. But no promises! 😉


  10. I also need to throw my comment in the ring concerning a possible LwS sequel.

    In the past, you’ve made several excellent games with interesting story lines in which we, the player-character, make the choice between finding a way to make our relationship work, discovering that said relationship doesn’t work and leaving said relationship to find a better life, or becoming trapped by our basic instincts and ruining our lives. All the while having excellent sex scenes.

    Then, we revisited Eleanore.

    Since then, the story lines are pushed to the way-side as the focus is more on the player-character getting into greater and kinkier sex, with or without the player-character’s significant other.

    While I do acknowledge that there are people who are more interested in just chasing after the sex scenes and not caring about story development, there are already existing games that you’ve created that cater to their tastes; such as JR or (to go even kinkier) CVR.

    So please, I ask you, do not turn a wonderful character such as Serena; who I see as a loving wife who cares about her relationship with her husband above indulging in her sexual proclivities; into just yet another woman in your games who are only chasing after the next sexual debasement for their pleasure…like you did with Tracy.

  11. Living with Serena is my favorite of the Living With series of games, so a sequel sounds great. Especially if by seeing her darker side it means we get to play as Serena.

  12. I remember when LWS was released, it was the quite the surprise(in a good way). I personally would like a sequel to LWS. I feel like you shouldn’t have told us of the possible development of it, and just surprise us again by releasing the sequel out of nowhere. 🙂

    There are conflicting views on what Serena’s “darker” side should be based on the comments, and as the game developers, you guys are walking a tight rope, and will dissatisfy people regardless of how the sequel turns out.

    I for one would just like a genuine continuation of Serena’s and Julian’s story (if that’s the chosen ending that the sequel will start off with). Regardless, as you stated, you already have a story developed for LWS2, so I’ll be looking forward to the release of the game. Just go ahead with it Leo!

  13. Yes, yes, yes and yes to a living with serena 2, especially if you play as serena this time, because that would be brilliant. So i definitely vote for living with serena 2

  14. I would also love to see a Serena sequel and seeing her darker side is intriguing. Personally I’m a fan on NTR themes, so I’d like to see them included in the sequel as well. I think if you could balance an NTR and non NTR actions/endings that’d be the best of both worlds.

  15. Maybe?

    I mean, I’d love to see Serena again, but I don’t think I’ll play another “Living with” game, at least not if it uses the same gameplay of the first game, but I won’t go further into this to not repeat myself over and over again.

    If you guys decide to go forward with a sequel, I’d like it to be written by the same Author: Agrippa. Agrippa made some really great games that I’m a big fan of (The Agency, Passion One, Casino of Passion, HwS, Hank Moody, Trip to Paradise, Working for Evil, My Girl is a Model). I’d love to see another Agrippa game.

    I have to say I’m a big fan of NTR, cheating and some other dark stuff. I’m not really into vanila sex scenes in games. So, I’d love to see Serena’s darker side.

    But, I think it would be better written by Agrippa, since I prefer to see her stay in-character and not something that feels totally off-character. I’ll give two examples of characters that I felt was off-character in different games: Tracy in LwT 2, IF (a big IF here) she cheats on Justin even though he didn’t cheat on her first (the middle finger to the camera scene, which happens if Justin previously cheated on her was totally IN character to her); and Eleanor on that “My sex date” game (she actually is much more sluttier than she was portrayed on the sex date).

    So, a suggestion, don’t go full cheating/NTR here. I feel like it would be out of character for her. It would be nice to see her cheating in a route, but don’t make it the focus. And if there indeed will be cheating involved, it would be nice to see it better explored than it was in the first game’s expansion. I don’t like when the cheating scene leads to a game over like it was the case there.

    Perhaps you guys could explore a change of character on certain scenes so that we can see her cheating from different perspective (we play as Justin, but in certain events we see what’s happening through Serena). It could be interesting, but I don’t know if it would be factual technically speaking. Again, don’t make it a focus, Serena should still be Serena, not a character that looks exactly like her but is totally different in terms of personality.

    PS.: I realized Graen is a Wikia’s Moderator and Creator. I’d love to see more games written by him/her. I really enjoyed Kitsumi, Sisters, LwB and Claire.

  16. I’m sorry, but no interest. I’m a big fan of the original, but the formula for sequels here have or seem to all be headed in the same direction with character development. Here’s an idea. Why not make a game with Tracy, Eleanor and Serena all together and let them see if they can out-whore each other at their respective husbands/boyfriends expense? That’s what sequels here tend to do.

    The great thing about LwT, Ele, and LwS is that these relationships were new to us and each encounter and ending with them was something unique and fun. A sequel is difficult to do because we already know the main character’s kinks. The only answer that we’ve seen was for them to take those kinks to a new level. Most of the time it’s kind of over the edge and the the old character we grew to love gets lost in this new whoreish version.

    I vote no for a Serena 2. Instead, I’d vote for a Seducing the Throne sequel. At least there you have multiple characters to build on as well as endless possibilities of introducing new characters.

    1. Doing Sequel to Seducing the Throne? The RPG where some of the characters can die? Unless they want to write themselves into a further corner it’s a terrible idea. What StT needs is an expansion with more interaction with girls (not necessarily sexual). For now the game has all the satisfying (for the protagonist) endings connected to the Thief path while the Queen path leads to lame endings only.

      1. I mean, the sequels to Ele and LwT both had to go on a singular ending, why can’t they pick one where all 3 came back, or eliminate a character early in the game? This may work out because him choosing a hero’s path opens up the possibility of new female love interests. I think it’s been proven that keeping all of the same characters in a sequel writes them into a corner since all three of the women i mentioned above all seem to be going in the same direction anyways.

  17. i’m all for lws sequel,i’d surely love to see serena again but i agree with others,sequels are tricky business,if you’re going to make it too dark then i’m not sure if i would like it,things like heavy or too much bdsm,becoming too submissive or being gangbanged like a doll,that wouldn’t fit her character i think
    but then again it would be interesting to explore her dark side,so if you have those things in mind just don’t make it over the top

    to make myself short,lws sequel – yes please

  18. I think an expansion of Living with Serena is a top notch idea and its about time it became official. (btw, if I think i’m right, that’s Serena I suppose in the Cover photo, damn, she’s hot) Been waiting to see more of her ever since the expansion as all others are. She is a girl of top league as Tracy, Lisa etc. She is worth playing for. Let her “succumb to the dark side”.

    So, it seems you guys have a lot on your plate for July, and for the year. Hope to see all of them get the love they deserve.
    Cheers to all the artists, developers and writers.

  19. One more thing to mention, will you guys be kind enough to release Kitsumi or Hot Wife story in your new engine instead of Rob the Unfaithful? I know its a good game but if the above two are released instead, we will get to see Kitsumi or Michelle in the new engine.

    Please consider this if you have not started on Rob the Unfaithful.

    1. @viper699mw
      *Laughs* If I had it my way, I would love to see the entire library updated! Everything from Pumpkin Pickup to Passion Hotel would be nice to see and maybe even hear! But…that’s just me!

  20. i forgot to praise the decision to make calendar,i know other creators doing it for some time now and i always hoped to see lop doing similair stuff, i’m sure your calendar will top all others since in my opinion you have the best visuals aswell as the best models,looking forward to this friday 🙂

  21. I agree with the prevailing opinion here. While seeing Serena again would be nice, it should be done really carefully. As you have probably figured out by now, the majority loves these games (Eleanor, LwT, LwS) for the interesting premise and the plot with unique characters with their own personality, not necessarily the amount of sex scenes (quality over quantity any day). Sequel for Eleanor suffered for the Loving Wife path being unappealing (it’s difficult to be loving towards someone who doesn’t show any enthusiasm) and LWT2 didn’t really portray the characters that were in LWT as all of them became slutty and lost their unique traits that separated them from Eleanor.
    If Serena is going to become darker (whatever that means), I really hope it’s not about cheating, gangbang or swinging. While I like both gangbang and swinging, and Serena would no doubt look extremely hot in this scenario, we have enough games already about that (Eleanor 1&2, LwT 1&2, CVR, LiH etc). I would definitely be on board if she has one MFM fantasy like she did a FMF fantasy in the first game but it would be hard to enjoy if her ‘darkness’ is only going to show through her desire to whore around or giving the PC permission to whore around for the whole game.

  22. I personally would rather see other sequels than living with Serena. It’s one of those games which is like a good disney movie. It had a good story and end. Why extend it?

    Honestly I would love to see either a Trip to Paradise Sequel or a Secrets of Heaven sequel.

    Also are we ever going to get expansions to games like Living with Temptation 2 or Seducing the Throne?

    1. Last I heard Iksanabot is still doing writing on the LWT2 and STT expansions. Since they’re only in the writing process, you probably shouldn’t expect them anytime soon. I could be wrong though.

  23. I would like to refer a reecntly heard wisdom. It was said about the tons of superhero movies what was flooding the cinemas, but reading the comments above (and before) we can summurize it for games as well. Despite they full of action those and we going in the cinemas to see these actions, they are not only about action. That movies gets succesful and popular which is focusing on the people in them and their interactions with each other… //My theory because a person and her/his story can create emotions an exploding faceless robot cant.//

    So I would join the team. I like DP, MMF scenes with Elanor it was toaly ok because she was already a big slut before game 1, with Tracy (in LwT 1!) it was okish because both character had their motivation. It was a bit sudden and too quick how it escalated, bet let say it was a long supperesed desire. Why is not fine or just okish, becuse it still should have been signs of it or knowledge of it if it was a working/good realationship.
    So as much as like to see something like that with Serena only if it built up on a proper story. So you have quite long and hard quest to convince her to have sex with you and a strange bloke not just giving her 10 box of chocholate and now you have realtionship 200 so a monogamous loving girl suddenly aggre with a degradatory DP and fine of being a sex toy for unknown person…
    //Also could be great story but extremly hard to write, when you try the oppoiste an Elanor type sluty girl with long desire for an MMF has to convince her monomaous husband to let her invite a second men into their bedroom, so he has to accept pretty much she is cheating in front of him.//

  24. I hope lorena will be in lws 2, and melissa and definitely nicole. But mainly lorena and an anal threesome with serena and lorena would be mindblowing, as would one with nicole too. If there was any way you could add veronica from cvr or amelia ele 2 into it then that would be astounding:) if i could see an anal threesome with serena and amelia, or even better an anal orgy with serena, lorena, melissa, nicole, veronica and amelia then i can say without a doubt that i could die a very happy man:)

    1. @cloudstrife7
      It wouldn’t be a comment from you if the word “anal” was not in it! But not to give too much away, I’m working on another project and one of the images I requested for it will be dedicated for you, good sir! More details when they develop, though!

  25. To leo,if i can suggest an opinion,i think to make lopgold game have an interesting story is you should make it a prequel story,for example if u try to make eleanor 3,make it a game before she married with drake,when she still in college,all the lop gold fans will be hype if u make it

    1. The sequel would be problematic because Eleanor would be single and could do whatever she wants without consequences…and I can’t imagine what goal the game would have in this case. It wouldn’t be interesting to play without challenge. Also, there wouldn’t be any character growth/change (it’s not like she’s a nice girl turned slut). And there’s also the chance to screw up the continuity with retcons. So as much as sequels are tricky to write, the prequels are even more so.

    2. @rezi
      As a Star Wars and Lord of the Rings fan, I will say this; prequels are tricky and sometimes it is a bit too predictable (who lives, who dies, etc). But, never say never.

  26. Just throwin in my 2 cents.

    Serena has been a hit because it is a great character (both visually and personality wise). Great core idea of the game was that you had to find out Serena’s secret desires and fantasies in order to bring your relationship on another level. And we already had a little taste of her darker side.

    As for now, I think we can only stand by what we read: “We got a solid story” and we have no reasons to doubt it .

    if the story will be about exploring even more her hidden fantasies we already discovered and adding new others AND will be coherent with her personality it will absolutely be a great game. So I am all for another Serena game.

    1. Anyway, as far as I can remember now, as well as BDSM Serena had others fetishes and desires we already found out and in my opionion should be further explore, eg exhibitionism (I remember taking pictures of her while she was playing with her dildo) and public sex).

  27. I’m shocked by how many people here are actually into NTR/Cuckholding. What is the appeal? It’s like people who enjoy losing in videogames or getting hit by a cheap shot.

    1. Serena may have a 3some with other guys (I’d even say with or without you partecipating or just watching, filming or taking pictures idk endless possibilities), it may be a good path or a bad path, without that being considered cuckholding.

      She is not the cuckholdress type if you ask me, way out of her carachter.

      1. To sum up: she is not a cuckholdress but yeah she’ll def cheat on you if don’t you play your cards right. We already had a taste of that in 1st game. Or it could be – in a good path – her having a fantasy about MMF – again with our without you involved depending on the path.

    2. I’m even more shocked about people wanting other people to explain the reason they enjoy certain fetish.

      Why do people enjoy gangbang? BDSM? Anal? Lesbians? School settings? Etc. etc. etc.

      All of those things are just fetish. It shouldn’t matter why people enjoy seeing certain fetish in a GAME. Now, I’ll go back to my cheating game.

      1. Trying to explain why you enjoy a certain thing or have a certain fetish is just silly. People like what they like and that’s it. Us not understanding other peoples fetishes doesn’t warrant an explanation from them.

        I’m not saying LOP should get rid of NTR/cuckolding. I definitely don’t enjoy it, but I respect that other people do…. and a game can be good even if every single path is dominated by cuckold themes (CVR proved that… but oh, how I wish there was just one path or ending where the main character doesn’t end up a cuck).

        But since the last couple of games have had such a heavy focus on the subject and had most (if not all) paths involve that aspect, how about making a game that doesn’t rely almost entirely on that fetish? Surely there are other themes and fetishes to explore. How about not making every game the same game and every character the same character? How about making Serena someone who (GASP!) doesn’t engage in cuckold gangbangs and will only cheat or fuck others if you severely neglect her or cheat yourself… just like it happened in the first game.

        Again, not saying that NTR themes must be purged from any and all future games… but maybe make one devoid of them or at least have it limited to one out of many paths.

        1. I agree about the fetish and Serena. It’s extremelly silly to want other people to explain why they have certain fetish.

          I’m with you about not making cheating the focus of a possible LwS sequel.

          I just realized that in Serena’s fetish of fucking during work, she actually fantasized about cheating with her boss. She was the one that started the cheating in that fantasy. That’s curious, and I just realized that.

          Not saying that cheating indeed should be the focus of the sequel. Definetely don’t do it. But by saying about exploring Serena’s “darker side”, it would be pretty interesting to see what other fetishes she’s into. She likes some pretty kinky stuff.

  28. Yes, yes and yes, a LWS sequel would be great! Serena is a beautiful character and bringing her back would be a great addition! I have to disagree with some of the comments above, I think that the NTR/cuckold aspect of your games makes them much more intriguing and fun to play! It gives us an option and allows us to see both sides of a relationship. If we are faithful so is our spouse, and if not then they won’t be either. I think you guys are the best in the business when it comes to writing/storylines, and it makes LOP games truly fun to play. Keep up the great work!

    BTW, when is the CVR expansion scheduled to be released?

  29. I’d very much like to see Serena’s “darker side” after seeing her cheating on her husband due to her hubby’s negligence. But I’d like to see that side in a rather classy but realistic and illicit way.

    To break down, there could be a situation where Serena’s hubby expressed his fantasy of having Serena getting engaged in a 3some/4some/gangbang action but only under the condition that the hubby would be viewing that steamy action of Serena getting banged in all holes from a voyeur side, all while witnessing his wife’s raw, unbridled darker side revealing in all its glory where Serena, although initially timid and uneasy of the whole situation, will gradually get loosened up by seeing all the well-built white & black alpha men with their engorged manhood, taking turns with every dominant males in the dark room, sucking their cocks, getting her holes plowed and still begging for more, her shocking yet utterly ecstatic facial expression from the frenzied sexual romp. The scene might end with Serena’s dialogue being thrown to her hubby in the voyeur side teasing/insulting him by saying “I want to experience these unnatural feelings again, I want you to witness the overwhelming sexual feeling that these men are giving me that you could never give me..”

    Other situation could be like an illicit affair between Serena and the other man, that is also triggered by her hubby where Serena’s hubby brings his best buddy to stay in his house for a while, and Serena gets instantly attracted to the man’s (hubby’s friend) charisma, his well built muscled physique and Serena might tease the man in every possible way. After detecting (suspecting) Serena’s behavior around his friend, hubby might express his secret desire of Serena getting into a hot sexual action with his friend by Serena teasing the friend. This could incite Serena’s “darker side” and Serena could be addicted (motivated) to let go of her inhibitions and engage in multiple sexual affairs with the friend (like giving blowjobs to the friend in the shower while hubby is downstairs, teasing the friend in the kitchen/drawing room by Serena showing her funbags/beaver while hubby is busy watching TV or outside in the garage). The scene could go 2 ways. First, where hubby accidentally catches Serena giving his friend blowjob in the shower & instead of disturbing the action, hubby could voyeuristically jerk off to his fantasy. Or Serena going to the club with hubby and his friend and while gets drinks for both of them, comes back and doesn’t find them and then catches them in the bathroom having sex and might secretly enjoy the scene/interrupts them. Second, where hubby starts neglecting Serena with some other girl and one day on his return home, accidentally hears sounds coming from his/friend’s bedroom where he takes a peek to his dismay finds Serena having hot sex with the friend. This scene could either end in him revealing his presence to them and joining them in a hotter 3some, OR, not interrupting the scene to watch whether Serena betrays his marital relationship and goes all the way (might even have anal sex with the friend).

    In a nutshell, the above 2 situations explain the CHEATING, VOYEURISTIC FANTASIES & VIOLENT DARK SIDE are, in my opinion, are classy yet realistic events that often happen in a marital relationship where extreme sexual tension might either make the relation spicy or break it disastrously depending on how the hubby plays his cards with his submissive but secretive wife having a darker side. So, these above events are just the repercussions that will get triggered only from Serena & her husband’s central storyline.

    Tell us how do you like the above scenarios. I know its a bit verbose, but I wanted to explain the situations with a storyline, that’s all. Will be awaiting your feedback.

    With Best Regards

    1. That’s your idea of “classy”? ok. Let’s agree to disagree on that one.

      It’s pretty clear you want the main character to just be a straight-up cuck who watches his girlfriend get banged by other dudes and have that as the main and only story line…

      How about just playing CVR instead? Or playing Eleanor or Eleanor 2? Or Lily in Hawaii? Or LWT2? Plenty of cuck action in those games.

      1. Nemo

        I like your posts that you present here, they reek of logical, sensible, mature point of view. But I’m gonna have to disagree to agree with your comments on my post (apology in advance).

        Since, the developers expressed the idea of making Serena sequel where they intend to enhance her “darker” version, what better way to do it than to present Serena showing her darker personality in ways that would shock her husband. Like most of the erotic wife-hubby stories out there focusing on loyal wife getting exposed to a world of debauchery and sexual depravity under hubby’s urges, while initially timid and unsure, gradually gets too addicted and magnetized to get out of those situations, leaving the hubby realize his grave blunder of leading his once faithful now sexually lecherous wife to a darker path. And that, my friend, is where the story turns alive when hubby witnesses through his own eyes about the downfall (or rise?) of a new sexual being that possess his wife, who nonchalantly engages in numerous sexual trysts with random men, without even caring her hubby’s presence.

        Secondly, if you’ve a look into my 2nd para, you’ll notice I’ve mentioned a sub-situation where Serena’s hubby (upon her consent) engages in a 3some or 4some action with other men. So, it all depends upon the stream of decisions made by the player.

        Moreover, I think the sequel would much appeal to the players if Serena, like Lily in LIH, is positioned as the narrator in certain situations while her hubby being the narrator in other situations. I don’t think we’ve seen multiple narrators in LOP games before. So this might be a good thing too.

        Don’t get me wrong Nemo, I love the idea of jealousy filled cheating sex where hubby silently/forcibly witnesses his wife willingly fucking strangers. This idea might not be palatable to you, I get it, but this idea might in fact be one of the popular themes in reflecting Serena’s darker side and could be likeable by others like me.


        1. “the idea of making Serena sequel where they intend to enhance her “darker” version, what better way to do it than to present Serena showing her darker personality in ways that would shock her husband.”

          There are other ways of showing a characters dark side than turning her into a gangbanging, disrespecting slut of a cuckold-wank-fantasy. I know it’s difficult to see beyond ones own fetish, but there are other themes than cuckolding to be explored in LOP games. “…the story turns alive…” to you only because it involves a theme you enjoy. Your inability to see a dark side that doesn’t necessarily rely on cuckolding, speaks more of the limits of your imagination and storytelling abilities than it speaks of the narrative you’re trying to ignore.

          You don’t seem to take into account the characters or the storytelling that the first LWS game set up. I’m guessing because you don’t really care… That’s, of course, pure speculation on my end, but that would explain why you’re only interested in seeing some wife/girlfriend gangbanged by strangers while her husband/boyfriend watches and is cuckolded. You don’t care if it’s in-character for the characters involved or if there’s any sensible storytelling involved. You want to see this happen to any and all LOP females and so, they all basically become the same character without any differences or nuances to tell them apart. Play the first LWS… there’s no hint that Serena would be the cuckolding type… she’s flirting with BDSM themes and story-wise, it would make more sense to continuity to explore that as a theme. Aside from that, there are plenty of other themes to explore and add a dark twist to, other than cuckolding. Voyerism, exhibitionism, dogging, roleplaying.

          Your reference to your second paragraph makes no sense. Your idea of providing diversity to a cuckold story is to… add a sub-story that adds… more cuckolding….? I get it, you love that cuck-action… Might I, once again, suggest you play CVR? Veronica, the main characters wife from CVR sounds like just the girl for you. In fact, you’ve described her pretty well in your initial post, while you’ve failed to capture any sense of Serena’s character. The scenarios you give would certainly fit a character such as Veronica or Eleanor or even Tracy (on one of her bad days, I suppose).

          “Don’t get me wrong Nemo”

          Trust me, I haven’t. You’ve explained perfectly well what you are all about. You dig cuckolding. And that’s cool, dude. We all have our kinks. But there are plenty of games for you on LOP that already deal a lot with your kink and maybe it’s time to have a game that doesn’t involve cuckolding as the only fetish, the most story-dominating fetish or (GASP, say it ain’t so!) any cuckolding at all.

          And, to reiterate, I don’t agree nor do I find your idea classy. You asked for feedback and I gave it. You said you wanted to give ideas within the context of a storyline, yet you present no storyline in your initial proposal. To me, your ideas seem better suited for a CVR sequel or an Eleanor sequel.

          Lastly, be careful with speaking on the behalf of others or presume to know what other people want. There are people on this blog who love to use phrases such as “everybody will surely find this exciting!”, “this will certainly be loved by all!” or “this will be very popular”. It’s a weak attempt at popularizing a thing that you like by implying there are hordes of anonymous people who side with you.

          Like I said: Let’s agree to disagree on this one.

          1. Nemo

            “Play the first LWS… there’s no hint that Serena would be the cuckolding type… she’s flirting with BDSM themes”…

            Ofcourse, I’ve played and enjoyed LWS 1 rather pretty well. And may be I concede that I didn’t take the whole side of Serena’s personality into account, one who has been portrayed in the LWS 1 as a faithful, loving and submissive wife who just had a hidden desire of trying something ‘wild’, something ‘daring’ with her husband.

            But if we take a look into its sequel, Forbidden Desires, we can catch of glimpse of the cheating aspect being showcased there due to the strain in Serena’s relationship with her husband. That’s the ending that I would like to get explored in the upcoming version where Serena could do whatever she wants to do (cheat/flirt and whatever else a woman does when she lacks attention & care from her partner to find that excitement and thrill back in her life). From that perspective, I’ve presented my idea of ‘cheating’.

            Moreover, I’d like to point out, like a movie franchise having a 3-part sequels where the subsequent movie plot is enhanced on one of the possible endings shown in the previous movie rather than reiterating the whole storyline again, I think the same approach could be applied in the upcoming Serena version, where the ‘cheating’ aspect could be enhanced as one of the many ‘darker’ portrayals of Serena.

            “Aside from that, there are plenty of other themes to explore and add a dark twist to, other than cuckolding. Voyerism, exhibitionism, dogging, roleplaying”…

            May be I’m not as experienced in exploring the darker side of relationship as you as I’m rather young, so I implore you to provide insight as to what other possible ‘dark twists’ can be out there that could be included in the upcoming Serena’s version? Who knows? May be I could learn from you about other aspects of the ‘dark world’..!!

            “You’ve explained perfectly well what you are all about. You dig cuckolding.”…

            Yeah, you’re right about that. I do have a weak spot there, to test the limits of loyalty of my partner, to see whether after everything is said and done, my partner will still have a place in her heart for me. That’s my way of viewing the robustness of a relationship, perhaps, might/might not be likeable to others.

            “she’s flirting with BDSM themes and story-wise, it would make more sense to continuity to explore that as a theme.”…

            Nevertheless, I do agree that there are other ways to spice up the wild side of Serena like the BDSM thingy you mentioned, like recreating a version of 50 shades of Grey, would be quite interesting. But since we’ve already seen the BDSM in the 1st version, reiterating the scene again might seem bored. So, do regale us with other exciting things that could be put on the plate.

            “be careful with speaking on the behalf of others or presume to know what other people want. It’s a weak attempt at popularizing a thing that you like by implying there are hordes of anonymous people who side with you.”…

            Of course there was/is/will always be a group of people with shared interests. But that doesn’t mean I was generalizing or popularizing my idea in a vainglorious attempt to get masses to vouch for me. I simply meant that different people have different disposition, fantasy, perception and dislike on a particular matter. What I meant was that I’m part of that group of people who likes the idea of cuckold/cheating in a game.

            However, I can see by your tone that you don’t advocate the cuckold/cheating idea to be re-introduced in Serena’s new version. So, could you share what other themes we could bring on the table that would be palatable and refreshing. I’m open to all of ’em.

            On a side note, I think the new Serena version should introduce ‘Lesbianism’ (one of the scenes between Lorena, Serena and her husband from LWS-FF) as one of the primary themes in the upcoming version that might explore Serena’s proclivity towards women. What do you think?


          2. LOPfan001.

            “But if we take a look into its sequel, Forbidden Desires, we can catch of glimpse of the cheating aspect being showcased there due to the strain in Serena’s relationship with her husband.”

            Yes. In the expansion to the first LWS, Serena will seek affection elsewhere if Julian neglects her. However, that doesn’t automatically mean that she’d throw herself into gangbangs with his full consent (and we’ve been given no indication that Julian would even find this the least bit interesting). I’m fine with Serena cheating on us, as the main character, if we don’t put effort into the relationship. However, I fail to see how that relates to a full-blown gangbang-orgy swinger-relationship with Julian being a willing and submissive cuck.

            “May be I’m not as experienced in exploring the darker side of relationship as you as I’m rather young, so I implore you to provide insight as to what other possible ‘dark twists’”

            …I already did… I mentioned roleplaying, BDSM and exhibitionism… to mention a few… there are ways to add dark twists to those fetishes… Maybe, for a change, we could play a dominant male character… that’s actually something we don’t really see in the LOP games very often.. in LWT, CVR, STT we play a male character who is (sometimes subtle, sometimes less so) subservient to our significant others… which, from a gameplay perspective, makes sense, as it gives the game a sense of challenge. Maybe Serena has a penchant for being subservient… being submissive… and in the sequel she wants to take this to greater, perhaps extreme lengths… and, as Julian, we have to play with the idea of crossing her limits to being a willing slave… just an idea.

            “But since we’ve already seen the BDSM in the 1st version, reiterating the scene again might seem bored.”

            …Dude, that was ONE scene… and you’re saying it as if it would just be the exact same scene repeated. It’s perfectly possible to expand on that idea by presenting new scenes, new toys and scenarios. By using the logic of your above sentence, there should not be cuckolding or cheating in the sequel… because we’ve already seen it in the original and, oh, every other single LOP game… so “since we’ve already seen the ….. (substitute ‘BDSM’ with ‘cuckolding’) in the 1st version, reiterating the scene again might seem bored.” Your words, mate. LOL!

            “On a side note, I think the new Serena version should introduce ‘Lesbianism’ (one of the scenes between Lorena, Serena and her husband from LWS-FF) as one of the primary themes in the upcoming version that might explore Serena’s proclivity towards women. What do you think?”

            Meh… I think lesbian scenes are boring… I need a ‘self-insert’ in a scene for it to be enticing and there would be none in a girl-on-girl scene… I wouldn’t write the game of if it had lesbian content, but I’d be bored to tears…

        1. @LOP_Daman several comments here seem to often confuse a ‘regular’ cheating with cuckolding. So I think s/he meant a path where you cheat on your BF with that local hunk.

          1. BloodyMares.

            Read up on the offical definition of cuckolding and you’ll see that I have confused nothing. Cuckolding IS cheating… don’t know what you mean by “regular” cheating.

        2. You most certainly did.

          A cuckold, as defined by the cambridge english dictionary, is a man whose wife deceives him by having a sexual relationship with another man.

          Even if we go by the more derivative definition of a woman openly being with another man, with her husbands knowledge (which, to be fair is what my debate with LOPfan001 sort of alludes to), the ending where Lily starts a relationship with Uffe, seemingly with her husband being fully aware of the affair, you wrote a cuckold scene.

          The fact that you used the tired cliche of the other man, being the big, black bull with a bigger dick than her husband (just like in CVR), which is a popular trope in the cuckold genre, further enforces that it’s a scenario steeped in cuckolding…. just saying…

  30. Also, since the sequel will be primarily focused on Serena’s darker side, Serena having “ANAL SEX” would be much more appreciated especially with a man other than her husband (since we’ve already watched Lily taking it from her hubby in LIH).


  31. Wanna add my twocents after reading post. The cheating cuckolding is cool all is fair in a world of deviancy. The problem with the sequels i believe is there to short. Eleanor 2 was just short. She is still best character and hope to see a part 3.
    ( Please gotta give her a redue in part 3) LWT2 again to short not enough time with Lisa at all or even Antoinette, 45 days or 60 day games so you can see content more than once without having to play over again. Games like Roommates and I liked because was long, then being able to save in Arkham and do something different was key.

    Serena is a great game and could use some cheating hell as the dude you cheated on her fine ass with two different chicks so why not her back. It’s a game guys but more importantly if one person is cheating in real life the other person is probably doing it back; so bring on her DARK SIDE PLEASE!!! Hope that includes Melissa and even Lorena.

    Personally wanna see more Black Dudes incorporated some more Interracial action could be cool loved this about Eleanor bring back FLAKE was great character.

    1. @lifeball224
      “Personally wanna see more Black Dudes incorporated some more Interracial action…”

      I’m all for diversity! I’ll see if I come up with anything for later or if someone beat me to the punch.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  32. O yeah and guys look at the characters husbands as well and you see why the characters do what they do. I think Julian was by far the most manly guy among all the husbands in the stories. Eleanor husband was wacky book nerd. Charlie Tracy’s husband had to work out, Julian was a cheating mechanic that had a bad chick at home and still cheated. Hell tried to the other guys almost fell into pussy LoL. Think it’s time Serena gets hers because of all Julian’s mess while maybe enjoying himself as well. Cuckold worked for Tracy because charlie was that type of guy loved playing as him but you didn’t have to be a cuckold either sex with others made their relationship.

    Would love to see in order this
    Eleanor 3
    LWS Sequel
    LWT 3
    Seducing the throne 2

    Thanks for ya’ll hardwork

    1. I dont think they will make any other eleanor game for a while, but yes i would rather have a eleanor 3 than lws sequel. but who knows! maybe they can bring some surprises

  33. @heylop i really hope ur wrong about eleanor being that far off. I’m hoping we start getting a new game at least once a month. I could wait till Sept. lol haha

  34. Got to say I have my doubts about darker serena because the original gave options and if instead the game will pursue a darker/meaner tone by default then it may well fall foul of the reception other sequels.

  35. Serena its gorgeous i love the expansion of it but the problem and some of the issues you guys had was instead adding places characters like before for example LWT 2 & Eleanor were miss why, you totally changed the environment LWT 2 was vacation not so bad but to short for the waiting not complete story and was expected more sex in the house or orgies or more girls at the same time, threesomes or your cousin screwing your nanny or other chicks screwing behind back with every girl you can do it only once while in old games you can do it almost every day and scenes were some repeatable or some of them were Special Scenes in 2nd sequals were none on and all LWT 2 was not so bad Vacation you can back on the track however Eleanor must say disappointing so Daman & LEO and other scenario guys if you read this don’t change story in the great games not at least totally you can expanding including new characters definitely going on trip in vegas or something yes but Eleanor 2 was total change and went bad before be studied and tested and asked for opinion updates not fixed the holes was one of the fav. char. now looks dissapointing i hope you will bring on track though in part 3. Serena its great just dont change to much and changes hope will be well adapted. LWT 2 was ok and i hope the other chicks will appear in 3rd or maybe hes cousin will pay him a visit cant wait to see Serena though and can we expect her this summer or year thats th problem with you guys on other websites say the release date but well till the next time Greetings!

    1. i already said this somewhere else but i think LOP should consider changing the game concepts or release plans to be similair to patreon creators
      many lop games would benefit that style of approach of releasing the games since it allows you to build the story and add new content basically non stop,you have no limits that lop games often have

      i sad somewhere else regarding lwt2,it’ts concept and story was made to be released in episodic updates with gradual addition of content instead to be released as full game an once since it’s packed with events and it’s story simply cannot fit in 300mb that currently is size of lwt2
      instead,in my opinon,if lwt2 was released in one day per update but with size of the full game,the possibilities for this game would be unimaginable and it would probably be the best adult game ever
      so that way you could even give us few days before acutal events of lwt2 for example planning of the trip and inviting lisa over,more freedom during vacation like interactions with caracters and environment,repeatable scenes,more options,more story development etc…those little things that made lwt1 so great

      it’s easy said than done i know and i’m sorry if i’m being smartass here,but i hope with new engine you’re developing it will allow you to make the games bigger and longer
      p.s. nice calendare update,it’s great to see eleanor again 🙂

  36. Julian definitely not the cuckold type dude. She should just cheat. He gets to many chicks to be a cuckold hahaha dont need to share her. I could see them breaking up and her with another dude and him with another girl. Then stopping by house to get some of his stuff and seeing her and new boyfriend and watching. Then her seeing him but that turning her on that he is watching which sparks a new side of her.

  37. I see that has been brought out the topic whether LOP should go Patreon business style. If that will ever happen I’ll just go away from LOP. I completely disagree.

    Best things of LOP games is that once they are released its because they are complete or at least authors think they are.
    I dont wanna wait updates after updates and having to replay a game from the start just to see the very little content that has been added.

    Moreover as a player I can share ideas on the blog but I want to play an author’s game I don’t want the authors to make the game that I want it to be. Absolutely no.

    Not to mention the fact the most of patreon games are never complete and never will be, just an excuse to steal your money, almost no content, very poor quality (both visually and charachers wise) and full of incest, underrage shit.

    My 2 cents as usual

    1. first off,i respect your opinoin,i see you’re as big lop fan as me but i think you bit misunderstood what i wanted to say
      i can agree that huge majority of patreon games will never be finished and are just cash grab,except maybe 3-4 developers who are actually doing great job with their projects,but nevermind that

      lop games are step above anything else gameplay and storywise but unfortunately sometimes the games can suffer because of the way lop realeases them,you surely can remember the meltdown everyone had when lwt2 came out and everyone complained that the game is too short and so on,when in reality it is a pretty big game but with quick playthroughs,which is different thing

      when i said that lop should try to take different approach of releasing the games i had specifically lwt2 in mind since it is a bit different game concept than other lop titles and it would definitely benefit from periodic updates rather than releasing it as a full game with loads of content and multiple pathways to follow but with no space to add small thing that would enrich the storytelling,little things like interactions between characters and freedom to do stuff around the map during the playthrough
      if lwt2 was divided in 7 parts,one for each day (i’m talking about the full,finished script they had),writer would have more freedom and it would be lot easier to deliver the story and events he had in mind but also have ability to add more freedom to roam,explore and interact with map and characters,that’s my opinon ofcourse

      i’m not saying that lop should take this or any different approach for every game they will going to release,but i do think that some titles would benefit that
      whatever will happen i’ll continue to support the team,in my eyes lop is still way above everything else in this genre

      1. Just have to take it to what it is: just my opinion.

        I see that you were referring to LWT2 and yeah I remember complaying about being too short. But it was released because the author thought it was complete that way I guess.

        I may agree that some games might benefit from updates but that’s what expensions are made for, if a game turns out to be a great hit.

        We don’t know if visual artists and writers really have the time required to develop and deliver the content with periodically updates. And I really don’t know how long the coding process might take. That’s why I guess a game is released when they feel it’s complete that way. I like this way.

        My 2 cents.

        1. By the way, I was one of those who complained here on the blog that I would have like LWT2 to be longer.

          But everybody saw it seemed shorter because it got ridded of stat building system in favor of a new choice based game played.

          Can’t now remember exactly the numbers and correct me if I’m wrong, but, if I am not mistaken, they were displayed here on the blog and they showed that LWT2 had way more content than LWT1.

  38. Hello Community!

    I’ve been scrolling though the comments and see much talk about ‘no’ to sequels, ‘yes’ to sequels and “more of this fetish and less of that one”. I am actually happy to read these as it shows a lot of dedicated fans who want to see the LoP games succeed and fulfill any desires or fun/sick ideas that knock around in your heads! For that, on behalf of the entire LoP staff, let me just say thank you!

    And yes, sequels can be troublesome and can miss as there are multiple endings and should sometimes just end there. But as a writer, sometimes we have more to say on the subject or an epilogue that needs to be addressed after the dust has been settled. As Leo proudly stated “…we got very solid story for this and it’s obvious, that everyone loves Serena.” So I hope you guys like it and time will tell.

    As for fetishes, I feel like they are like hamburgers: everyone will tell you that one burger joint is better and sometimes it is or isn’t. But when it comes to story telling, there is a limitation to how to proceed in some styles. Incest relations, futa female and BDSM straight off the bat is a risk, but they are not ruled of anyone’s radar and want to cater to everyone, so keep your eyes open for something new form us in the future. Rape, on the other hand, will never see the light of day in my book so don’t expect that from me EVER in the future!

    As for the slow updates, I’ll apologize for that too. But please note that we would not be putting all our efforts into it if we didn’t have faith in the projects. With an entirely new web page coming soon and a cutting-edge game engine that will not only help us make the game more fun and interactive but revolutionize the adult game industry as a whole, it is a lot to take in and we promise that the products coming out will not disappoint you in the lease. As I mentioned back in January, this is the year of LoP…and the stuff we mentioned is just the tip of the iceberg. I will so no more than that! 😉

    Now, I have a plane to catch and am taking an entire two weeks off to rest my noggin from all the writing I’ve been doing! When I get back, it’s head down, pants off and work, work, work! Stay vigilant and thanks again for the support everyone!

    Best Wishes,

    1. Well, there you have it… Everything settled. It’s true what you said about the fetishes(hamburger joint!, good one) I hope this clears this clears most of the enquiries made by the people in this post.

      Go enjoy the holiday, mate. You certainly have earned one. Cheers.

      1. You don’t have to include a rape scene, but you can do a forced like kevin with eleanor back on eleanor1 even though she had options she was kinda forced to do it. That’s way different from rape.

  39. “With an entirely new web page coming soon and a cutting-edge game engine that will not only help us make the game more fun and interactive but revolutionize the adult game industry as a whole, it is a lot to take in and we promise that the products coming out will not disappoint you in the lease.”

    i like what you said here and wish you and the whole team best in the proccess of making things work,i appreciate all the work you guys are putting into creating all of this
    enjoy your holiday!

  40. honestly, all these comments show how great of a job you guys do with your work! at the end of the day, as long as it is made by you guys, it will be an amazing game. keep it classy, sexy, and it will be great!

  41. Damn, I registered in the blog just to leave a comment on this! Apparently I like Serena more than any other LOP character!

    So here’s a really ambitious idea… Any of you ever played Mass Effect? For those who didn’t, Mass Effect had 3 games and the later two had a save import option. So all your decisions from the earlier game was ported to the new game. Do I need say more?

    Also some of us still has 1366 x 768 resolution. I had trouble playing “Life of Teacher”. If unity is the next milestone, please keep that in mind. And thank you for making all our wet dreams into… umm… binary digits… I guess!

  42. Well no need for incest if you ask me especially for futa “Shemales” what i always complain though its not late updates maybe a little but its ok its the date say the date when you will release the game or update or at least you can say next week or this week thats the all we asking i think every other creator says the date of the next release its ok if is later you do that and that small problem its fix and wait impationed for the Serena hope we will play this summer August max waiting still no need to rush make it nice Greetings!

  43. I’ve read the dude above and yeah upgrading the graphic much not only for 2 of us will be problem for many dudes i guess. I have quad core cpu but integrated graphic card, so games like “Blind Date” May be a problem, so no need for extreme resolution pictures at least for now will be appreciated guys! I think LWT 2 had great graphic no need to be a lot more extreme from that fellas, maybe in future but no need to be immediate future if you know what i mean! 🙂 i hope you will consider this see around!

  44. So when can we expect CVR expansion? That game is just so hot! I wonder if that’s how things happen in a swinging club.

    BTW, keep up the good work!

  45. What about Living with Temptation ? Maybe you can add pool scenes ? I am talking about first game. Well maybe you can develop Eleanor 3 or Living With Temptation 3 orrrr Club Velvet Rose 2 ( Tracy & Eleanor & Veronica together ) . Pls can you guys share the info ? And wheres the new games 🙁

  46. Maybe have us play as Serena this time, It’d be more fun that way. Justin was a cool guy and he got the spotlight last game so why not give Serena the spotlight this game.

    1. Yea it feels like has been way to much time since they release any game, OEP does not look such a huge game, we have to understand they’re going through a software change so..

  47. Do we, by any chance, get to see more girl-on-girl games with a female protagonist in the future? Not that I don’t mind it’s that what I am more into.

  48. I havent see much about her but, what do you guys think about didi? I think it was a really good game i play it over and over, would you guys like to see her again? i do

    1. I would like to see her again. I like her design and I actually enjoyed the gameplay elements of the first game… + her character/personality and her career choice makes for a game that serves as a “quickfap” rather than a slow burn… So if one is into just sex scenes rather than longer story telling, there’s potential in a new Didi game.

  49. I would rather see Serena single. It would be a better story if she found that Juilan had been cheating on her and left him. I Just don’t want to see Serena cheat do to the fact she was going to leave him in LWS do to the fact all he did was party and she felt he was cheating on her. Just my two cents.

  50. Well Serena its ok if she is alone character but also will be nice if someone else lead her to her slutyness that she not aware of yet anyway, like that girl in boutique convincing her to try new experiences that she not gonna regret and she like it, there is more slutyness in Serena than she wants to be i guess and then more she shows. I mean Serena wants to investigates and try her naughtyness, she not the girl she appears public good hard working fiance but she also i guess wants to stay that way to keep her naughtyness for behind closed doors not total cunt like Eleanor. Well one way to analyze her like character i think she likes to reveal her sexual desires but to some level or at least not everywhere or with anyone. Daman can we expect Serena this summer and pls be more revealing with “RELEASE DATES”

  51. Hey guys 1 question about new software, games will not be “Flash” anymore they will be more like “Injustice Unlimited” or like some of Patreon games with menus and full window? Because Flash Games can be minimized just like another window opened but “Unity” software games are fullscreen almost like installed games will this games be with installing unpacking or something like that?
    Will be nice if you explain guys will the games be more graphically advanced or…? I have quadcore CPU but integrated graphic card so not many people can buy new graphic card i think its not everyhing about graphic for example Lisa in LWT 2 Looked marvelous and the games are still “FLASH” if you know what i mean Eleanor 2 also looked like wet dream, so what i am saying its ok if games need more time to load and are bigger but no need to overreact with graphics pls explain more about this we will appreciate it see ya around fellas Greetings!

  52. @Daman

    I know you are reported to be developing a Living with Serena sequel. For some reason I didn’t like Serena as much as I liked Melissa and Nicole, especially Nicole. Melissa is a sweet girl. I hated that Serena fired her after the threesome. Nicole is super hot, but then again in real life I am married to a short blonde with large boobs. Go figure. I was hoping for an alternate ending where he ends up with Melissa and Nicole. Just my two cents worth, and probably too late to have any effect even if you happened to agree with me.

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